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Reminiscing My High School Days - Hannah Pt. 2

Sex with Hannah comes a lot faster than I had expected.
"You still need to take care of me after we get out this theater," Hannah whispered to me as the movie’s conclusion drew near.

"Don’t worry, babe, I’ll make sure you get a good, hard and thorough fucking before the night is over," I replied.

"Good. I’m still horny as fuck and I need you in me as soon as possible," she said as she reached up and gave me another seductive kiss.

The movie finally ended and we made our way out of the theater and waited by the entrance to wait up for the others. Corey and Shelby were the first to come through the door and Shelby’s hair was a mess and Corey was adjusting his pants. I couldn’t help but laugh at him as they both tried to act as if nothing had happened in there.

"Enjoy the movie?" I asked, still laughing at the two.

"Yeah, it was pretty amazing," Shelby said, just before Corey was about to speak. She looked at Corey and I could see she was flushed. He had to of fucked her in there.

"It was good for damn sure," he said with a laugh as he looked at me and winked. That bastard did fuck her!

"Good deal my man! I glad you both enjoyed it. I know I sure did," I said as I grabbed Hannah and pulled her closer to me.

"I especially loved how it ended," she shot back as she hugged me pretty tight.

"Good. So where’s Zach and Lauren?" I asked as I noticed they still hadn’t come out of the theater yet.

"I have no idea. I thought they were behind us but I guess not," Shelby said as she stuck her head back in the door. "I don’t see them. Then again, I didn’t see them as we got up either. Maybe they snuck out?"

Just then I saw them approach us from what I could only guess as the bathroom. "Where did you two go?" I asked.

"We went to the bathroom.. The movie was too much for us," Lauren said as they walked up to us.

"Bathroom, huh? How was it?" I asked, even though I clearly knew the answer to that one.

"Oh, you know, about as well as it can go in a tight space," Zach said with slight sarcasm.

"I wouldn’t know, but I intend to one of these days," I shot back as I winked at Hannah.

"It’s definitely worth it!" Lauren chimed in.

"Speaking of bathroom, I need to go!" I said as I made my way there. I half expected Hannah to follow me, but to my disappointment she didn’t. And I didn’t have her number so I couldn’t text her to tell her to join me.

I went in the bathroom and began to do relieve myself when I heard the door open, close and then a click. Without having to look over my shoulder, I knew exactly what was going on - Hannah joined me in the bathroom! I finished up what I was doing and before I could turn around I felt a hand grasp my limp cock.

"Can’t really do much without this thing hard as a rock," she seductively whispered in my ear.

"Maybe you should do something about it," I shot back as she began to squeeze my cock.

"Don’t you worry about that." She began squeezing my cock and working it back and forth with her hand. Within a few seconds I was as hard as I’ve ever been.

Hannah began furiously stroking my cock once it gained it’s true. I leaned back into her and let her do what she wanted. With some quick thinking, I reached back and began rubbing her jean covered pussy. I tried to rub as hard as I could, but the angle made it somewhat difficult to accomplish. Nonetheless I still got the job. Within a few minutes of rubbing on her pussy, she quit stroking my cock and just gripped my shaft while moaning in my ear. I pulled my hand away and turned around to face her.

"I want your cock so bad," she said as she looked at me with sultry eyes.

"Then turn around," I ordered, slapping her ass while she turned, causing a surprise moan while looking back at me and biting her lip.

"I love getting spanked," she said as she winked at me. "Just keep that in mind. And be sure to fuck me really well."

"Don’t you worry about getting fucked. I’m gonna fuck you like no one has before." With that, I forcefully unbuttoned her pants and slid them down her thighs. I bent her over before inspecting her arousal, but just as I expected, she was wet and ready to go. I began rubbing the head of my cock up and down her slit to collect her juices to make entry easier. I’m going to tear your pussy up.

I noticed from the theater that she was pretty tight and in the bathroom was no exception. I eased my way inside and was relieved when I hit bottom. I held still for a few seconds to let my cock to get coated in her juices before I let her have it. I slowly started thrusting in and out of her, building up speed and force rather quickly.

"Yes, baby, fuck me hard! OH I’ve really needed this," she moaned out.

I reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair, wrapped some around my wrist and pulled back. She moaned out again and started thrusting back into me. Then I remembered that she likes to be spanked. With one, quick motion, I landed a sharp slap to her ass that echoed throughout the bathroom.

