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Party Tease

Party Tease

She teases him for hours before she lets him fuck her.
I teased him for hours before I let him fuck me.

We were at a party. I came alone, hoping to pick up a hot guy for the night, or at least a couple of hours. I was wearing a short, low-cut black dress, with black thigh highs just barely peeking out from under them. The dress was tight enough to show off my tight little ass (I love showing off my ass). I wore no bra, but my nipples weren't showing yet, and wouldn't unless I got very turned on. I was hoping that would happen very soon. My long black hair was down around my shoulders, and I was wearing very red lipstick on my full, pouty lips.

What attracted me to him was the way he wore his suit. Confident and sexy. He knew he looked good. The suit was tailored to show off his chest and muscular arms, and his pants were tight over his legs and ass. He had a date, and she was very pretty, but I knew I could have him if I wanted him. Easily. And I wanted him.

As his date turned to talk to someone else, I passed by, grazing my finger along his leg as I passed. It could have been an accident, except that I turned around to look at him over my shoulder as I walked away. I made eye contact and flashed him a dirty smile before I left the room. I had his attention.

I flirted with some other guys, stepped into a side bedroom with one of them and smoked a joint and made out a little. He was cute, but I had my sights on the guy who wore his suit so well.

Weed makes me very horny, and making out with some random guy made me even hornier. After I returned to the party, I joined a conversation the guy in the suit was having with three other people. I was high and lightheaded and in a slutty mood, and all I wanted to do was drop to my knees and suck his cock in front of everyone.

Instead, I surreptitiously slid my hand behind his legs and ran my fingers just below his ass, very lightly, not even making eye contact, but knowing I was really turning him on. It was turning me on too, and my nipples started getting hard enough to show under my dress. I glanced over and saw him glancing over to admire my tits. Then I looked down and saw his cock getting hard through his pants.

I went outside by myself. He excused himself from his date and followed me. He started to talk and I put my fingers to his lips and said, "No words." I kissed him and our tongues were wrestling with each other as her reached back to grab my ass. I reached down and tickled his balls through his pants. He pushed me against a wall, ready for more.

"Not yet, baby," I whispered and left him flustered and hard and wanting to fuck me.

I flashed him a few times. Once, as he stood by the stairway, I walked up the steps so he could see up my short dress. In the bathroom upstairs I took off my panties and left them hanging on the doorknob, then walked back down the stairs, giving him a peek of my bald, wet pussy. Later on, from across the room, he made eye contact with me and gave me a sexy sneer. I could tell how much he wanted me. I stepped back behind a bookcase to partially conceal my movements, then pulled down the neckline of my dress just enough to briefly flash a hard nipple at him.

I went outside again, down to the garden, leaned over the fence looking out at the night sky, and waited. The moon was full. My panties were still in the bathroom, and I felt the night breeze on my naked, wet slit. A few minutes later I felt his hard cock press between the cheeks of my ass through my dress as he kissed my neck. He began fondling my tits through my dress, gently, getting me very wet. He bit my neck, hard, raking my skin with his teeth. I pushed my ass against his cock and began to grind against it.

It must have really got him hot, because he grabbed my shoulders and roughly threw me over a garden table and pulled up my dress. His cock was out and he slid it between the cheeks of my ass.

"My turn, baby," he said. "You've been asking for it all night."

"Yes I have," I cooed.

"You are such a little slut." His cock was now between my legs, sliding against my wet and open pussy lips. I gasped.

"I'm your little slut tonight," I whispered.

"And I'm gonna fuck you like a slut," he said, and pushed his cock slowly inside me. It was big and hard and thick and made me weak at the knees. He slid it all the way in, filling me with cock, keeping it deep inside me as he said, "That's what you want, isn't it, baby. You want my cock."

"Yes." I did. I wanted to feel every inch deep inside me.

"Say it."

"I want your cock," I moaned. "Fuck me hard."

He slapped my ass so hard it stung, and pulled on my hair as he gave me his hard cock, hard and fast and rough, the way I like it. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, kissing and biting my neck.

"Pull my hair and fuck me like a slut," I growled loudly, not caring if anyone inside heard me or not. I pushed against his cock with each thrust, wanting it all.

I pulled my tits out of my dress and began to fondle them as he fucked me, but he took over quickly and roughly squeezed them, pinching my nipples hard. It felt so good, and I could feel an orgasm begin to rise up as he pumped me with his cock.

"Make me cum, baby," I whimpered. "I'm so close to coming. Fuck me harder."

He was slamming me against the bench now, so hard I was grunting in pain and lust with each hard thrust. My pussy started squeezing his cock as I began to cum, and he began to fuck me even harder.

"Oh God, oh fuck, I'm cumming," I moaned, and I could tell by the pace he was fucking me he was about to cum soon. As I writhed under him and came he pinched my nipples hard, pulling at them as he shoved his big cock inside me one last time and I felt wave after wave of his hot cum filling my pussy.

He pulled out and said, "You are such a hot fuck."

I just smiled. I knew what a hot fuck I was.

I turned to him, still light-headed from my orgasm, my dress pushed up, my tits hanging out of my dress. He took my tits and tucked them back into my dress, then gave me a long, sexy kiss and went back inside.

I waited a few minutes and followed him in. My pussy was still tingling. I got what I needed. My clothes and stockings were all askew, my still hard nipples were poking through my dress, and there was a dark spot on the thin cloth in front of my pussy, wet from cum and pussy juice. My hair was tousled, and I had a just fucked expression on my face. It was pretty obvious what I'd been up to.

I was about to leave when I saw him standing with his girlfriend. I couldn't resist. I wanted to make his pretty girlfriend jealous, and show her how effortlessly I was able to fuck her date. I walked up to them to say good-bye. Instead of the anger I expected, she looked at my stockings, the wet spot on my dress, my hard nipples, my disheveled hair, then gave me a knowing smile.

"Brad just told me all about what an interesting girl you are." They were both smiling now. She was openly staring at my tits.

"He's pretty interesting too," I said.

"We should all get together sometime," she said, and slipped me her phone number. "I bet we could all have a very interesting time together."

I took the number, and I put some extra motion into my ass as I turned and walked out the door. That happened two days ago. The phone number is in my hand, right now, and I'm about to call them up and invite them over. I can't wait.

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