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My one night of meets
Saturday night alone, I was so bored needed a distraction and I kept seeing these banners on the laptop of meeting strangers tonight. Could I really meet someone just for sex, I wanted it so badly though.

I plucked up the courage, got on one which had lots of beautiful pictures of fit people, I was so nervous. Took me nearly 3 glasses of vino to fill in the form and upload a picture of my breasts squeezed into a tight corset for the Halloween party last year.

I thought I could get lucky, or let down. The waiting was winding me up whilst my profile got approved. So I decided to go shower, maybe I get lucky so best to be prepared. Grabbing my most sexy smelling body washes, I hopped in to the shower. I was quite lucky in the leg department they are 42inch hip to toe so took my time to shave them, so once I done them I ran the blade over my pussy lips.

I took extra care, keeping each stroke smooth and slow, feeling the soft folds to make sure I hadn’t missed any areas. Then my finger found my clit, I slowly rubbed it. Each stroke sent a soft wave of electricity over my body. My nipples were erect and seemed to look fuller in the water, my rubbing became harder and faster, feeling how smooth I was I badly wanted a tongue probing me deeply. The thought was intensive now both hands were spreading my pussy lips further apart and pushing two fingers into my wet hole and fast rubbing of my clit, harder I wanted to come so bad, I was going to. Felt it rock through my body, my back arched it was a good tie over, but made me more hungry for someone.

I finished in the shower and dried my hair and chose the small black lace set with thong and padded full bra. I could wear stockings was that too much for just a quickie? I left them on the side for a maybe later scenario.

As I returned to the computer, my smile got bigger and bigger. I had loads of offers, men were finding me sexy. Anyone out there who feels slightly self-confident do this!! I promise you will feel thousand times better.

I had narrowed the weird requests down to four of them that I was very interested in. One was willing to come to my flat in 10mins, one was wanting me to come see him at his hotel room, another guy just wanted to meet and see where we go, and finally a guy working late and would want to see me when he finishes.

So my first message went to Mark, he was impressed by my face pic and said he would be round in minutes. I ran upstairs and slipped into a check shirt and jeans, he was cute and young, so I was trying to look younger. I am only 5 years older but hey I would keep this. The jeans fitted good the shirt was tight but my chest looked impressive.

No sooner had I finished with mascara and spray he was knocking at my door. I opened it to see blonde blue eyed tall guy standing in front of me. If I had seen him out I would have definitely wanted more of what he had to offer. I brought him in and sat him on the sofa, after a couple of pleasantries he asked me if I had done this before, I shook my head. And then he leaned in and kissed me soft lips on my sugar strawberry ones. His tongue was exploring my mouth, and shortly after his hand were exploring my body, I then stood and took him to the second bedroom.

We carried on kissing, his hands were on my hips, and then they slowly moved up to my breasts, grabbing them hard with both hands. Our kissing became more passionate, our tongues curling round each other. I wanted him inside me and he sensed this stopping to look at me he ripped the shirt off his body, then turned to mine and ripped it at the buttons. They flew everywhere, it just made me want him more, so I pushed him back on the bed and jumped onto him.

Kissing was rough now, occasionally biting each other, I then began kissing down his chest stomach, slipping off my jeans as I went then to his belt buckle and undid it and pulled off his jeans and boxers.

I stood and removed my bra and a pantie, his cock was hard and throbbing. Mark then turned his body so his head was by my leg and motioned me to lower my pussy on his face. I climbed on and his tongue was straight on my swollen clit, flicking it fast making my skin tingle and my body get hot. I saw his cock twitch, I returned the oral satisfaction, taking him deep in my mouth, tasting his salty pre-cum. rolling my tongue bar round the end then deep down my throat, he moaned gently then began fingering my already dripping pussy faster.

I was breathing hard, he was forcing so many fingers deep, then back to my clit biting it harder now. Felt so good, but his fat cock needed to be deep in my pussy, so I span round and lowered myself on it. I knew it was long but feeling how long, I gasped as I went down deep.

I began grinding my clit on him, pulling me closer we kissed again. I stopped kissing and pushed my breasts in his face sucking on my already hard nipples made me grind down harder, I wanted to come over his cock, pushing back I was arching taking him deeper, he now rubbed my clit as I slid up and down his cock covering him in my juices as I come hard screaming softly with my tightening pussy trembling my whole body through.

“I think it’s my turn now.” Before I could breathe he threw me on my back, spreading me wide and he took a long lick of my pussy, and his hands grabbed my breasts and squeezed hard and he forced his tongue into my mouth. Loving the taste of his mouth I sucked his tongue and kissed him hard, and then he pulled back and lifted my legs over his shoulders, plunging his cock into my pulsing pussy.

Shit! That is deep I felt him hitting me hard ramming his cock harder each time. I was going to come again, faster he rammed his cock into me.

The pain and pleasure made me explode into a screaming orgasm, and then he came hard and deep in me. Falling on to me I held him with my legs and arms.

We lay their breathless for a few minutes. Then he rolled off, and sat up.

He walked to the bathroom and I heard the water running. Then he returned with a smile on his face.

“I’m sorry to run but I got to get back, could I see you again?” I nodded and leaned in and kissed him again.

Mark had been gone for a few minutes when my phone buzzed with the address of Nathan. I don’t know what had come over me; I was washing again and re applying make-up and slipping the stockings on, with a black shirt dress. I took a bottle of rose wine with me, it was opened in the cab and half-drunk by the time I arrived. I knocked on the door and Nathan opened the door, but I couldn’t see all of him. He ushered me in and I walked through to the lounge. There was a table with drinks on there. I put my bag by the door, and sat next to Nathan on the sofa.

