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Pleasure On The 5.19

Public transport isn't so bad after all.

The low October sun beats down and illuminates the pages of the forgettable magazine that I am half heartedly reading. Honestly, every week I tell myself not to buy it and every week it reaches out and pulls me into its transparent charms. I guess like most girls of 21, I love a bit of celebrity trivia.

The train I am sat on is making good time and barring a signal failure, or the wrong type of leaves on the track I should get home on time. I’ve only been away for a week but it feels longer. The course had been a complete nightmare, and it was a mighty relief to finish it with a creditable 72 percent score, meaning I just beat the acceptable pass threshold of 70 percent.

We stop at a small, unmanned country station and pick up a couple of people. A stuffy looking middle-aged man in a smart suit, and more interestingly, a younger man, closer to my age I would guess. He is far from smartly turned out, sporting ripped faded jeans and a pale blue t-shirt. Despite his attire, he looks mouth-wateringly gorgeous.

My heart sinks as I see him making his way down the carriage and settling into a seat quite a distance from me. Oh well, a bit of eye candy would have brightened the journey, but it looks like the magazine has got the job of keeping me entertained once again.

I settle into mindless details of which celebrity has come out of the closet, or which girl band member has a sizeable patch of cellulite. It really is mind numbing. After a few moments my attention is broken by a fracas on board. It’s the yummy scruffy guy, gesturing and arguing with somebody. He is pointing and getting quite animated over something. Next thing he has stormed away from his seat, looking very angry and heading back towards my end of the carriage.

I stare back into my magazine, but hear his footsteps getting louder and closer before I see in my periphery vision that he has crashed down directly opposite me. I feel myself blush, but decide that I am not going to look at him, well not yet at least. After a few moments of him mumbling to himself, probably about the argument he just had, he goes silent, and I can feel that he is looking at me. I still keep my guard up, not giving off any signal of interest at all.

Inside I so want to look, to see what he is like close up. It’s such a struggle and I don’t know how long I can keep this up. I can feel his eyes devouring me, one thing is for sure, he isn’t the shy type.

“Excuse me, can you tell me what time it is please.”

His voice is surprisingly soft, and gentle, but definitely full of confidence. Shame it’s delivering such a lame line.

“It’s just before six o’clock.”

He nods in acknowledgment and then smiles. As he moves his arm I can see that he is wearing a watch anyway. Oh yes, this guy is definitely coming on to me. What a cheek!

From the fleeting glance I see he has a quite beautiful face, fresh looking olive skin, pouting lips and huge brown eyes. He is delicious, but he knows it too. I’m not going to give in that easily.

I carry on reading, my magazine nearly done now and my journey only a few stops from completion. My mystery man is still looking at me, eyes taking in my bare legs and then up over my blouse, three buttons undone, showing quite a lot of cleavage. He seems to like what he sees.

The train lurches into the last large station before mine and the carriage empties except for the two of us, the chime of chatter now gone, just a wall of heavy silence between us. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife.

The journey begins again, immediately the silence is shattered by a portly ticket inspector. I fish my ticket out of my bag, bending slightly and showing off my heaving cleavage, now with two pairs of eyes all over them. The inspector doesn’t seem to want to move his eyes, mouthing a thank you as he passes me back the ticket, eyes glued to my breasts.

He snaps out of his trance and turns to face the man opposite me, asking for his ticket.

“I seem to have lost my ticket. I did buy one, honestly.”

“Yes, and I once sang with Elvis. You’ll have to buy another one or it’s time to get off.”

The pair argue for a moment. There is no charming the inspector. My travelling companion has to pay. His hand delves into his jeans pocket, making the loose change rattle, but the denim is so tight that he can’t get the hand back out. He curses and stands up to release the change.

Now it is my turn to admire him. The tight jeans reveal a very muscular pair of thighs, which is a major turn on for me anyway. But combined with the very impressive looking cock bulge he is sporting just makes me drool. He is good looking, fit and has (unless he is padding out) has a very big dick.

He catches me looking at him and smirks. He knows I’m interested now, so much for my cool as a cucumber exterior. I don’t care anymore, feeling my panties dampen at the very thought of sucking and fucking that cock.

