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Quick and Messy

An office quicky gets gets a little messy
I was staring at my coworker, Catherine, again. She had another one of her low-cut tops on that showed off her magnificent tits, being in the same office I got an eye full every time I passed her desk. She and I had been enjoying the occasional office quickie and even more occasional, after hours sex, for some months now and she was used to my horny nature by now.

Catherine knew what was going on since I kept finding an excuse to walk to her desk and lean in towards her to check a file or peer over her shoulder, pretending to be interested in whatever was on her computer monitor... only to stare at her cleavage and huge tits from above.
After about the tenth time I snuck a peak, Catherine said, "What on earth are you buzzing around me for anyway?" She giggled wickedly, "Is it the girls?" As she said this she pushed her huge breasts together and up so that they spilled our of her top and practically popped out of her bra. I stared openly at this point and noticed her bra was a very low cut purple lacy thing that barely covered the nipples and actually showed a good bit of the areolas, darker still against her tanned skin.
I managed to say something clever, like, "Uh huh."
Catherine, still pushing her tits together, said, "Do you wanna see more?"
Again, I managed, "Uh huh."
Catherine looked around to see if anyone else was in our office area and pulled her top and bra down farther, allowing her nipples to be fully exposed for me to admire. I was wide-eyed as I moved closer to her. I put a hand on her arm and she pulled her top and bra down even farther, her right breast was completely out now. I cupped it's fullness and gently pinched her nipple, which was already very stiff. Catherine pulled back slightly, pretending that the pinch was much harder than it had been, "Easy big guy, don't get so rough with my tender titties. Behave yourself or I'll put these toys away!" She said in a, comical, little girl voice.
I held on to her breast and nipple and with my other hand, pulled her close to me. She pressed herself against me and could feel my hard cock straining against the material of my slacks. "Ooh, you brought a toy for me to play with too!" And began massaging my hard-on through my pants.
We were getting a little too obvious to continue in the open office area, so I steared her to the small room in the back with all the computer servers and electronics for the company. Once inside I locked the door and pushed her against the wall. I put my hands under her blouse and pulled it up over her tits, I pulled the half-bra down so it was under her tits and I leaned down to kiss and bite her hard nipples.
Catherine threw her head back and hissed, "Yes, bite my nips, honey. Let me feel your teeth and tongue."
I went at her nipples harder still, sucking, licking and biting. She tugged at my belt and zipper and got my slacks open enough to get her hand in and grab my cock through my boxers, I had already made a precome wet spot and she used her thumb to rub the slit in my cockhead through the thin cotton of my boxers, causing my cock to dribble even more of the clear fluid.
I growled that I had to have her now and reached down to pull her skirt up to get at her ass and pussy. She tugged my pants down and pulled my cock out through the fly of the boxers. I turned her around and bent her over the desk next to us. She reached back and pulled her thong panty aside to expose her wet pussy lips. I didn't waste time with any special technique or fancy foreplay, this was just a quickie and neither of us was looking for a tender moment.
She spread her ass cheeks with both hands and I guided my cock to her open pussy, working the head up and down a few times against her pussy lips to get myself lubed up before I slid into her. At this point she made a gutteral sound like a mountain lion's roar and demanded, "Fuck me now, damn it! Hard!"
I obliged her. I grabbed both hips and slammed myself into her as hard as I could. That first thrust was so violent that we moved the desk and she nearly fell. I steadied us and began to pump into her from behind, hard and fast. My cock was hitting her deep and she kept making these animal sounds in between demands for, "Harder! Fuck me harder!" and "Reach under to my clit... I'm burning for you!"
I reached under her belly and slid my hand down to play with her clit - rubbing it up and down as hard and fast as I could manage while still slamming into her from behind. We went at it like this for a few minutes when we heard someone open and close the door to office next to where we were. We both kept as quiet as possible until it sounded like the person left through the side door. Catherine whispered, "We better finish this quickly before someone finds us in here."
I was a teenager in the 70's and my girlfriends and I read all those Joy of Sex books and manuals on the importance of pleasing your woman, take your time, be giving and attentive to her needs and don't rush the sexual experience. We didn't have time for that here. It was time to get off and get out! So, I really started pumping into her as fast as I could go... her bare nipples were mashed into the cold desk top and she was face down holding onto the desk as I fucked her as hard and fast as I knew how.
After just a minute or so of this, she said, "Don't cum in my pussy. I'll be dripping your cum down my thighs all afternoon!"
I didn't know what she had in mind, so I pulled out and she turned and stroked my throbbing cock with her hand until I knew I was going to shoot a huge load, "I'm cumming, now!" was the only warning I gave her and instead of taking me in her mouth she just put her other hand over the head of my cock as I began to spurt thick creamy cum everywhere. Her cupped hand only made the explosion spray out in all directions, on the floor, her hands, my pants and shirt, her blouse and skirt and even her face and neck.
"Well, shit!" Catherine, barked, "I didn't know you'd been saving that stuff up for me. It's everywhere, godammit! What a fucking mess."
I knew better than complain that she was crazy trying to catch cum in her hand. So, I just apologized for being, "...too turned on..." by her beauty and we tried to wipe off the sticky mess and get dressed before we got caught.
We found some kleenex and got as "cum free" as we could, but I had on light grey slacks and there was a very large wet spot in the crotch as well as a few splatters that showed on her satiny blouse. Catherine offered the thought, "Let's just hope that if anyone notices, they'll think we're just sloppy eaters and made a mess at lunch."
We got back to our desks just a moment before one of the techs came in and walked back to the networking room to check on a server. I called Catherine on the intercom and she picked up to ask, "What can I do for you today Mr. Love?" I made some filthy comment about swallowing my load rather than playing firehose with my cock next time we were together. "I believe I can fit that in." was all she said at that point. Just as we hung up, the technician yelled out of the back room, "Who the hell has been screwing around in here?" I froze at my desk, wondering what bit of carnal evidence we might have overlooked in our hasty cleanup. "Some idiot has unplugged half the gear by scooting this desk around... you people need to be more careful in here."
I heard Catherine laugh out loud and I lost it.

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