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Quick Cheat

Ebony weekend getaway with her husband turned into a quick cheat.
Ebony awoke with a warm sensation between her legs. She wiggled as a tingling sensation on her clit jolted her fully awake.

She was completely hot and wet. Strange, she thought. She could not remember having a wet dream. In fact she could not remember dreaming at all. She was not wearing any underwear as was her custom. She was however encased in a sexy white silk slip lingerie. The mounds of her small breasts peeked over the top of her slip. The nipples were firm and round and stretching against the fabric. She sat up in bed and noticed a small wet spot on her clothing just where the pussy juices had dripped. The only light in the room was the night light in the corner. She could see the silhouette of her husband lying on the bed next to her.

It was the Easter weekend and they had come to Tobago for a weekend get away. They were sharing a bungalow with two other couples. There were three bedrooms in the bungalow but only one kitchen, living area and one shower.

One of the other two couples was Roxy, Ebony’s best friend and her fiancé of two years, Austin. The third couple was Austin’s brother, Alex and his girlfriend of two weeks. Alex and Austin were fraternal twins. However, this did not stop them from looking almost identical. Both brothers had been track athletes in high school and continued to work out regularly at the gym. Their physique were toned but not overly muscular. Their skins were sandy brown. Their tall 6 foott frames compliment their physique and gave them look of runway models. The distinguishing element in their appearance was their eyes. Austin eyes were a regular shade of brown while Alex had been blessed with a light shade of brown tinged with yellow highlights. He was also blessed with eyes lashes any girl would gladly die for.

Ebony had noticed his eyes the first time she had met him at Roxy’s house. Austin had brought him over to meet Roxy while Ebony was helping Roxy get ready for an interview. Alex lived in the neighbouring island of St. Vincent and visited Austin every time he came to Trinidad. There was an instant attraction between Ebony and Austin but she had brushed it aside as she did so many others. After all she was married to a man who was just as stunning as the two brothers. Jack, was dark-skinned, 6ft 2inches and hung like a horse. He was mixed with both African and Spanish heritage which blended perfectly in the right places. He had a natural built and did not require going to the gym to keep fit. His love for swimming keeps him looking fit and bronze.

As Ebony watched him sleep she considered waking him and letting him feel her wetness. They had only had sex a few hours ago and both he and she had had multiple orgasms. They had both then fallen asleep exhausted. Why then was she so horny at 3am in the morning. Jack gentle snores indicated that he was sound asleep and even if she did wake him he would try to please her but she knew that it would not be as powerful as a few hours earlier.

They had been married for four years and she had come to learn that although her husband loved to have sex regularly, he had a habit of sleeping like the living dead for at least five hours after intercourse. Only two hours had past. Ebony decided to allow him to sleep it off. Besides, she loved having sex in the day time. In the mean time she needed to cool down. She slipped off the bed and walked silently to the kitchen in her bare feet. As she entered the kitchen she noticed Alex in a blue and white checked boxers and the cutest doggy slippers on his feet rummaging through the fridge. When he emerged he was holding a bottle of red wine.

“Hi. Can’t sleep either, huh?” he asked.

Ebony nodded her head slightly as she was trying not to stare at his dick moving freely in his boxers. Not that she was shy but because she did not want to be rude. Also it did not help that she was horny and there was a good looking guy standing barely clothed in front her eyes. He must have read her expression as his expression suddenly changed to a softer more seductive look. He kept eye contact with her and his voice took on a seductive growl.

“Why can’t you sleep?” he crooned.

“How is Carla?” Ebony asked, trying to break the spell but her voice came out soft and seductive as she was drowning in his eyes.

“She is asleep. She has a headache from too much sun on the beach today. She took a sleeping pill so she will not be awake until morning. How is your husband?”

“Asleep also but he did not take a pil,l” Ebony said jokingly.

She noticed as Alex’s eyes went to the wet spot on her lingerie. Ebony simultaneously placed both hands to hide the spot and in the process caused her breast to be elevated. Alex eyes travelled up her body and again made eye contact with her. There was no denying his desire for her and her pussy juice began to flow anew. A voice was telling her to say good night and return to her room until he was gone but her feet did not seem to want to obey. Her nipples were betraying her and she wondered if she moved if her juices would escape her pussy and saunter down her leg. His eyes were boring into her. She knew that he knew that she was horny. She also knew that he was letting her know that he liked what he saw and would not make any moves she did not want him to make. The ball was in her court. Stay or return to her bed and her husband.

“The night is a bit humid and I hate to sleep with air-conditioning.”

He interrupted her thoughts. He took two wine glasses from the cupboard.

“I thought I would go to the verandah and feel the cool breeze on my skin. The view of the beach at night is calming and the sounds of the water crashing to the shore can be very inviting. I would not mind if you joined me.”

“Thanks.” she responded.

Not until that moment did she realize that she had made the decision to accompany him. The air was indeed refreshing on the skin. On the verandah were two lounge chairs and a love seat swing. They both sat on the swing seat. Ebony sat with her legs under her while Alex sat facing her with one leg on the seat.

