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People watching

A gentle way to enjoy the summer
The evening was hot and humid so I made my way down to the local bar, ordered an ice cold lager and sat outside to enjoy what breeze I could feel.

I love to sit and people watch, trying to guess the passers-by occupations as they hurry by. The first passed my chair was a middle aged man, hair receding wearing a blue polo shirt, black jeans, large mirrored sunglasses and walking a poodle. My mind imagined him sitting at a desk in a large government department, grudgingly complying with the bosses orders and then heading home to a dominant wife who had sent him out to walk her dog.

He was followed by a group of three thirty something’s, one woman with two men. All dressed in their work clothes, chatting and walking fast. Definitely heading down to a trendy bar to have a couple of drinks before driving to a local quiet spot where they would enjoy the thrill of slowly peeling off

“Do you mind if I sit here?” the words cut through my thoughts just as they were getting a little bit dirty. I looked up and felt the slight annoyance of being interrupted, at the beginning of what was likely to become a decent fantasy, fade away as a beautiful woman stood next to me. She must have been about 5 foot 2 with a beautiful smile and a curvy figure, wearing a thin dress to stay as cool as possible and showing a cleavage that was heating me up.

“Please do,” I replied finding it difficult to take my eyes off her. Her eyes were deep brown and drew you into their depths in a way that could make the most depressed man want to jump for joy.

We chatted about the weather, each other’s jobs and soon found things we had in common such as watching live bands. The drinks evaporated at a frightening pace but were soon replaced by a bottle of Pinot Grigio and two glasses. She told me she was only stopping for a swift drink as her flat mate had invited one of her many male friends over for a meal and she wanted a bit of Dutch courage before spending the evening feeling like a gooseberry.

The conversation was relaxed and fun and before we knew it the bar was calling last orders. I suggested a nightcap at my place and she happily agreed. After the drinks a 20 minute walk home turned into a 30 minute walk. We both stumbled a bit, although it allowed us the excuse to hold onto each other and I enjoyed the feeling of her sexy body beneath the thin material of her dress.

We reached my door and I located my key, turned the lock and invited her in, kicking the door closed behind us. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed passionately, I could taste the wine in her mouth as out tongues slid over the others and our lips created a vacuum over that bustle of activity.

Her breath was hot and extremely erotic, that I wanted to stay like this all night. My hands ran their way up her sides and over the sides of her breasts as she grabbed my neck and we kissed again. Then she broke away and led me to the first door and we made our way into the lounge.

She started unbuttoning my shirt and I ran my hands up the sides of her legs until they came across her panties and then made my way back over her buttocks enjoying the feeling of her soft smooth skin.

I did this again and as my hands lifted the sides of her dress up she caught hold of it with her hands and pulled her dress over her head so she was left standing in her underwear. The speed of this took me by surprise and I could feel myself getting very hard but being severely restricted by the strength of my jeans.

I ran my hands over her beautiful soft skin and she pushed my hands away so she could take my shirt off then ran her hands over my chest. We stood there for a couple of minutes enjoying the feeling of skin against skin and gently running my fingertips over her back.

My senses where on overdrive from being so turned on and I couldn’t wait any longer and unclasped her bra and it fell of her shoulders and onto the floor. I could feel my breath get hotter as she stood there with the most amazing breasts as she led my lips to kiss each of her nipples in turn. I loved the feeling as they hardened between my lips, showing me that she was just as aroused as I was.

I lay her down on the rug and gently removed her panties and let my kisses run down from her nipples to her pussy. She parted her legs to allow me access to her warm wet pussy. I let my tongue flick over it and then parted her lips with my fingers and tasted the soft smooth skin between, feeling her clit spring into life just as her nipples did a little before.

I let my tongue slide in as deep as it could and felt her hips rise to thrust my tongue in a little deeper. Her hips moved up ad I could feel my tongue slide back over her bum as my nose slid into her pussy. I let my tongue run rings around her bum as it slid in a little bit deeper with every circle and my nose slid deeper until my face was wet with love juice.

I let my tongue run back over her pussy and let it flick fast over her clit as I slide a finger in to replace my nose. She arches her back as my tongue and fingers work feverishly sliding back and forth as her breathing becomes faster, more erratic and hotter.

Just as I think she is close to an orgasm I stop and slide my hard cock all the way up her wet pussy and she gasps at this change in direction. I slide easily in and I can feel my balls press hard against her. I slide in and out, feeling her pussy close around my cock as it envelopes me and I watch her breasts rise and fall as I push in and out.

I thrust in and out for a few moments and then pull out and let my tongue run a trail down her body until it finds the firm little clit that I enjoyed licking so much earlier. Sucking greedily on it, I flick my tongue over it as two finger of one hand slide in and out of her pussy and a finger from the other hand slides up her bum.

The reaction is almost instantaneous as she climaxes immediately, she has little sharp breathes as I gently continue to lick and then pulls away as the sensitivity becomes too much.

I hug her back and slide into her as my hand holds her boob. She takes over the momentum and pushes backwards and forwards on my hard cock as I start to feel the cum build up and then spurt deep inside her in an explosion of relief.

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