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Our Babysitter

As I pulled into the driveway on this rather chilly spring Friday evening, tired from a week full of office politicking, "Thank God It is Friday" was the only sentiment in my mind. I parked the car in the garage, hit the button to close the garage door, ambled to the door leading inside, and lazily pulled the handle. The door won't open. We locked the door at night but I remember unlocking it in the morning; how else could I have gotten in the car to drive for work in the morning? Too tired to even think about something so innocuous, I opened the garage door again, walked to the front door and rang the door bell. I had to ring it thrice before Nikki opened the door. She had a rather flustered look on the face, which was not unusual as she had her own challenges of the week to deal with - running around all day taking care of daily chores, car pool duty to drop Sean at school, and then driving him around town for his "after school activities".

"Good you are here Ted! I have to go pick Sean from his soccer practice. I just got caught up chatting with Crystal here and did not realize it is about time," she said with a rather slurry speech. I handed her the keys and told her that the garage door is open. She grabbed the keys and raced to the car. Crystal walked out of the house behind her gazing at the concrete driveway. Crystal is Sean's babysitter who lives in the neighborhood. She is a senior at the neighborhood High School, a neighborhood that is bubbling with high school kids. I seldom see her as I am usually come late from the office. Besides being a rather shy girl, there was little that struck as remarkable to me about Crystal. "Thanks for taking care of Sean, Crystal!", I hollered. She mumbled something like "You are welcome!", and kept walking without looking back.

I closed the door, grabbed a beer, and headed to the master bedroom to lay in bed for a while, with my eyes closed, in the hope to get over a stressful week. As I approached the bed, I stumbled on Sean's toy gun laying on the floor next to bed. "Damn it Sean, when will you learn to keep your toys in place!" I mumbled as I bent down to pick it up. That is when my eyes locked on to a red thong lying under the bed. As I picked it up, I could feel the moistness lacing its front. Inadvertently, I pulled it close to my nose. A sweet yet unfamiliar scent filled my nostrils. In a flash, a thousand thoughts flew through my mind as I stood there enjoying the sweet smell - the locked entrance to home from the garage door, flustered look on Nikki's face, and Crystal trying to avoid any eye contact with me as she raced out of the front door. I placed the beer on the side table, and sat down on the bed, still holding the red thong in my hand; its sweet smell filling the air.

Nikki and I had been married for over ten years and she is a doting wife. Our sex life was good, but it had required a little creative efforts over the years to keep it that way. Almost two years back, Nikki whispered in my years during our nightly ritual that she wanted me to tell her a dirty story as I fucked her. The formula had worked great ever since! Over time my stories had gotten wilder including threesome and foursomes, and what not. She would climax hard as the story reached its high point, making me cum hard too. She liked it when I shot my hot cum hard into her pussy, and my member liked the violent contractions of her pussy as she came. I was almost certain she was bi-curious as she would cum really hard when my spontaneous and creative night-time erotica involved a young pussy.

So there I sat wondering if my wife was already fulfilling her fantasy in real life, as the door bell rang. I swept the little spots of sweat that had appeared on my forehead and stood up hurriedly. As I started walking, I realized I was still holding the red thong in my hands. I looked around, dashed to the bed and hid the thong under the pillow as I rushed to the door.

As I opened the door, I found Crystal standing there, still trying hard to avoid an eye contact. "Oh, Hi Mr Smith!" she said with a rather nervous voice, "I think I left my mobile in the house." There was a moment of silence as for the first time I checked her out carefully from top to bottom. Standing there in a halter top and a modest skirt, there was a hint of blush on her cheeks and her erect nipples were clearly visible under her halter top. For a girl 5'4", she had rather long and shapely legs. With a cute face and an almost -perfect-but-not-quite figure she did look beautiful. A little smile spread across my face as I stood there admiring Nikki's choice for her playmate. "Mr Smith?", a soft and almost trembling voice brought me back to my senses, as I mumbled, "Of course, Crystal! Come on in."

She rushed straight into the bedroom. I held the front door open and stood there. Fifteen seconds had passed, but it seemed like an eternity. Crystal was still in the bedroom. I closed the door and walked to the bedroom. There she was - bent and looking for something under the bed. I walked closer and when I said, "Can I help you find it?" she sprung up startled like she was hit by lightning and said, "No thanks Mr Smith, I must have left it somewhere else. I don't see it here." She turned around and started to walk away as I said, "Hold on, one sec!" I lifted the pillow and picked the red thong that was still damp and said, "Is this what you are looking for?" She froze at the spot for a moment. I swear I saw droplets of sweat appear on her forehead, as she said "No! those are not mine".

