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Pauline The Plumber

My new female plumber was not only hot, she was also seductive!

I’d had a leaking kitchen faucet for three weeks and after more tries than I could remember, I was unable to fix it myself. So I went to Home Advisor and had them send me a plumber. Her name would be Pauline and she had a very good approval rating.

The next day she arrived with a knock on the door. When I opened it I was floored! Pauline was gorgeous, very sexy, and dressed like she was going to a costume party. She had long black hair, was wearing a white t-shirt and a blue mini-skirt, and some kind of sexy lace-up boots. She actually looked more like a call girl than a plumber!

“Hi, I’m Pauline. I understand that you have a leaking faucet.”

“I sure do. Come in. I’m Rex.”

“So, show me your leaking faucet.”

“Right. It’s in the kitchen.”

I led her to the kitchen and she got to work and fixed it in only a few minutes. As she worked, I looked at her seemingly perfect body trying to image grabbing her around the waist, bending her over the sink, and fucking her quickly as she tried to work. My cock grew in my jeans and was throbbing when she interrupted my fantasy.

“Well, Rex, that should do it. No more leaking faucet.”

“Wow! You really know what you’re doing! I tried a bunch of times and failed to fix it.”

“Well, that’s what I get paid for.”

“Right. So how much do I make the check out for?”

“That’ll be eighty-five dollars including the fifty-dollar service call.”

“Great,” I said as I sat down at the kitchen table to write the check. My hand was shaking so badly from the marvelous fantasy I’d had that I could barely write it.

As I wrote, Pauline came up behind me and placed her hands on my shoulders, then rubbed them expertly.

“You know, Rex, that I offer another service besides plumbing. It’s strictly off the books.”

My cock knew exactly what Pauline was saying, but I needed to ask.

I stopped writing and turned to look at her. “What service is that?” I already knew, of course. I just wanted to hear her say it.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Well, a nice blowjob is five hundred and a quick fuck is eight hundred. Which one would you like?”

My mind immediately envisioned fucking her like in my fantasy. It took me only seconds to make the decision to spend eight hundred bucks for a quick fuck.

“Um, I’ll take the eight-hundred-dollar option.”

Then she leaned in and kissed me passionately with a lot of tongue. “Where and how do you want me?”

“I was fantasizing bending you over the sink and fucking you from behind while you tried to work.”

“Mmm! I like your fantasy.” She took my hand and walked me over to the kitchen sink, turned around and bent over.

“No. Take a monkey wrench in one hand.”

“Oh! Okay.” She opened her tool bag and retrieved her monkey wrench and again bent over the sink.

I stood behind her, lifted her mini-skirt and pushed her panties down. I quickly dropped my jeans and pulled my already hard cock from my boxers. Her pussy was wet, swollen and ready, so I easily pushed it into her body all the way…all nine inches of it.

“Oh god! You feel so hard! How big are you?”

“Nine inches.”

“Damn! I think yours is the best cock I’ve ever had.”

I was pumping into Pauline at an increasing rate, but was trying to prolong the fuck as long as possible. She was moaning with each thrust as I rammed into her. I took her shoulders in my hands and pulled as I thrust, making my stomach slap her ass.

“Mmm, Rex! I love the way you fuck!”

I could tell that she was sincere and that set me off. I felt my sphincter start to pump and immediately my cock exploded, filling Pauline’s nice body with cum.

“Oh yes! Cum inside me! Oh, fuck!”

I had rammed her so hard that I’d pushed her against the sink and she’d dropped the monkey wrench. I could feel every pulse and spurt of my cock as it filled her pussy.

After my cock had drained my balls and prostate, I stood there to catch my breath for a moment, then pulled my cock out. A flood of cum followed and made a small puddle on the floor.

“Oh, Rex! That was a nice fuck! I feel embarrassed to charge you.”

“That’s okay. You are a good fuck and well worth it.”

I started to pull up my pants when Pauline said, “Wait. Let me suck you and clean you up.”

Then she dropped to her knees, took my wet cock into her mouth, and pushed it down her throat. She looked up at me, then pulled it out, licked it up and down, then pushed it down her throat again.

I removed her blue cap and took her head in my hands and started to pump her throat. She moaned between my thrusts, and her saliva was making that sensuous sound of a great blowjob.

When she felt my cock growing hard again, she stopped and said, “You can cum again if you want to. No charge.” Then she started again.

Knowing that I was getting a great, free blowjob from a gorgeous brunette, made me cum again quickly. I pulled her face against my stomach and let my cum spurt down her throat. She coughed and jerked with the first hard spurt, but let my balls empty again as she slithered her tongue under my cock. Pauline the Plumber sure did know how to give head!

When I was finished, she let my cock slip from her mouth and stood up. She put her arms around my neck, kissed me and said, “Rex, that was a great fuck and I love your nine-inch cock. Would you like for me to come back sometime? I wouldn’t charge you for anything you want to do.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. And I’ve never made an offer like that before.”

“Mmm. Then I would love for you to come back Friday night. Maybe you could spend the night?”

“That would be wonderful.” She kissed me again and I wrote her a second check.

I showed her to the door, looking forward to Friday night.


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