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One Night In Bangkok

A night in a seedy Bangkok bar leads to more

‘You wanna buy a watch pretty girl ? Rolex, Cartier, Gucci – I give you best price.’ The young Thai market trader held out his wares and smiled. ‘Maybe you want designer handbag instead, I have ...........’

‘We’ll have plenty of time for shopping tomorrow before we have to be at the airport, honey. I have other plans for tonight. Come on let’s go get a beer’ Steve took Abi’s hand and gave her an encouraging tug. Both laughed as they made their way through the street market towards the tacky neon signs of the bars and clubs that lined the notorious street that made up Patpong.

Steve had been right in his description of the place to Abi. Patpong was Bangkok’s most infamous red-right ‘tourist’ area – and it certainly was both seedy but intoxicating. The humidity hanging in the air was scented with a combination of fumes from the motorised tuctucs, the spicy dimsums seemingly being sold by every other street vendor, and the exotic incense sticks that gently smouldered their heady fragrance into the night air from the dozens of market stalls selling their ‘swag’ designer wares and watches among the beautiful silks and oriental souvenirs.

It was Saturday night, and the narrow pavement was awash with people. Tourists mingled between scantily dressed oriental girls, older western guys walked hand in hand with young Thai girls and everywhere it seemed, smiley touts beckoned at the doorways of the bars.

‘You wan see fucky-fucky show ? We have best show in Bangkok’ one of the touts leaned toward Steve and pressed a leaflet into his hand depicting the words ‘Moonsun Bar, where you can relax and enjoy our best hospitality, the most beautiful bar girls in Thailand, and our unique live sex show, featuring Bangkok’s famous ‘Stallion Man’.

‘Come on Steve – let’s go in, you only live once !’ Abi smiled at the doorman giving Steve little choice as she pulled him by the hand through the entrance and into the dimly lit Moonsun Bar. As they made their way inside, a beautiful young Thai girl, no more than in her early twenties and dressed in a micro skirt and bikini top, smiled and showed them to a private alcoved table.

‘I give you best table in house, you get good view of show from here. What can I get you to drink?’ the pretty girl settled the couple into the booth, left a small dish of spicy crackers and smiled as she went off the fetch the two Singha beers that Steve had ordered.

Steve had known Abi quite a while – as work colleagues they had become close, but so far their relationship had remained purely professional. Abi was a journalist and Steve a cameraman, both single and clearly harbouring an attraction to one another. When they were asked by their employer, Sky Network News, to travel to Thailand to report on potential political changes, both jumped at the opportunity. Tonight was the last of three nights in Thailand, and they had worked hard during their stay. Earlier that day as they had completed their work assignment, both had agreed that dinner and a bit of ‘fun’ was to be their ‘just rewards’ for the hard graft they had put into the trip. Secretly, Abi had hoped that this may be the night that they would consumate their relationship, and as she’d dressed earlier in her hotel room, she had knowingly chosen a very feminine outfit that showed off her tanned limbs and toned figure to it’s best. She looked and felt good – and she didn’t intend to let it go to waste.

The sultry tones of Rihanna filled the club, as on the stage in front of them three beautiful, lithe-bodied, semi naked Thai dancers writhed seductively around high silver poles, smiling as they accepted bank notes being tucked into their skimpy garments, from members of their audience. Abi watched with fascination, as the girls contorted themselves in time to the rhythm of the song.

The music was so loud, making Steve lean forward to speak ‘You sure you want to see this Abi ? I expect it will leave nothing to the imagination.’ Abi had imagined the club would be far seedier than it actually was, although the wine they’d drank over dinner earlier had also left her a little light-headed.

She turned to Steve, smiled and kissed him lightly on the cheek ‘I want nothing left to my imagination Steve, I wouldn’t miss this for the world’. As she spoke she tucked herself close to him and allowed her hand to rest on his thigh, she felt his strong arm envelope her shoulders, and she felt very safe. The heat of his body so close and the sexually charged ambience around her, immediately sent messages to the core of her body, Abi felt herself moisten.

The tone of the music suddenly changed, the three dancers left the stage, and the foggy mist of dry ice was pumped around the poles. The audience went quiet and onto the stage, hand in hand came a most beautiful Thai girl, wearing a sheer gold floaty costume and a stunningly good looking, muscular Thai man, wearing only black satin boxers. If ever there was perfect specimens of the human race, these two would certainly win the title, thought Abi. Sensually they turned to each other and embraced, entwining their bodies in unison as they moved to the music. His hands supported her as she lay forward onto him and he sank back onto the stage. Without delay she removed his boxers, and his cock – rigid and huge – stood to attention from his loins.

