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She sees his cock get hard every time he sees her, and decides to do something about it.
I saw her at school every day, waiting in the playground while picking up the kids from school. We had made eye contact often, and she would give me a slutty smile every time. She had long black hair, stunning blue eyes, full sexy lips and a hot little body. She liked to dress in clothes that showed off her perfect tits, pert and firm, with nipples that always seemed to be hard. She never wore a bra. I often fantasized about fucking those gorgeous tits when I saw her. She never failed to make my cock hard, and she knew it. That day she wore a soft, tight, red sweater, her nipples ever so slightly poking through the thin material, her midriff showing, her belly ring sparkling in the sun. A short skirt that showed the outline of her tight little ass. She was barefoot.

She caught me eyeing her luscious nipples and walked over to me, her tits bouncing, her nipples noticeably hardening as she approached.

"You know I see you staring at my tits every afternoon." She was smiling as she said it, so I didn't think she was mad.

"I'm sorry, but you have really nice tits."

She laughed. "Thank you. I get that a lot." She stepped closer and stood next to me. There were very few parents around.

"I bet you do," I said. "I bet you like it too."

"Yes I do. I love it," she cooed. She was very close now.

"You do know I can see your cock getting hard when you stare at my tits. You aren't very good at hiding it."

I reddened a little. "I can't help it. You are so hot. You make my cock hard."

"I know I do. I know exactly what gets you hard."

"You are very good at teasing my cock." I was rock hard now, and just wanted to throw her on the ground and fuck her.

In a low, sexy purr, she said, "It gets me wet to see how hot I make you."

I couldn't believe what was happening. I murmured, "Are you wet now?"

She glanced at my cock, then into my eyes. "They won't be out for ten more minutes." She leaned into me and whispered into my ear, "Let's do something about that hard cock of yours."

She quickly licked my ear and backed away, smiling. She turned around and walked toward the corner of the building, putting some real action into her ass, knowing I was watching. At the corner she turned, smiled, and went around. I followed as quickly as I could, my cock already bursting.

The gym door was closing just as I turned the corner, and I caught it just before it closed. I ducked inside.

She was behind the bleachers on an exercise mat, that same dirty smile on her face, her skirt pulled up, her fingers reaching down to her tight red panties. I walked toward her as she began to rub her pussy.

"I've been wanting to suck your cock since the first time I saw you." She fell to her knees right in front of my cock and began to massage it through my pants.

"What do you think about when you stare at my tits that gets your cock so hard? What do you wanna do to me, baby?"

"I want to rub my cock all over your tits. I want to stick my cock between your tits and fuck them."

"Like this baby?" she said, and began to press her tits against my pants, the sweater stretching down as she pressed against my cock, so that her nipples were just barely hidden.

"Do you wanna fuck my tits, baby?"

"Oh yeah, baby. Take out my cock."

She unzipped my pants and pulled out my now fully engorged cock. I was so turned on it was throbbing and jerking as she touched it.

She rubbed it against her tits through her sweater, her nipples getting harder, poking through the thin sweater. Then she unbuttoned her sweater and let it hang at her sides as she pushed her tits together and rubbed my cock against her hard nipples. I slid my cock between her tits and began to fuck them, slowly at first then faster, like I was fucking her pussy. She pinched her nipples while I fucked her pert little titties.

"I wanna suck it, baby," she said, sticking out her tongue to lick the head of my cock on the upswing. "I need to suck your cock."

"You are so dirty, baby. Suck my cock."

She dived onto the head of it as I shoved it toward her mouth. Her hand snuck down inside her panties, while the other began to fondle my balls. She sucked hard on the head of my cock, her lips moving back and forth across the sensitive edge of my cock head, then pulling back to lick circles around it with her tongue, then back on my head, sucking as she flicked the sensitive underside of it with her tongue. She was very good, and I knew I would cum in seconds if I didn't stop.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth, wet with pre-cum and spit. Her tongue snaked out to the underside of my cock, licking at it, daring me to cum all over her face with that dirty little smile. She was such a cock tease. I almost did, but pulled my cock back and then slapped her in the face with it. I rubbed it against her lips, so close to cumming, yet holding back. Her lips were wet and slick with pre-cum, her tongue licking at it. She closed her eyes as she fingered her pussy and I rubbed my cock all over her face.

"Fuck me, baby. Fuck me now."

My cock was against her cheek. I threw her hard down onto the mat, and her dress rode up as she spread her legs and fell back, her pussy peeking from her tight red panties. I pulled her panties aside and saw her wet, bald pussy and just above it a red and swollen clit, pierced with a bar. I licked at her pussy lips and then began to flick her clit piercing with my tongue. She stifled her loud moans.

We didn't have much time. I moved up and began to slide my cock against her pussy, just parting the lips, getting it wet with her juice. I pushed the head of my cock just inside her pussy, where it was tight, and held it there.

"Do you want it, baby? Do you want my cock?"

"Yes." She moaned deeply, thrusting her hips forward, desparate to get my cock inside her.

"Say it."

"I want your cock," she whispered. She was bucking now, needing my cock.

I slid my cock into her slowly and deeply. Her pussy was so wet, and her clit piercing winked at me. I began to fuck her, finally able to get my hands on her perfect tits, squeezing them, pinching her nipples.

"Oh, yeah, squeeze my tits baby, while you fuck me hard. Give it to me hard baby. Make me cum."

I began fucking her as hard as I could, and she gasped with each stroke. I licked and bit her neck while I fucked her, pulling on her nipples now, hard. She was so hot and dirty.

"Oh baby, oh yes, I'm gonna cum, she said, arching her back. Fuck me. Oh God, fuck me. Make me cum baby."

Her pussy was grabbing my cock tightly and I knew I was gonna cum too, and seconds later I squeezed her tits hard and shot my cum deep into her, wave after wave of hot cum. She came as I came, grinding her pussy against my spasming cock as she moaned, "Oh God yes, oh fuck, oh yeah."

Just then the bell rang. I pulled my wet cock out of her as she smoothed her panties and short little skirt and buttoned her sweater over those perfect titties that I had finally been able to fuck.

"You know if you show up a little earlier you'd have time to do whatever you want to me."

"There's so much I want to do with you," I growled.

"Then I'll see you tomorrow," she winked and was out the door.

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