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Our First Meeting

Built up passion will not wait!
Diane and I met in an online chat room. Over the course of a few months we progressed from exchanging innocent emails and pictures to very graphic and downright dirty emails and pictures. Things took a very interesting turn when we finally decided to talk on the phone. We discovered, with somewhat mixed feelings, that we lived within a few hundred miles of each other. Well, we hummed and hawed, tried to be cool and actually managed to wait a whole week before making plans to meet.

We knew each others fantasies, likes and needs so from the start our first meeting promised to be a mind blower. We decided on dinner and the symphony, a more or less formal evening which would give her the opportunity to dress the way she'd described to me in a number of erotic conversations.

I couldn't wait.

We agreed to meet at the restaurant so there was an 'out' if we didn't hit it off in person, completely unnecessary as it turned out. The evening started well and just got better and better, no period of adjustment or unease; we talked, laughed and flirted through dinner and the drive to the concert hall.

The wine we'd had with dinner had lent an edge to our flirting and we became more and more aware of each others physical presence, light brushes and 'accidental' touches gave way to more sensuous contact. I noticed as we took our seats that she'd undone not only her black suit jacket but the top of her silk shirt as well, as she leaned forward the shirt fell away to reveal one beautifully erect nipple.

The program that evening was a selection of baroque pieces and we sat back and let the music wash over us, although I must admit to being very distracted by her every movement. At one point she whispered in my ear that she was chilly then draped her raincoat over her lap and leaned close to me her dark wavy hair brushing my cheek, enveloping me with the scent of shampoo and perfume. I felt her hand alight gently on my arm and slide down to cover mine, squeezing gently as she tugged it under her coat onto a smooth thigh.

Keeping her hand over mine she very slowly began to direct our hands in a sensuous exploration of her inner thigh from the curve of her knee slowly higher over warm slippery nylon to the rougher lace of her stocking top. I glanced at her, saw her pink tongue dart out, a look of fierce concentration on her face as she pulled my hand higher onto bare soft skin, so high that I could actually feel the heat radiating from her core.

Her hand moved forward, pulled my finger to extend it and pressed it onto her smooth and totally uncovered labia. Her legs opened and I felt her weight shift as she angled her hips to give me better access. I closed my eyes, the music forgotten, senses concentrated in my fingertips as I slowly stroked across her outer lips, circling her pussy, teasing her, feeling her squirm as one finger dipped into her centre, finding the heat and wetness, using it to anoint her pubis, gliding easily along the full length of her swollen slit.

Each stroke came a little closer to her clitoris. I could feel her hips moving almost involuntarily as she tried to be discreet. Finally I allowed my finger to brush over the nub of her swollen clit, she jerked, had to cover it with a loud cough. Then, moving my finger in slow circles I stroked from her clit along the sensitive skin to the very top of her cleft and back, round and round increasing and decreasing the pressure and speed. I could feel her tremble as her thighs opened wider, wetness flooding my fingers. Glancing over I saw her raise a finger to her lips and bite down on the knuckle. I could feel the tension in her building more and more until she finally grabbed my hand and jerked it away from her.

She didn't relinquish her grip however, but hurriedly tugged me to my feet as she smoothed down her skirt. Fortunately we were on the edge of the row so managed to slip out of the concert hall quickly. Once outside the auditorium doors she turned, pressed me back against the wall and molded her body against me, lips moving hard against mine, catching my lower lip between sharp teeth and biting as she ground her pelvis into me, rolling back and forth against my erection, I reached down to cup her ass lifting her into me breath ragged as our tongues dueled back and forth.

"Come," she breathed into my mouth her hand urgent on my arm. "I want it in me. Now!"

We flew along the deserted hallway, the faint strains of a Bach concerto still faintly audible, until we found the nearest restroom. Once through the door she placed both hands on my chest, pushed me away, her eyes burning into mine. Slowly she pivoted on her heel and walked seductively to the counter, bending at the waist, spreading her long legs, grasping the hem of her skirt and slowly sliding it over thighs and hips until it was bunched around her slim waist. She looked back over her shoulder provocatively as her hips angled upwards to give me access.

My rigid cock sprang out as I unzipped, hands slipping under her jacket and top to cup her breasts, cock sliding between her legs to rub along the length of her wet slit, feeling the heat and wetness as her hips began to move.

Her hand slipped between us, fingers circling my shaft, placing the tip against her opening. One long exquisite thrust and I was deep inside her, feeling her cunt open to take me, nerve ends merging as we began to move together, fingers of one hand rolling her nipples, the other wound into her hair, pulling her back into me to meet each thrust. Reaching down to her clit, fingering it light and fast as we fucked, moans escaping from our lips, bodies slapping together, breath ragged, our climaxes building as the energy pulsed between us.

I felt her stiffen as her cunt began to contract on my cock and I released a flood of hot semen into her in what seemed like an endless stream. She fell forward onto her elbows, head hanging, as my knees weakened and I half collapsed over her.

As our breathing slowed we gradually returned to the reality of us half naked in a public restroom, and in a flurry of activity made ourselves presentable and slipped out to retake our seats and find that there was nothing quite like classical music to enhance afterglow.

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