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Out in the Cold

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Joel and Millie out in the Arctic
"I'm very cold," said Millie as she was walking in the Arctic, Joel next to him. They had been walking over the Arctic polar region, after Millie had known him since they had met the last evening when they were boarding the helicopter. Millie and Joel were both Jamaican, both 16, wore "YOUNG EXPLORER" t-shirts and they were black. They had secretly developed a crush on each other while in the helicopter.

"I like the polar region," said Joel in reply. He was wearing one layer of clothing, and Millie was wearing two, so he couldn't do anything about it.

They thought for a few minutes as they walked, Millie shivering.

"Have you ever heard when people have sex they get warmer?" asked Millie to Joel. Joel stopped in his tracks, trying to digest the information Millie gave him in surprise.

He blushed. "So what do you want to do?"

"Do you think we can try to do this to warm up?" Millie asked, very tentatively but not tentative enough to stop herself. Her brain was spinning fast, thinking of why the hell she had said this to a person she knew just last night. She knew she was an idiot, but it was too late now.

Joel was thinking too. Why would Millie say this to him? Did Millie really want to do this, or was she just kidding? However his thoughts were answered.

"I'm serious," said Millie.

Joel looked around and thought it looked really deserted. "Let's warm up first," he said.

Without any thought, their lips touched. Very soon they were wrestling, playing and drooling with lots of tongue action. Joel marveled as Millie slobbered all over his mouth. She was a very sloppy kisser, but that was what Joel looked for. Joel, unlike all other people, loved sloppy kissers, mainly because he was one.

Meanwhile, Millie was savoring Joel's drool. She was up in seventh heaven; she was kissing her crush, and she was slowly shivering the cold away from her, although some of it was still sticking onto her.

Joel pulled away after a few minutes. "Better?"

Millie said, "About 75% of that coldness and numbness is still there,"

Slowly, they undid each other's clothing. Joel was really happy that this was happening - he wanted to warm himself up with Millie's juices as well, even though he was already at a suitable temperature that he was happy with. Since the helicopter had gone back for Copenhagen, they were alone.

And at a slightly faster pace, Joel put his short but erect penis into Millie's vagina as Millie moaned with ecstasy.

"I've never done this before," said Joel. "I'm going to be really bad at this."

"It's okay," said Millie. "As long as you squirt your cum in me."

So Joel moved up and down Millie's hairless pussy as she lay on a thin blanket they had put on the floor. He could feel his own cock feeling harder and harder and Millie felt her own pussy widening.

Suddenly, Millie felt her whole body getting warm. Her frostbite was melting. Joel couldn't hold his cum any more, and for 30 seconds he squirted all his cum into Millie. Millie felt something warm gush all over her body and she felt nice and at a comfortable temperature once again.

"Thank you," said Millie, as they did their clothes and continued their walk.

They didn't realise they had forgotten the condoms. How would they explain to their parents if Millie got pregnant?

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