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Prof Davis gets a new job 7

Prof Davis Checks In

We unloaded all of our bags and since I was "in charge" for the moment,vI had to check everyone in. I was delayed outside for a few minutes making sure that all of the team gear had survived the trip when Kyla
stepped up to me.

"We're all checked in and everyone has their keys," she said with a smile of accomplishment. "You just need to drop off the school check. G'nite!"

I wearily went inside to the front desk, and true to her word, Kyla had handled everything for me. I just had to sign my life away on 12 hotel rooms, but other than that it was the easiest check-in I'd ever done. I got a printout of the room assignments, then left the key for the bus driver and made my way to my room.

There's just something about a hotel room that makes me horny. Anyway, as soon as I'm in the room, I'm in my underwear. Boxer briefs in this case. I move about the room, turning on the TV, cranking the a/c to low since we're still in Texas.

I step over to the dresser where I've placed my wallet, keys, and the list of rooms. I begin glancing at the names and room numbers. I see that the bus driver is on another floor. Good. I don't want to worry about him being near the girls.

Of course who am I to talk?

I scan the list. At about the same time that I realize that Kyla and Stephanie are in the room next door, I hear the adjoining door open on their side and a soft knock on my side of the door. Sigh.

I open the door and the two girls rush in past me in a blur of long hair and tanned, naked skin. Kyla jumps on the bed, flips over onto her back and spreads her legs wide. Stephanie pounces on her and shoves
her face between Kyla's legs and starts licking her pussy.

Okay. I blink a few times, not believing what's happening right in front of me.

My cock is immediately hard. I feel like a young man again. Stephanie is on her knees on the bed as she licks Kyla. She wiggles her ass to me.

"Fuck her." Kyla moans to me.

"Fuck me." Stephanie says while pausing to come up for air.

"Fuck me." I mumble as I grip my cock through my briefs. "I can't keep this up, ladies. We're going to get caught and I'm going to get fired. Or worse." I added.

Still, as I pulled my shorts down and bumped my cock against Stephanie's ass, I had to love...every...fucking...second.. of it.

Steph arched her hips upward and I pressed the head of my cock against her hot, moist pussy lips. She groaned deeply as I pushed my cock forward, splitting her lips. Kyla lifted her legs up and using her ankles to the back of my thighs,pulled me forward and I slid into Stephanie as far as I could go.

"Ummmmph!" Steph mumbled from between Kyla's thighs.

I began a steady sliding in and out motion of Stephanie's hot tight pussy. She lifted her head upward and moaned loudly with each thrust. Feeling left out of the moment, Kyla spun around until she had her head underneath Stephanie's thighs. I felt her hands softly caressing my balls as they swung back and forth. I couldn't see what was happening, but Kyla was now licking us both where our union connected us together. Her position allowed her tongue to caress the soft, tender side of my hard cock, and to alternately lick at Stephanie's throbbing clit.

Stephanie moaned at the passion she was feeling from my thrusts and Kyla's licking. I leaned forward a bit while somehow maintaining my pumping, and pushed Stephanie's head downward until she could lick Kyla's pussy again.

There we were, two naked girls in a 69 position and me with my boxer briefs slowly sliding down my thighs as I pumped my cock in and out of Stephanie.

I blame the earlier sex with Kyla that afternoon, along with what had happened on the bus earlier that kept my stamina going. Heck, I'd shot two good loads in the last five hours. I think I could go all night like this. My cock was hard, and I wasn't anywhere near cumming. Stephanie, on the other hand was about to explode. I could feel her pussy getting tighter around my cock. Kyla's tongue on her clit was adding to the wonderful mix.

I felt Kyla's hands reach upward and grab my ass and squeeze hard.

"She's ready to cum!" she cried out. "Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her!"

Message received. I started to slam into her. I really pounded her with my thick cock. We began to slide forward on the bed, the comforter bunching up as I thrust repeatedly. I reached down between their bellies and took Stephanie's tits in my hand and pulled on her nipples. That did it.

All of a sudden she arched her hips forward in orgasm. I nearly slipped out of her pussy on a backwards stroke. I had to push forward, practically climbing onto the bed to stay inside her. Luckily, her moans were somewhat muffled between Kyla's legs as she came. Stephanie's whole body shook and trembled. It was all I could do to
hang on and stay inside of her.

Kyla couldn't breathe. She had to struggle to slide out from beneath us. As soon as she did, I collapsed on top of Stephanie. The angle now had her pussy feeling tighter than ever. I began to really thrust now. I could feel the cum building up in me.

Stephanie just kept moaning. Kyla, next to us, was running her hands all over me. I was getting close.

"Cum on her back!" Kyla said, "I want to see you squirt." She said this as she got on her knees next to the bed. Her head was now right next to us as I fucked Stephanie.

"I'm...cumming." I moaned.

I pumped into Stephanie rapidly until I felt my release about to let loose. I pulled out of Stephanie's pussy and slammed my cock HARD between the cheeks of her tight ass. I stiffened as I felt my cock tremble and spurt the cum out onto Steph's lower back.

"Umph!" I said between gritted teeth as I pumped a few more times, pressing all of my weight onto Stephanie's ass. My cum spurted out of my cock and gathered in a small pool in the lower part of Stephanie's ass.

I finally fell over onto my back on the bed next to Stephanie. My cockcontinued to tremble and I moaned each time as my breath came heavily.

Stephanie had actually passed out. She was breathing softly and deeply next to me. Kyla came around to my side of the bed and grabbed my softening cock.

"Unhh!" I had to moan out. "Can't...take...that...right now."

"I need to cum too!" Kyla pouted. "Do me?" She asked softly but urgently.

I struggled to my left elbow and reached over with my right hand and steadily fingered her clit. Sinking into the bed, I was close enough to take her right nipple into my mouth.

"Yeahhhh, that's it," Kyla moaned. It didn't take long.

"Yes! Here it comes!" she cried out as her orgasm overtook her. Her nipple slipped from my mouth and her thighs came together so tightly it almost hurt my hand. She pressed her hand against my own, pushing hard
as she rode out the spasms. When her body finally went limp, I pulled my hand away.

Kyla was breathing softly and deeply as I slid my hand up to her waist. She turned her body against mine and slipped her left leg across my legs.

We fell asleep like that and totally missed dinner with the team.

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