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Quick Lunch

Quick Lunch

Thanks for lunch
Her smile is captivating. Such a cliché. Something about it, though, penetrates the walls around my heart. She’s across the table from me, rambling about her last hike up to the waterfall between bites of nachos and slugs of iced tea…or is it something that happened at work? I don’t know. Can’t focus on what is being said.

Green eyes sparkle with life as she barrels through the story I cannot hear. Strawberry-blonde silk frames the soft features of a face more beautiful than I’ve ever encountered. Full, rosy lips reveal a row of perfect teeth in a smile that tells me everything without saying anything. I’m hypnotized by her. My mind is a spinning blur incapable of deciphering the meaning of anything she is saying.

My eyes follow the feminine line of her neck downward, drawn inward by the V-cut top and I allow myself the momentary thrill of lingering my gaze there. Full breasts, perfectly proportioned and seductively displayed by the flattering garment, tease my eye and quicken my pulse. The truth is I fell in love with her mind long before I ever knew the stunning exterior beauty that held it. Being faced with both at the same time, is overwhelming. I can’t get used to believing she is really here. Really with me.

“Earth to Tex….” Uh-oh…busted. She caught me not paying attention again.

“Sorry…I just can’t focus. Can’t stop looking at you. You're so cute,” I shoot her an evil wink.

“Well, I guess I’ll just sit here and look cute then,” her eyes narrow and she glares playfully across the table. The emphasis on cute isn’t because she is flattered. The eye roll gave that away. She hates being called cute. I don't really know why.

I just can’t help myself. Damn…she IS cute when she’s mad.

“I know. You’re right. I’ll try to be better. I just don’t get to see you near enough to get looking at you out of my system, Doll.” She digs it when I call her Doll. Weak-assed attempt at crawling outta the cellar, but it’s all I got. And there is the smile again. Score one for the weak-assed attempt.

“I’m tired of being this far from you. Ready to get outta here?” The smile softens again, and that would be a ‘yes’.

She slowly leans forward until our faces are inches apart, “I think we better, it’s been nearly an hour since you were inside me.” The warm rush of need begins to build in me as soon as the whispered words register. A handful of cash tossed on the wobbly table signs us out of the café, not nearly soon enough for me.

The door is hardly closed before our lips touch. Heat. The rush of heat. White-hot, molten steel courses through every nerve ending. The mingled scent of earlier love-making still lingers on her flesh. Her lips are a delicious combination of lust and lime-salt left over from the café. The taste of her intoxicates me. Fever consumes me.

Articles of clothing are haphazardly discarded with no particular target. Bare flesh warms bare flesh as our bodies fall to a king sized bed amongst already destroyed sheets. My mouth finds erect, sensitive nipples and I tease them with a soft tongue and harsh teeth. Just enough pleasure and pain to send shivers of love and hatred dancing along her spine and into her heated loins. My breath is liquid-hot on her goose-pimpled flesh as my fingertips, lips, and tongue explore swollen nipples and wanting flesh.

My body engulfs her small frame and holds her firmly beneath me. She spreads her legs slowly. My aching cock slides between sopping lips, teasing her clit and seeping warm, sticky lubrication into her already dripping slit. Our bodies grind together, building the need. Resisting the inevitable as long as possible.

A gasping whimper escapes her lips. Her legs wrap around me and pull me desperately to her. I can feel the shudder of orgasm building deep within her core. She adjusts her hips to take me inside, the head of my cock pushing hard against her sensitive, open pussy without making entry. Another gasp turns to a moan as the first contraction throws her body rigid and cuts her breath short in her throat. She curls forward against the orgasm boiling from deep in her abdomen. Helplessly, she buries her face in my neck, the first of many lustful sobs waiting for release.

Rough hands slide gently down to her hips and slowly, forcefully, I plunge myself into her fully contracted, orgasming canal. A moan forces itself from her and warm breath spreads across my chest. Once fully inside her, I rock forward and back ever so slightly and take great pleasure in watching the involuntary waves of electric ecstasy grip her in one spasm after another. Like warm, flowing liquid poured slowly through her soul, I see the pleasure engulf her. Hear the sobs racking her body. Drink in the scent of her sweet sweat. Feel her both leave herself, and find herself. At this moment, I know I possess her completely. She is taken.

I feel her head shaking against my shoulder, her hands pushing my chest away from her, her thighs trembling. The sensation has become too overwhelming. I resist her for several long seconds, continuing with the slow, forceful thrusts until I feel her body go rigid with tremors and then suddenly release. She collapses back to the tangle of pillows and sheets, trying desperately to close her thighs, but too weak to move me. I decide to relent, slipping from her slowly, then gingerly stroking myself between slippery, swollen lips and across a hypersensitive, engorged clit.

Her breath is coming in gasps. Tremors of excruciating pleasure ride lightning-like through her with every stroke of my throbbing member over her tingling clit. Again she tries instinctively to close her quivering thighs, but I grasp each calf just below the knee and push them apart while pleasuring myself with her. Gliding up and down her slit and occasionally plunging deeply into her just to see the tortured pleasure spread across her face and watch her body contort and twist in a futile effort to resist.

“Uhhhhmmm…just give me a few seconds. I need to reset,” she is almost begging in her tone, but I’m not feeling merciful.

Without reply, I turn her over, face down and prop her hips on a folded pillow. My cock is bucking involuntarily with need as I begin sliding the rock hard shaft between her smooth, supple cheeks. Clear, slippery fluid is now flowing from the tip and coating my cock with warm lubrication. Her open slit beckons me as I lean back to admire the amazing body I’m seconds from using.

A couple more strokes in her sex-soaked crevice bring the tingling, tantalizing sensation of impending orgasm to my boiling loins. She gasps hard once again when I forcefully bury the length of my cock into her still quivering pussy. I lean forward and begin to take long, delightfully slow strokes inside her warm, clenching grip. Feeling every inch of her with every inward thrust and outward retreat, I can feel my own orgasm building to the point of no return.

She senses the impending eruption as well, and arches her hips slightly and spreads her legs to allow me the deepest penetration possible. Giving herself to me. The first wave is so intense I almost have to pull away. My cock flexes deep within her folds as she raises to grind the throbbing head against her cervix when the first stream of hot semen coats her and fills her, followed by what seems to be a never-ending chain of contractions, the product finally spilling around my shaft and running down her inner thighs.

I notice the sensation of my orgasm and the feeling of thick, warm cum filling her pussy brings a second, although less intense, train of orgasmic shudders to my beloved partner. I feel her thighs and ass shuddering around my relieved cock and stroke what is left of the waning erection inside her while she grinds the last few ounces of pleasure from it.

Once she is still, I resume stroking my half-rigid manhood between the fleshy mounds of her perfect ass. I guess she feels the stiffening begin and it occurs to her that I am not finished with her, because she accommodatingly begins to rock her hips and help stroke the fading hardon back to life…..

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