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Picture This

You're sitting on your usual spot in your favorite bar. This time no one came along. It's just you, you and the variety of familiar faces in this little oasis of relaxation. You know all these people, well... actually just their names. And they know you, at least they know your name as well – that's it for the social part.

Your eyes slowly scan the whole crowd from the corner you're sitting in, tired from your hard week. There's her at the bar. You've never seen her, and you've come here every week in years. As though she feels your eyes lingering on her silhouette, she turns her head in your direction. What a smile she shares with you. Needless to think twice, go for it!

You steadily walk towards her, eyes locked with hers. She takes her glass, and empties the remains in one long passionate sip, all the while staring into your eyes. She's good!

Before sitting to her, you adjust the bar stool . Another quick glance is exchanged. Both of you know exactly what the counterpart longs for. No need to speak. No need to let any syllable slip past your tongue.

You turn your head to the barkeeper. He nods, and prepares two of his finest Martinis . A twenty dollar bill slides across the bar. Your eyes tell him to keep the change. He nods again

She immediately takes the olive to her lips. She licks it, rolls it over her lips. Her eyes remain transfixed to yours. Her eyes say: No names. You agree. Just this one night you may have it your way with her. And vice versa.

For another ten minutes you keep on mutually devouring each other's features. No one else seems aware of your very own scene. No one but the barkeeper. He knows this game. He knows it well. Many times has he observed it. But this time, he notices something to be different. Only his trained eye grasps the entire magnitude of the moment.

From the very beginning you've known this to be a once in a lifetime experience, she knows as well. It is just as if the air was charged with an electric thrill only the two of you are able to grasp. You know it to be magical, this unknown thrill. It teases both of you. There's this perfect moment in every date that's so hard to seize. Only, this time it seems natural, as though meticulously planned in advance. What are the odds?

The two of you stand up. You walk towards the restroom. The cabins are individual. They're large enough to shelter two people – perfect conditions. Usually you'd hear bits of suspicious voices. Some jabbering about a couple going to the restroom together. Not this time. No need to wonder why the both of you are not attracting any attention. Any question asked is just a obstacle. An unnecessary delay in the logical course of what is about to come.

Neither one of you feels the need to hurry. Premature eagerness would only ruin the perfection of this very moment.

One last glance in each direction before pressing the door knob. You let her in first. You slip in the vast single restroom just behind her. She locks the door. You press her against it. No time is wasted before your lips land on hers. A first deep passionate kiss is exchanged.

You let go off her lips just to tease her neck with your breath, your teeth, your lips... At the same time you place your left hand on her skin. The side of her right thigh you choose. You lift it, causing her dress to slide up. It's almost exposing her bare firm buttocks. You feel her silky skin under the palm of your hand. It slides slowly closer to her waist.

She presses you against her body to feel your manly features. She lets you kiss your way from her neck to her cleavage. Your every action is commented with silent moans of upcoming pleasure. She is all yours. Devoted to let you please her. Obedient to each of your teasing touches.

You feel her grip loosen as she drops to her knees. She traces all the way down from your face to your belt buckle, using her fingertips to feel your masculine physique. Inch by inch.

Anticipating what's coming next, you lean back to the sink. Your throw your head back. Her experienced fingers find their way to free the bulge in your pants. It has been held captive in them ever since you've caught her eye.

Once she holds your throbbing member in her hand, she throws you a devilish grin. Then she engulfs your whole girth with her lips and tongue in one slick motion. Her experted mouth forms a convulsing ring around your shaft. She's Pleasing you. Teasing all the right spots, all the while her hand slides down your shaft to gently squeeze your balls. She knows what to do to make you drown in the sweet agony of burning desire.

Just before she sends you over the edge, she releases your cock from its tortures. She places your hand between her legs. You feel her wetness through her panties right away. Any more teasing would be a useless waste of time. You just pull her panties aside. Her drenched cavity is revealed to your eyes.

She spreads her legs wide apart for you. She's sitting on the cold floor of the restroom. You have another plan. You take her by her hips, and lift her up to press her against the door. Instinctively, she wraps her legs around you. Your cock is guided by the moisture. It easily finds its way into her hot tunnel.

A series of suppressed moans sounds through the restroom. Both, her and you are having trouble not to get carried away in our mutual ecstasy. You'd become everyone's main attraction. The thrill of everyone possibly finding out about the two of you fills both your bodies with adrenaline.

She starts losing control of her volume. You seal her lips with a kiss. Her moist tongue finds yours. Every time you carefully slide the whole length of your cock all the way inside her, you feel the vibrations of a silenced moan pass over her lips onto yours.

With each of your thrusts, she circles her hips around your shaft more and more. You don't need to hear her say it. You just know that she is at the verge to a powerful orgasm. Only a few more deep, well-placed thrusts to send her to the stars. But you can't just go all the way in without pumping your steaming semen all inside her. You need to be careful. It's a situation that demands high expertise.

With great care, you skillfully inch your cock in her hungry pussy. You shift your weight every time you do so, rubbing different spots. This prevents you from cumming prematurely. It and gives you the required stamina to set her off.

Only a few more powerful strokes of yours are enough to give her the desired climax. You press your buttocks together as hard as you can to keep yourself cock from cumming.

As soon as she comes down from her highs, she climbs off you. She drops to her knees once again. You hold your cock to her face. She takes it in her mouth. You're so close to your own orgasm that the first rope of thick white sperm splashes in her mouth in the very moment she closes the circle formed by her lips around it. Both her hands and lips milk every last drop of cum from your cock. A gulping noise is audible before she stands up. A cheeky smile and a lingering kiss.

She takes a look into the mirror. Her hair is a mess. Luckily, she has a brush in her purse. Before leaving, she turns around. One last grateful look is exchanged. She's entirely satisfied.

You let her leave first, and wait a minute. As you go back to the bar, she's gone. Not a single trace of her. You smile.

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