"You lying little slut!" is the thought that came to mind, but it fell just a little short from reaching my lips. I must have been taken over by the devil at that very moment. Not sure if it was the feeling of anger or lust - perhaps a mixture of both - my hands reached down and grabbed Crystal's thighs. Before she could react my hands had slipped up to her crotch. The feeling of her moist soft petals against my skin seemed so tender, and in that moment it became obvious to both of us not just what the truth of the matter was, but that she know she had been caught.

I have a reputation of being quick witted and decisive at office. Being a manager of large team of very bright people building complex systems in the field of fast changing technology is not an easy task. Senior management and the people working for me admired this trait, though it had also led to making some enemies in my peer group. However, I had never gotten into any trouble because of it, not so far. As the seconds ticked a realization started to dawn on me that my quick and decisive move here was going to cause me trouble, and a big trouble that is. Over years I had also learnt that once you launch an offensive, you have to carry it through without showing any weakness. So instinctually I muttered in a rather stern voice - "I am pretty sure these are yours, Crystal"

By now the blood was rushing into my oxygen starved brain, and my grip on Crystal's crotch had started to loosen. I looked up at her face and there she stood with her head lifted up slightly and her eyes closed. A soft moan escaped her lips, and it felt as if she bucked her hips to get closer to my manly palm. She lifted one hand and squeezed tight one of her boobs.

There are moments when your brain stops functioning and the primal instincts take over. It had to be one such moment. I tightened my grip on her crotch. I almost lifted her by her crotch, turned her around and put her on the bed. Her skirt was thrown up in the process. As I moved my hand away, a delicate quivering pussy lay bare in front of my eyes. "Fuck me" were the two words that came out of Crystal's mouth. In the heat of the moment, I dropped the pants, freed my already erect cock and took no time to thrust it in her pussy. My cock kept slipping inside her slippery pussy and the scent of Crystal's juices started to fill up my nostrils. She let out a slight scream as I started moving my cock inside her. Her body was shaking wildly with every thrust. Her pussy started to spasm as she moaned and kept saying "Oh yea" and "Fuck me hard" over and over again. I could feel the tide building up in my sack and soon it started exploding deep inside her. Waves of pleasure kicked in, undulating my whole body. I looked at Crystal. She had lifted her belly up, with her head thrown back and eyes shut wide. She let out a loud scream while clenching the bed sheet tightly with her hands as my hot jizz filled up her pussy. Our cum started dripping down her slit as I pulled my cock out, still hard and throbbing.

Her red thongs were still in my hands. She sprung up quickly and snatched it from my hands. She put it on in a hurry and ran to the front door. As I stood butt naked in the bedroom, I could hear the front door open and slammed shut. I got out of all my clothes and dashed to shower. The image of our cum dripping from her cunt and pooling up in her red thong as she ran home filled up my mind.

I was sitting on the couch, with a warm beer in my hand, wearing my pajamas when I heard the garage door open. I adjusted my position to sit up straight and instinctively looked at my cock to make sure my hard on had disappeared. It had taken a long cold shower to get my composure back to normal.

Sean came running inside excited, telling how his team had scored five goals today and the other team scored none. He wrapped his hands around my shoulder. I hugged him hard, kissed him and said, "I am proud of you buddy! Go take a shower now; you must be tired." He kissed me back and ran to his room.

Nikki came rushing in with grocery bags in her hand and headed straight to the kitchen without looking at me or saying a word. It was like any other busy evening. She hollered from the kitchen, "Sean don't spend too much time in the shower. Come down fast! food is almost ready." Fifteen minutes later we were sitting on the dinner table. Sean was his usual talkative self, telling us all the exciting happenings of his day. I heard him without listening, lost in my own thoughts, eating the spaghetti and meat balls. I looked at Nikki. She also seemed lost in her own thoughts.

An hour later, Nikki and I lay side by side on the bed. She in her pretty thigh high night gown and me naked. It was our Friday ritual to make passionate love to shake off a whole week's stress. She sat up and straddled me. My hard cock slipped into her wet pussy. She rode me hard that day. She did not ask me to tell her an erotic story, and I also forgot that I did so almost every time we fucked on Fridays for past two years. I guess both of us were fucking each other thinking of Crystal and her tender young body.

Both of us came hard as she flopped herself over me, exhausted from a good fuck. She put her head on my chest. We lay there like that silently for a few minutes. I don't know what took over me as I whispered in her ears, "You know as soon as you left, Crystal came back to pick her red thongs." I could feel a shock wave travel over Nikki's whole body as she said "What?" and sprung her head up in a quick jerk to look at my face. Even in the darkness of the room, I could tell that expression on her face were a mix of amazement and fear. I pulled her close to me and hugged her tight. Massaging her shoulders I said, "It is okay honey!" Silence fell upon us, and I don't know exactly when we fell asleep hugging each other tight.

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