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Red Eye Delight

The best flight of my life.

Business trips can be boring, tedious, and tiring. Especially the "red eye" flights. This one started out as they all have in the past. At least this time, I got upgraded to first class. Just a perk of having flown so many times. New York to LA was a long flight, but it would be fairly comfortable.

I saw her as she was greeted by the flight attendant. She was conservatively dressed in a skirt ending just above the knees, a matching blouse, and a jacket draped over her arm. Her dark hair was slightly curly and cascaded down over her shoulders. She turned to walk down the aisle, her eyes were searching for her seat. My breath caught slightly when she stopped and indicated she had the window seat next to me. As I got out of my seat to let her in, she removed her jacket, and folded it to place in the overhead. As she stretched to reach above, my eyes were drawn to the way her breasts pressed into her blouse. My attention was diverted by her head turning to me and her eyes met mine. A slight smile on her lips resulted in an embarrassed smile of my own. I had been caught and there was nothing I could do about it. Had she planned that?

There was an awkward silence as we settled into our seats. Thankfully it was interrupted by the flight attendant offering glasses of champagne. I took 2 glasses and handed one to my new seat mate. "To a smooth flight." I toasted.  She smiled again as we touched our glasses and took the first sip. She had a beautiful smile.

Her name was Lori and she was coming home after 5 exhausting days. After takeoff the cabin lights were dimmed to allow us to sleep, but we just chatted and flirted for a bit. Lori kept touching my arm as we talked, sometimes giving it a light squeeze. At some point she removed her heels, crossed her right leg over her left, and began kneading her foot. I said, "Lori, I give a great foot massage."   

"I bet you do!"  She turned to lean against the bulkhead, raised the armrest between us, and moved her bare foot to my lap. I took my time, massaging each toe one my one, the underside of her foot and then her ankle. I could visible see her relax under my touch. I moved my hand up to her calf, and massaged the muscle there too. I could also see her nipples pressing through the material of her blouse. Her foot turned back and forth in my lap, rubbing my stiffening cock through my pants. I spoke quietly when I said, "You give a pretty good massage with your foot too."  That made her giggle, and she rubbed my cock a little more aggressively. 

I looked around the cabin to see if we were drawing attention, but it was dark and quiet. It seemed as if everyone was asleep. Emboldened, I slid my hand up under her skirt, rubbing the inside of her thigh. Lori spread her leg out as much as her skirt would allow. It was just enough. I rubbed through her panties over her pussy. The material was already damp. I was able to pull them to one side and run the tip of a finger over her very moist lips.

I watched her intently as she undid 2 buttons of her blouse and slid her hand in to pull on her nipple. Her head was leaning against the seat back, eyes closed and lips parted. My God she looked so sexy. As my fingers slid up to her clit her breathing quickened. I rubbed her little nub and felt it thicken under my touch. She bit down on her bottom lip as I brushed her clit, rubbing faster and harder. She started to quiver in her seat, and gasped for breath as she came hard. I slowly withdrew my hand from under her skirt and tasted her sweetness from my fingers.

Lori slowly composed herself. As she buttoned her blouse back up she moved her feet back to the floor. Leaning to me, she whispered "Trade seats with me." As she straddled me I moved to the window seat, and she settled into my seat.  

As one hand rubbed my rock hard cock through my pants, her other hand undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants. I lifted up a bit and she pulled them down a touch, freeing my cock. I could feel the warm breath from her mouth on the head of my cock. That only lasted a few seconds before I felt her tongue swirl around the head. It felt as if my cock was going to burst. I had never felt this hard before. Lori used the tip of her tongue to flick at the slit, and then finally engulfed as much as she could in her mouth.  My hands went to her head, as my fingers entwined in her hair. I could feel her saliva leaking down onto my balls. With one hand on the shaft of my cock, and her other hand gently cupping my balls, her mouth and tongue were expertly bringing me to the biggest climax I had in a long time. I tried to hold off but it was of no use. I exploded, squirting my cum in her mouth. I felt like it would never stop. Lori took every drop and eventually licked my slowly softening cock clean.

I was able to dress myself before drifting off to sleep with Lori snuggled up to me. We didn't wake until the announcement was made to prepare for landing. I followed her off the aircraft, admiring her down the aisle. When we were about to exit the plane. we were a little taken aback when the flight attendant winked at us as she said, "I very glad you both enjoyed your flight. Come again!"

I never saw Lori again, but still think wistfully of that encounter every time I fly.

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