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Personal Professionals Vol. 4: Heating Up The Cooler

Personal Professionals Vol. 4: Heating Up The Cooler

Before Toby quits his job, he's going out with a bang!
This is the story of a young man working part-time at a gas station. It helped put gas in the car while he was in college, but there was certainly no love lost between himself and said job.

To be frank, he hated it. The hours sucked, he never got a break if his boss was around, it was constant on-your-feet work with often-times rude customers and dear God, the money. He had to handle hundreds of dollars a day of other people's money, and for a young man who was never very comfortable with numbers or money in general, that was proving to be very stressful. Not to mention his pay was barely minimum wage with no benefits whatsoever (unless free soft drinks or coffee counted - whoopie!). Needless to say, it wasn't his dream job.

The only things that made it manageable were the fact that he was making at least some money and that he had a very hot coworker. Holly. Long, dark hair that fell around her shoulders; Icy blue eyes and a cute nose. Lips that looks delisciously kissable and soft, creamy skin. A round, perky ass her snug, thin pants always made look inviting. Long, toned legs and a slim frame made her seem delicate and sensual.

Working with Holly made the hours tolerable, and even fun at times. However, after a few months at the store, Toby knew his time there was just about up. He was about one obnoxious whine away from punching one of his coworkers and he just hated working there. The place drained him. So, when he lined up a gig at a riding facility working with the horses there, he decided it was time to bid the place adieu. But first... he had to test something.

Holly had started working at another store recently, making more money and was much happier there. Toby knew this was his chance. While restocking the cooler one evening, he hatched a plan. Looking out through the glass doors, he could see that the store was deader The Haunted Mansion. So, he called Holly into the cooler with him.

"What's up?" she asked, curious as she held her arms around her body against the cold.

"Had a question for you..." he replied, shedding his hoodie and placing it around her shoulders.

"Did you want a break from the cooler?" she asked, assuming that was his reason for giving her the jacket.

"Not exactly." he replied, pulling her to him by her hips. Her eyes showed confusion at first, but quickly turned to a look of understanding.

"You..." she began, but he hushed her with a soft kiss.

"Yes, Holly. Right here. Right now. Let's at least enjoy one evening in this dump before we finally escape. What do you say?"

After only a moment's hesitation to gague her reaction, he kissed her deeply, pressing his body against her's, the warmth between them spreading in the freezing air. Holly's hands slid up Toby's back, grasping his broad shoulders as they moved vertically, finally tangling in his long hair.

Holly pulled.

Toby groaned, finally gripping the firm ass he'd longed for. Holly panted into his mouth, grinding her hips against his.

Now, the whole time they were making out, Toby was keeping an eye on the store out of his peripheral vision, which was rather hard to do as the blood pumped into his throbbing member as it stayed pressed against Holly's stomach. But when he slid his hand up under the back of her shirt, pressing against her lower back, she moaned and pressed herself even closer to him.

Interesting... he thought.

Holly's tongue forced its way into Toby's mouth and he stopped thinking about the store.

With a growl, Toby slipped his hands around to the front of Holly's pants and wrenched them open, yanking them and her thong panties down past her perky ass. She gasped as the cold air hit her skin.

"Holy fuck, man! It's fucking freezing in here!" she exclaimed, attempting to pull up her pants.

Toby just laughed and grabbed her wrists, turning her around and placing her hands on the shelves in front of her.
"Don't worry about it, babe. I'll warm you up." With that, he whipped his belt off and ripped open the fly of his pants, letting them drop. He gasped at the cold as well, but knew he would warm right up.

Giving Holly's firm ass another squeeze, Toby lined up the head of his cock with the wet lips between Holly's legs. Then with one powerful thrust, buried himself inside her.

"Ooh!" Holly moaned. "Oohh, holy fuck..." She thrust her hips back to meet his as Toby pounded her tight pussy over and over. The two of them moaned as their cold fleshed slapped together again and again, warming up quickly.

Toby groaned and thrust his hands up under Holly's shirt to grope her perky tits. They made perfect handfuls, soft and supple in his greedy hands. Holly panted, her pussy quivering around Toby's thick cock.

"More..." she moaned. "More!"

Toby was only too happy to oblige. He drilled Holly as hard and as fast as he could. She moaned and shrieked and cussed up a blue streak. When Toby's hand slid down her body to tease her hard clit, she let out a high-pitched squeal and the walls of her vagina clamped down even tighter on him.

"Holy shit, your fingers are cold!" Holly gasped as Toby continued drilling her.

Toby just laughed and smacked her delicious ass with the other hand. Meanwhile his fingers kept rubbing and swirling between her drenched labia. Holly moaned and thrust her ass back, sheathing her coworker's hard cock deep within her as her cum dribbled down his balls.

By the time Holly whimpered that she was about to cum, Toby was harder than he'd ever been in his life. As soon as he felt her clamp down and start spasming, he knew it was time. With one final, deep thrust, Toby fired his cum deep inside of Holly's smoldering pussy.

Slapping that perfect ass again, Toby adjusted his clothing and kissed Holly's neck. "Looks like we've got a few customers." He chuckled as she attempted to pull her pants up her shaking legs. "I'll see you back out front."

With a wink to the flustered girl, the young man turned and left the cooler, smiling the biggest smile he'd ever worn to work.
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