He had laid the bottle on the end tables and handed her a glass of wine. This was only the third time she held a glass of wine in her hand in all of her 26 years of life. The first was on her 18 th birthday and the second was at her wedding. Both times she had only taken a sip when she was toasted. This time she let the smooth liquid seep down her throat and savoured the taste. Alex watched her drink the liquid and took in the changes she was exhibiting. He knew that she was sexually charged and knew that she was allowing the wine to take charge.

After she had drunk approximately half the glass she paused, opened her eyes and looked into his now sexually charged irises. He gently took the glass from her hand and placed both glasses on the end table, his untouched. He gently cupped her chin in his hand and proceeded to kiss her gently on her lips. The sweet taste of the wine mixed with her taste was giddying. She moaned softly as his hand cupped her soft wet mound between her legs. Her hand shot to his head as she drew herself closer to him. The swing rocked and made a squeaking sound.

Alex pulled away and placed his fingers to his lips as she looked at him puzzled. He motioned for her to move along the verandah and onto the beach. There was a dark area about ten feet away from the house. She complied and quickly met the full sight of his erection. His manhood had escaped his pants and was curved towards the left. By now her heat had reach boiling point. She knelt in the sand and put his throbbing manhood in her mouth. She found herself thinking that his penis was chiseled and muscular unlike her husband’s which was huge but did not posses all the grooves and vein. He sucked in his breath as she deep throated him. The sweet sensation of his dick slipping inside her throat was heady. She withdrew slowly.

His cock emerged wet and bulging. She placed her tongue in the crevice of his dick head and sucked his cum. Back arched and moaning Alex felt he was loosing control. When she grabbed his ass and began directing his thrusts into her mouth he went wild. She wanted him to fuck her mouth and he obliged. Slowly at first, as he knew that most girls gagged at his size. Incredibly, Ebony was not only accepting his thrust but was prompting him to fuck her mouth faster and deeper. The softness of her tongue and heat of her mouth gave him the sensation of fucking a pussy. He had never had that before. Her thick tongue was somehow encasing his manhood in a soft cocoon. Just when he thought that he would cum she released his cock and sucked his balls. The change helped him to keep his ejaculation in check.

He could not believe what was happening. He had known that she was horny and thought that he would take a chance to fuck her as he did not get a chance to fuck Carla but he had not imagine he would get this aroused by her sucking his dick. He knew they were taking a chance doing it so close to the house with everyone inside but it just heightened his excitement.

Ebony lay on the sand and beckoned for Alex to join her. He knelt between her legs and placed his erection in her searing pussy. The heat was such a surprise that he looked at her questioningly. How can one woman’s cunt be so hot and wet at the same time?

Her pussy walls closed around him and he felt himself squirt some precum inside her. Her white lingerie shimmered in the darkness. He slipped the silk aside to reveal perfect breast. The succulent flesh filled his hand but did not overflow. He proceeded to place first one nipple then another in his mouth. This time it was her turn to arch her back and moan. This sent his dick further into her vagina. She raised her pelvis to meet him as he gyrated his waist to her rhythm. Her dick was being squeeze tightly by her muscle walls in sync with his penetrations. Her breast grew firm and inviting under his caress. The head of his dick grew and grew. He was reaching fever pitch faster than he had anticipated. What was this woman doing to him?

She began to push her pelvis to meet him. He lifted his torso and grabbed her hips. He pulled her higher and closer to him. He began to thrust hard and fuller into her. She then did something he did not expect. She raised each leg to the sky and slowly proceeded to place them over her shoulders. He moved with her, his penis still enclosed in her pussy. She placed both hands behind her knees. Her butt was off the ground. He was now over her with both hands at the side of her in a push up position. Wow, he loved how she felt. Her repositioning had set his dick deeper and further than he thought possible. He raised his butt as high as he could without exiting her and then plummet back into her softness. He expected her to call out for him to stop but she moaned and groaned and begged him to fuck her harder. He pounded her with all he got. Who would have thought push ups would have been so good; except, he was not bending his elbow but his hip.

He could feel her reaching her climax. He pounded into her with everything he had. She cried out 'Yes', in succession until her juices flowed over him. Three seconds later he was emptying his load into her. Their juices met and mixed. For a second he felt his hand weaken from the experience. He watched as he slowly removed his dick from her pussy. It shimmered as though someone had spilled baby oil on his dick.

“Thanks,” she whispered as she gathered herself to a sitting position.

“No thanks necessary. Glad I was here,” he crooned.

“Well, I think I would take a shower and get this sand off me. Are you going to finish your wine?" she asked?

“Nah. I don’t like non-alcoholic wine.”

He smiled knowing that she had thought it was alcoholic. He did not want her to blame their encounter on the wine later. She too smiled at this.

“You lead the way to the showers. I will sit out here for a few minutes until you are done. Don’t want to get tempted.”

She kissed him and headed to the shower. She was not in there three full minutes when she heard someone enter. She turned to face the intruder and found her husband stark naked.

“Hi,” he said, “I woke up and missed you on the bed. I guess you could sleep, huh?”

Ebony smiled and beckoned him to join her. She was not horny anymore but she never refused a good fuck especially in the shower.

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