I looked him; fine toned fit body, tanned. He had strong arms and tattoos covered his arms, they suited him. I took the drink from him and we chatted about the site, he spoke about his life and how he liked my photos. And I responded with how his photos didn’t do him justice. With that comment his smile grew, and his hand was on my thigh and sliding up.

“You’re wearing stockings? Let’s see.” I smiled and stood the other side of the table and unbuttoned the dress. Revealing black and pink lace under wear and lace hold ups. Nathan liked them as he began to rub himself through his shorts, I could see him swelling up. The music in the background got my hips swaying and my hands running over my hips and down my thighs, then back up to my breasts. I squeezed them together and he grinned, then turning my back on him run my hands down my ass cheeks and back of my thighs and back up again and then between my thighs to my moist panties. I looked rough briefly to see him slowly stroking his cock, the shorts were gone quick I thought.

My hands went up my back and unclipped my bra, the turned and he watched intently as I dropped the bra to the floor and releasing my breasts from my hands, but my fingers gently circling my large dark nipples. Then I slipped my fingers round the band of my thong and gently rolled it down and allowing it to drop. Then my fingers opened up my pussy to show how moist I was, Nathan was rubbing his cock faster now. He then stopped and went to the side cabinet and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. I watched him coming closer with his cock still proud and slightly glistening with pre-cum. He opened the bottle and poured a stream over my breasts, it was cold but ran down my body and legs, dropping to his knees he began oiling up my thighs then his tongue went to my clit lapping at me and rubbing my skin softly. His tongue was as skilful as his hands; he circled and lapped at me, and pulled my down to lie on the carpet. His long tongue strokes over my soft pussy lips; then his oiled fingers circling round my back hole.

Still sucking on my pussy lips and clit but now fingering both my pussy and ass this felt so good, I was building up, tightening on his fingers.

He stopped licking me and sat up and pulled my nipple harder, I could only mouth I was coming then I came.

Nathan had done two things that I had never had done before. I had never had both holes abused or squirted. I was a little embarrassed and began closing my legs, but he wasn’t having it. Open my legs he gently kissed my clit and smiled, I breathed and pulled him close to my face to kiss him.

“I love that.” He whispered and kissed me again.

“I’ve never done that.” I giggled back. Lying back he turned me onto my front; I spread my legs and felt his body on my back. I rose up on to my knees and lowered my head pushing myself back onto his throbbing erect cock. He gently eased into my juicy hot pussy. I could feel his whole length nice and deep inside me. Now grabbing hold of my hips, he sped up his thrusts. I could feel his every inch deep in me. I loved the wet slippy noises.

“Nathan, fuck me harder.” I begged, he grabbed my hair and began ramming his cock harder in me. His body banged against mine, making me shudder. Felt so good, then slapping my ass got even better, my clit was hot and aching for another touch.

He then slapped my ass harder, the pain left then rubbing my clit made my pussy tighten and come again. Nathan then gripped my hips hard as his body bucked whilst exploding deep inside me. He slumped over me, kissing my shoulders, I was shaking all over, thud I couldn’t stay up.

Giggling he grabbed me in his arms, and held me tight.

“Wow babe, I was dubious about this but you’re the best.” He kissed the top of my head, and then I took my clothes dressed and promised to call him later.

I was heading home, in the cab my phone buzzed again. It was Tony, he was finishing in an hour would I still be up for a meet.

I wasn’t responding right away, could I seriously do this? Could I have three different men in one night? I was trying new things but this could be getting weird. Then I thought I could die tomorrow so why not. I had text him asking him to bring food I was starving. He agreed and true to his word just over an hour later Tony was a big beefy bouncer at my door with a bag of fried chicken.

After eating he took a shower and met me in my bedroom, the TV was on and we laid close on the bed. This was different to the others. It was a closeness, we giggled, chatted and the sun began to rise. I stood up to close the curtain, and then Tony stood behind me.

Felt his breath on my neck, hands under my vest, stroking my breasts and nipples. I lifted off my vest and in front of the window, which looked on to the opposite flats.

“There could be someone watching.” I said through gentle moans and Tony’s lips worked around my neck and shoulders.

“Let’s give them something to watch then.” Tony removed my knickers and pushed my breasts onto the cold window; I was slightly leaned over and felt his thick cock pushing into my pussy. He forced it into the swollen hole, catching my breath as he did. He felt so thick in me, my pussy was tight on him, then his arm was around me grabbing my breasts and rubbing my clit as he did.

This man was lifting me off the floor fucking my tight pussy so hard it could have hurt had he not been rubbing me to orgasm. Faster his skilful fingers were playing me so well; juice was running out of me onto his cock.

“I’m coming Tony!” I screamed his name and my body gushed and jerked under his rubbing fingers but he wouldn’t stop, this was unbearable. Then he took his cock out and stood me up, I was confused by this. But he reached over me and opened the window.

“Look.” Tony was pointing to people on their balcony watching us, naked. I saw her on her knees sucking his cock and they both watching us. Then she turned and bent over, and he began thrusting into her behind. Then Tony began copying, but he pushed his cock into my other hole.

This now hurt, his thickness went deep into me. I gasped at him, and was panicking. Holding me up again his fingers returned to my pussy this time to finger me. I stopped shaking and began to gently moan with each thrust of his cock into my tightest hole.

“Relax baby.” His voice was soothing, sliding his fingers into my hole and coming out glistening, I sucked his fingers hungrily. I tasted all I had done tonight, and being watched by the couple was getting too much for me and Tony was getting louder. We both came loudly together and was watched the couple across the way did too.

“Oh my god, did we just do that?” I was panting as I spoke those words; he nodded and held me close to his strong body. We both were sweating and breathless and this was the perfect end to my night.

“Shall I go?” I shook my head and cuddled closer, this was the one meet for the night I wasn’t saying no too. Well not right away.

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