I decide to stop playing it cool and as my sexy man pays for his ticket I manage to pop another button on my tight blouse. My tits are now virtually hanging out, all on show for him. I cross my legs, causing my skirt to hitch up and expose my creamy thigh. If he doesn’t get the message now he never will; my eyes firmly meeting his, and locking onto his gaze.

He doesn’t flinch. I can tell he has played this game before. There seems to be an impasse and for a second I think I’ve blown it, missed my chance. I want him so desperately now it’s untrue. Then I see what I hoped I would. He is squirming in his seat, a tell tale sign his cock is getting hard. I decide it’s time to grab the bull by the horns.

“You look a little uncomfortable there. Is everything okay?”

He looks a little less confident now, probably not expecting me to speak.

“Yeah, yeah I am fine. It’s just a little stiffness in my calf muscle. I might just nip to the toilet and put some cold water on it.”

I smile knowingly. There is nothing wrong with his calf at all.

“Oh okay, well don’t mind me. You better go now before you get too stiff.”

He smiles, the irony of what I said not lost on him. As he stands I can see that the semi erect cock he had earlier has turned into a deliciously hard diagonal ridge, barely contained by those straining denims. This is driving me wild; my panties completely drenched with my juices.

He attempts to walk past me and I stick my foot out stopping him in his tracks. I place my left hand on the throbbing ridge and stroke it, my brown eyes looking up into his.

“You’re off to the toilet now?”

“Y-yes I am. The stiffness is getting painful.”

I continue my stare, my hand now flat against that beautiful erect cock.

“Enjoy your wank. Think of me won’t you?”

His expression changes, he knows I’m onto him.

“You teasing bitch. You’re coming with me. Maybe you can help with the stiffness.”

And before I know it he has me pulled to my feet and in seconds we are in squeezed into the toilet.

“My bag, I can’t leave my bag.”

“Fuck your bag.”

The next few seconds are a blur, buttons and zips everywhere. My breasts are out and his fingers hoist my skirt up and my panties down, exposing my gooey, stubbly pussy. He doesn’t stand on ceremony either, lifting me up onto the wash basin before revealing what I can only describe as an absolute monster cock, easily nine inches long, circumcised and thicker than my wrist.

I don’t get much time to admire it before he is slapping it against my throbbing clit, making me gasp before driving himself deep inside my sopping pussy. I feel inch after incredible inch deeper and deeper inside me. I struggle to take his length and girth as he pounds me relentlessly, using those strong thighs.

I am breathless, absolutely dripping wet and completely getting off on this. I love the danger of public fucking. We haven’t even locked the door. His pace doesn’t drop, and my pussy is that wet that every thrust is met by the satisfying slap of my pussy, my juice all over his staggering erection.

The rocking motion of the train definitely helps, and as I feel his curly pubic hair teasing my clit, together with him sucking and biting my nipples is too much and I feel the first signs of orgasm.

Usually I take a while to cum, but the intensity of the situation combined with an aroused and rock hard man is all too much, my fingers raking his back and my legs spread wider, desperate to get every inch of him inside me.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard with that fucking monster. I want you to come inside me.”

My words seem to do the trick and he fucks me with all he has. Sweat beads down his face, grunting like a wild animal. I haven’t had sex for two months, but this relentless hard fucking is well worth the wait. I can stand no more and I feel my orgasm rip through me hard, causing my pelvic muscles to contract around his pole. My body is a mass of shaking tingling bliss, and my man here is not far behind, his face tightly screwed and a low groan as he fills me with his hot creamy load.

We lie huddled together for a second, regaining our composure and sharing a deep kiss. I giggle and tell him I don’t even know his name.

“You don’t need to know, and I don’t need to know yours.”

We rearrange our clothing hastily and I leave a second before him, hoping nobody has seen us. I retrieve my bag and look out of the window, realising that I have missed my station. Oh what the hell it was worth it. I smile as I see my partner in crime exit the toilet sheepishly, affording me a sly wink as he approaches.

Our smugness is short lived as the ticket inspector is back again. He looks at us like a disapproving teacher.

“You do both realise that you’ve gone further than you should have. There is a fine for that kind of thing you know.”

I look into my conquest’s huge brown eyes and we both laugh out loud.

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