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Pool Hustler?

A bar, a car, a used condom.
We left the bar in a rush; me leading the way, him directly behind me. We walked with purpose; each had only one drink, leaving us with all of our faculties, but just enough inhibition left behind. Once in the dark parking lot, he charged ahead, leading me to his car, a dark and low Japanese model of some sort. He didn’t bother holding the door for me, just clicked the button unlocking the doors and hopped in the driver’s side. I followed on the passenger side. By the time my butt hit the seat, he was already turning the keys in the ignition. A moment later, low sounds of electronica were coming from the speakers.

“You got a condom?” I asked.

He just grunted as he threw the car in reverse and quickly backed out of the space, then hurriedly shifted into drive as we flew over the lot’s lone speed bump and jerked out the driveway. A couple quick rights and we were speeding up a long dark street towards the foothills. When the street came to a “T” at the top of the hill a minute later, he made a quick left, then flipped a U-turn and brought the car to rest on the side of the road under a tall oak. He turned off the engine, leaving the battery and the music on, then turned his attention to me.

Without words, he turned his body to me, leaned over the console in the middle of the car and wasted no time. His mouth was on mine, greedily prying apart my lips and sliding his tongue in. At the same time his left hand had found my chest, pawing at my tits with wanton recklessness. He sought out my right nipple and gave it a hard pinch, maybe even harder than was enjoyable, but instantly it was rock hard. He then moved his hand to my left breast and did the same, continuing to attack my mouth with his wetness.

In a flash, his left hand moved from squeezing my nipples to my waistline, and in another flash my sweater was being pulled up my chest. He brought the tight garment up over my breasts and then continued his exploration of my body by deftly pulling the left side of my bra down, allowing my ample breast to spill over the top. At that point, his mouth forgot about its insatiability for my mouth and dropped down to my tit, slobbering all over me as he licked me. Soon, the tongue was put away as he turned from licking to sucking, swallowing my nipple, and a good part of my breast as well, deep into his mouth as his left hand busied itself with freeing my right tit from its constraint. Soon, with both breasts completely available to him, he alternated between each in a barrage of licking, sucking, pawing and pulling.

A man, out for an evening walk with his dog, strolled by the driver side of the car slowly, a sight only noticed by me. He didn’t linger. Maybe he didn’t even notice that there were occupants in the car. Certainly, my breasts were currently keeping the male occupant of the car from noticing anything that was going on outside. Still, in a slight nod to modesty and decorum, I reached my right hand down the side of the seat and found the lever that laid my seat back, allowing me perhaps some measure of privacy, aside from the dark street and the overhanging oak tree.

The adjustment of my seat also apparently coincided with my companion’s (what was his name again? Mark? Matt?) desire to investigate new areas of my body, as he reached his left hand down, pulled my legs apart and quickly lifted the front of my skirt up. His hands were between my legs in an instant, petting my rapidly dampening panties in firm and fast strokes. He didn’t linger long with that last barrier between his hands and my pussy, pulling the panties to the side quickly and finding the heart of my damp snatch with a finger that wasted no time sliding deep inside of me. In and out a couple of times, then all the way out and then back in with two fingers this time, pulling me apart with passion. Then it was up to the waistband of my panties, sliding them down over my soft thighs, down over my knees, and eventually over my sandals and onto the floor of the car, before his avaricious hand shot back up my body and back to my cunt, playing with my wet bald pussy.

Soon, he sat back in his seat, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, lifted his ass up, and pushed his jeans down his thighs, past his knees, to his ankles. He removed his shoes in a hurry, then slid the jeans off over his shoes, sitting back in his seat and pulling his cock – a good hard six inches worth – out of his boxers. I reached over and gave him what he wanted, grabbing on his cock and tugging at it slowly but surely. He reached into the center console, dug around quickly, eventually finding what he was looking for – that damned condom.

He tore the package open, positioned the rubber above his cock, and I unrolled it: down, down, down. Once firmly in place, he wasted no time. With his right arm, he pushed me back against my seat, moved his legs over the center of the car onto my side, then lifted his body up and over that center console and parking brake, performing a 180 in the process, bringing him face to face with me, his legs tight together between mine, spread eagle.

He found a comfortable spot for his left arm somewhere between the car door and the seat, a place that allowed him to use that arm for leverage, while his right hand held ahold of his cock, aiming it just right for entrance. Quickly enough, it was against my wet pussy. He slid it up and down in my groove a couple quick times, then rammed it into me with all the grace of a locomotive. His right hand, now freed, found my tits again, grabbing them lustily while he pounded into me.

I tried to thrust my lower body up towards him in the hopes of getting some friction on my clit, but it was really of no use. This was going to be just one of those hold on and ride fucks. There was no tenderness, no romance. Just fucking. My pussy getting pounded. My tits getting ravaged. I put on the face and the soundtrack I figured he wanted. “Oh yeah, baby. Fuck me good. Fuck my little pussy.” It probably didn’t matter.

I’ll give the guy credit for this: he was quick. Pump, pump, pump. Maybe 30 times. Maybe 40? Then that blank look came over his face. His back arched and tensed. He quit slamming me.

Then, as quickly as he got inside of me he was back out, his right hand between his legs, unrolling what I had just rolled. His left hand found the button for the automatic window and just like that, with a used condom dropped on the side of the road in a dark, quiet suburban neighborhood, we were done.

The evidence disposed of, I tried to move in for another kiss, but he was already back in his seat, pulling his jeans back on, turning the keys in the ignition. We were halfway back to the bar before I had my tits back in my bra and my sweater and I had barely found my panties on the floor by the time we pulled back in the parking lot. He was already out of the car and halfway across that parking lot before those panties were back up my legs and in place under my skirt.

Damn. I gotta quit betting on pool.

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