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Paint Splash

Creation at its primitive state.
 Erin sighed softly as she looked at the blank canvas. Her art final was due tomorrow and she was still looking at an uninspiring wall. She ran her fingers through her thick dark hair, teeth nibbling at her full lower lip. She shook her head as she laid the canvas on the ground, her paints spread out nicely on the table. She stood before the canvas, hands on her voluptious hips, the loose tunic hanging on her thighs, her long silky legs stretching from the shirt.

Shawn smiled as he peeked into the room, watching Erin as she nudged the canvas with her foot. She had started tapping her foot, he knew she was stuck. He turned the handle of the door, opening it slowly, trying to be quiet and suprise her. He had been away all weekend for a football game.

She grabbed the red paint then, splashing a streak of red across the canvas. She grabbed the blue then bending over the canvas to pour a small pool of the rich color onto the corner, trailing a small line to the opposite corner. Her shirt rose higher, the soft curves of her thighs leading to a perfect view of her moist lips.

He groaned then, letting the door shut slowly as she stood up, turning to look at him. A seductive smile spread across her lips, her eyes alive with lust. Shawn reached behind him, fingers turning the lock slowly as his eyes drank in her ample chest. She crossed the room, kissing him passionately as her fingers started rubbing against his growing erection. She bit softly at his lower lip before tugging at his pants, forcing them down.

"You have been gone far too long. I missed you terribly," she pouted as she pulled away from him, fingers slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

"I know mon Cheri, I missed you to,." he smiled, kissing her softly as she slipped his shirt away. His fingers hooked into the bottom of her tunic, lifting it slowly to reveal her voluptious curves.
She took his hands then, leading him back to the canvas as understanding filled his eyes. Her picked her up then, laying her in the paint as he took her hardened nipple into his mouth, nibbling and licking it. She arched her hips against him, feeling the tip press into her. He grabbed her hips then, holding her still as he slammed the full length of his cock into her dripping pussy. Her hand swipped across the canvas, dragging the blue into the red as she bucked her hips against him. He groaned against her breast as he felt her tight walls milking his shaft.

She rolled him to his back then, ridding him as his hands explored her sides, slowly moving to massage her breast. She arched her back, bouncing her hips as she rode his cock, paint dripping down her skin. His fingers bit into her hips as he forced her farther down on his throbbing shaft. He wanted to fill every inch of her as he drove his own hips upward into her, seeing her eyes darken with pleasure as she moaned loudly. Her nails bit softly into his chest as her orgasim started, clenching her pussy around his shaft to help coax him to his own release. He shoved deep into her as his cock twitched, sending his hot load deep into her.

Erin laughed softly, ruffling Shawn's light blond hair to leave it streaked with blue. She slipped off of him, walking to grab a towel and wash away some of the blue paint. She tossed him a wet towel as he stood and smiled at her.

They finished cleaning themselves off and getting dressed slowly, getting distracted as they kept touching each other. He helped her put away the paints and set the canvas in the back of the room to dry, marveling at how well their bodies had mixed the paint into different swirls and patterns. They quietly slipped out of the Art room and back into the hall, heading for the door to go to the parking lot, intending to continue more back at their Loft.

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