"Yes, baby, again!" She demanded.

SLAP! Another sharp slap that was even harder and louder than the first. SLAP! This caused Hannah to violently thrust back into me just as hard and fast as I was fucking her.

"I'm gonna cum, baby! Don’t stop!" She basically screamed out as I delivered another slap to her ass. I felt her pussy spasm and clench my cock, almost pushing me out of her. I then realized that I wasn’t too far behind her either.

"I’m going to cum soon, myself," I moaned out while keeping up my feverish pace.

"Cum inside me. Fill my tight little pussy full of your hot cum! I need it so bad," she pleaded.

"What makes you think you deserve my cum inside you?"

"Cause, I think it’s so hot to be filled up with cum. And I know you want to fill me up," she said. I knew she got me there but I wanted to keep this going.

"Oh really now? I think it’s hot hearing that demand, but does your pussy deserve it?" I was wanting to see if she’d say something dirty.

"Yes it does! My slutty pussy deserves to be filled up by your cum. Don’t you want to fill up my slutty pussy full of your cum?" She asked as she looked back at me with one of the sexiest looks I’ve ever seen.

"Yes I do. Oh fuck, here it comes!" I yelled out as I pushed in as deep as I could and unleashed rope after rope of cum into her wanton cunt.

"Give me all of your cum. Make sure I’m full of it. Oh this is so hot feeling your cum splash inside me." She was really driving me crazy.

I didn’t think I was going to ever stop cumming. But when I did, I just collapsed against the wall with leaning up against me, both of us catching our breaths. My cock remained hard inside her for a few more minutes until it finally softened and slipped out.

"Wow, that was intense," I said huskily while wrapping my arms around her and kissing her on the neck.

"I know, you’re amazing," she sighed as she rested her head against my shoulder.

"We probably should get cleaned up and get back to the others. I think we’ve been in here long enough," I said with a laugh as I let Hannah go and began looking for something to clean my cum covered cock.

"Let me clean you up," she said as she sank to her knees and took my entire flaccid cock in her mouth to clean our juices off.

"Thanks, babe. I haven’t came like that for awhile, if not ever." I looked down and watched her clean me up. Something inside me had just changed. Did I actually like this girl?

She finished me up and went about to doing her own business. While she was cleaning up, I slipped out o f the bathroom to not make it so obvious what had went down and to join up with the others. Thank goodness they were all in the same spot as we’d left them.

"You must’ve really had to go, huh?" Corey asked jokingly as I walked up. "Or something happened while you were in there!" He finished with a laugh.

"Don’t you worry about what happened in there. But I will say this, it was freaking amazing!" I said, Corey looking at me kinda weird. He knew that was something I normally wouldn’t have said.

"Yes it was!" I heard Hannah say as she walked up and wrapped her arms around my torso.

I smiled and let her hold on to me. Normally I wasn’t into the whole cuddling and being affectionate thing with a girl, but like I said, something changed that day. I actually liked a girl for once and not just for her pussy either. What the fuck was happening to me?

We all made our way to the parking lot to our respective vehicles to leave. I knew I’d being seeing Hannah again, so I made sure to grab her number. With a big hug and a long kiss, we finally said our goodbyes for the night and headed home. Corey and Zach immediately began drilling me questions wondering what the hell is wrong with me? I’ve done everything post sex that I normally wouldn’t do.

"Hey, a way to a guy’s heart is through his cock and she definitely knew what she was doing with my cock," I said to them as we got back to Corey’s house for the night.

We went inside and got settled in for the night. I decided to check my phone to see if I had any messages waiting for me. Five messages were there, but only one from Hannah.

"Hey wanna hook up tonight?" - Denise. Delete.

"What are you doing tonight?" - Rachel. Delete.

"Hey sexy." - Megan. Delete.

"Fuck you, you arrogant bastard! I should’ve known you would fuck me and never call me again! You’re such an asshole!" - Erica. Haha delete.

"Hey baby, it’s Hannah. I really had some fun tonight and the quickie in the bathroom was AMAZING!! I hope I get to see you again very soon! I have a surprise for you when I get it all worked out ;) Until then, have a good night and rest that wonderful cock of yours." - Hannah.

I closed my phone and went to sleep with a smile on my face. I was definitely looking forward to what she had in my mind. Until then, I wasn’t going to see any action and I was perfectly fine with that.

To be continued...perhaps...

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