‘That must be Stallion Man!’ Steve winked at Abi, who was somehow compelled to keeping her eyes glued to the performance that was been played out in front of them.

The female performer stood over her partner, and slipped her costume over her head, leaving her naked, with just a mane of beautiful black glossy hair, a smile and her 6” black stilettos. Without any foreplay, she proceeded to straddle her partner, and somehow, even though her body was slight, she took all of his manhood easily inside her pussy. Without withdrawing from her, Stallion picked her up and as he stood, she wrapped her legs around him as he held her impaled onto his cock. Pushing her back onto one of the poles for support, her hands gripped it above her head, as he placed a hand on each of her butt cheeks and deftly began to slide her body up and down the pole behind her with each downward movement re-impaling her on to his huge, well-lubed penis.

As Abi watched she allowed her hand to travel to Steve’s groin, she can’t remember ever having been so turned on. Yes, it was smutty, but who cared, she knew she didn’t. At that moment all she knew was that her pussy was on fire with lust, and she wanted to feel Steve inside her too. Steve turned to her, smiled devilishly, and placed his hand on top of hers forcing her fingers down firmly against his erection. He was as solid as a rock.

‘I want you right here, right now Steve – I’ve waited long enough’ with that Abi unzipped Steve’s fly and pulled his jeans and boxers down to reveal his shaft, the end of which glistened with his precum giving her no doubt as to the state of his arousal – the couple were concealed well enough within the alcove, and all around them the focus was firmly on the live copulation that continued to take place on the stage. Stallion had moved his partner to a kneeling position as he held her hair firmly twisted around his muscular forearm, he proceeded to artistically pound her from behind and above.

‘Aw fuck, I want you so bad too Abi’ with that Steve slid his hand up Abi’s dress to find she was wearing no panties. His fingers found her wetness, and she murmured as he probed her pussy. With urgency Abi hoisted herself from her seat and placed her right leg over Steve’s lap so they were both still facing the stage. She felt him kiss her neck roughly, and with longing his hands caressed her breasts. She manouvered her position so as her tight pussy could drive down firmly onto his cock, taking him up deep into her wet channel. He was inside her, she felt him hot and hard, and as they continued to watch the Thai performers engage perfectly in seemingly every fucking position known to man, Steve began to rock his hips allowing Abi to feel the full girth and length of his stiff cock inside her, whilst his hand had taken to stimulating her engorged clit at the helm of his shafting.

The pace of the music quickened, and as if in rhythm with it, Steve’s pace of movement also increased, as did Stallion’s. The female Thai performer was being fucked on the bar, on her back, legs clamped around Stallion’s elbows as he kneeled between both her knees and the half consumed drinks of the audience who now sat so close. Stallion’s face was contorted, as he continued to slam into the beautiful creature who allowed him to do so.

The music reached a crescendo, and passionately locked in their unison, with their heartbeats and breath racing fast, Abi and Steve watched as Stallion finally withdrew his cock from his partner, threw back his head and fired off ropes of his spunk into the audience that sat close to the bar.

‘Mmmm baby yeah, that’s so good, fuck, fuck I’m gonna cum’ with that Abi felt Steve’s body become rigid behind hers. His arms gripped her tight and she heard his low growl in her ear as his loins locked in an upwards position as if to fire his seed as deep into her body as possible. Feeling the hot, sticky load inside her was enough to send Abi’s body into wild abandon, and she lost herself as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure gripped her body and took away her senses.

Applause filled the bar, as the two Oriental beauties disappeared from the stage as quickly as they had arrived. Steve reassuringly pulled down Abi’s dress to give her modesty, and the two sat locked – her still on his lap – until they caught their breath. The club returned to well, ‘normality,’ as two more pole dancers took to the stage.

Steve paid for the beers and hand in hand, giggling, they left the club. Outside, back in the steamy humidity of the Bangkok night, revving tuctucs waited for trade.

‘Come on, let’s get one each - I’ll race you back to the hotel’ Abi laughed as she jumped into the strange vehicle. The Thai driver smiled at her - ‘The Hyatt Hotel please, and make it as fast as you can, I’ll pay you double if you beat that guy’. The driver, sped away from Patpong, the high pitched noise of his motorbike engine squealing into the Bangkok night.

‘By the way, what’s your name’ Abi asked the driver, smiling as she felt herself begin to leak Steve’s juices onto the seat of the vehicle.

‘My name is Stallion’, Abi looked back at the road behind her, and saw Steve’s tuctuc in fast pursuit. She smiled to herself, knowing she was onto a winner.

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