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Revenge Has Never Been So Sweet (12)

Chapters 1 and 2
Chapter 1

Hair done? Check. Lipstick? Check. Heels? Check. Dress? Check. Tonight had to run perfectly in order for it to work. Stupid bitch, thinking she could do that to me, ME! Does she KNOW who I am? What makes her better than ME?! And how could the stupid bastard fall for her slutty antics? I grabbed my keys and headed out to the party. The party that would change everything. It was the IT party of the year, the one anyone who's anyone gets invited to. Of course, Haley didn't get invited, that invitation was addressed to Nick and me. But seeing as Nick and I were no longer Nick and I, he's taking her as his 'date'. Ugh, it would be torture watching them together for the first half of the night, that's for sure. But I knew I would tough it out; because that's what I do. I see an opportunity, I plan, I wait, then it pays off. But this had better work or I just caused myself a WHOLE lot of pain. But I had been planning this for months and months. It was going to work. I was very proud of myself that it didn't involve blackmail, that would be sinking too low. No. My plan revolved around Haley never being able to resist going after what I had. Whether in first grade going after my cookies, or after senior year, going after my fiance. Fuck her. She can go rot in a ditch somewhere. I mused over this for a second. I COULD blackmail her. It wouldn't take much. Such explicit pictures. I'm sure she wouldn't want the picture of her with her fist up her pussy out on the internet... with her phone number. I laughed at this thought. That would be ultimate payback. No, I had something much better in mind.

When I arrived at the party, I felt the stares following me. Telling me they all disapproved of me being out and social again less than two weeks after the horrible breakup. Not that it's any of their business. But it was also good because now, I was seen as vulnerable. Guys would be all over me all night. I smiled to myself at this thought. The plan was going to go perfectly. No sooner had I thought this than the first taker for the night sauntered up to me. His name was Jake, and he was a total hottie around school. I knew at that moment that my plan was going to work.

"Hey Emily, what are you doing here all by your lonesome?" I saw him drop his gaze down my body, drinking in my sexy outfit. He licked his lips before meeting my eyes again. Wow, could he be any more obvious? "Nothing really Jakey," I threw my arms around his necks and pressed the length of my body against him, smiling to myself as I did. "I'm just here to have some fun!" I loosened my hug, but Jake had other ideas. He wound his arms around my waist and leaned down to talk in my ear, a move he knew would start to turn me on. "Wanna dance with me Em?" He breathed in my ear. "Of course Jake!" I disentangled myself from the hug and grabbed his hand so we could go dance.

As soon as we got out on the floor, Jake grabbed my hips and pulled me close to him. We danced and danced. I was having an amazing time with my friend. And then it happened. I saw Haley and Nick together. It hurt a little, I will admit, but I smiled at the sight. Jake caught me smiling and followed my gaze.

"Are you okay Em?" He said, concerned probably for my sanity. "Yes, why do you ask?" "Because you're staring at Haley and Nick. Doesn't that hurt?" He looked at me like I was crazy for purposely looking at them. Hey, if I were him, I would look at me that way too. "It hurts a little, but I smile, because I have a plan..." I looked up at him with a devious smile on my face. I knew it would spark an immediate interest in Jake as to what I was up to. "A plan...?" "A plan." "Want to fill me in babe?" He smiled his most charming smile at me. "Hmmm... Only if you PROMISE to help me, no matter what you think of my plan. Deal?" "Deal." "Okay here's how it goes..." And as I started telling him my plan, I led him upstairs to where we would not be overheard. But as we were walking upstairs, I looked back and saw Nick and Haley staring at Jake and me walking upstairs. I saw resentment in Nick's stare at Jake, and pure jealousy in Haley's. I turned back around toward Jake and led him into the master bedroom at the top of the stairs.

Chapter 2

As soon as the door closed, I turned towards Jake, who was standing right behind me. "So what is this plan of yours Em?" he asked me, taking a step closer. "Well... I could tell you first, or I could do this..." I pushed him against the wall that was beside him and started kissing him, hard. He was surprised by this, I could tell because he didn't kiss me back at first. Then, he kissed me back. His hands went straight to my hips, making their way over my ass and pulling my hips against his. "Are you sure Emily?" he breathed when he broke our kiss. I didn't answer. I didn't have to. I ground my hips harder into his hard-on and he let out a moan. This was going to get easier than I thought.

I tilted my head up, pressing my lips to his neck, licking then sucking on his neck. I knew this would turn him on. I knew everything. I should, seeing as he was my ex boyfriend. He let out a moan, not being able to hold back anymore. He picked me up with his hands gripping my ass. I wrapped my legs around his waist, my pussy directly over his erection. He took a few steps forward. Now my back was pressed up against the wall and he was grinding his cock into my pussy; just how I have always loved for him to do.

I felt his hands sliding up my short dress, pushing it up as he went along. As soon as he realized I was not wearing any underwear, he lost control. He groaned, pulling me from the wall and carrying me towards the bed. I felt him set me down on the bed, pulling my dress over my head and off. He hesitated for a second. He had not seen me naked like this since two years before when we broke up. I had grown since then. My hips were more defined, my breasts two cup sizes bigger, a 34D, my stomach was flatter and my belly button pierced. I also had a small tattoo of a star on my hip, beneath my bikini line. I knew that he found all of this extremely sexy on a girl. Which is why it was no surprise to me when his eyes were immediately drawn to my stomach and my hip. His hand traced the tattoo and I found myself growing wetter by the second. His other hand went to feel my belly button piercing, feeling it and playing with it.

"Fuck Emily, you're so sexy. When did all of these happen?" He leaned down and sucked my belly button ring into his mouth, moving his tongue around my belly button and the piercing. This made it extremely hard to think. "Uhm.. the tattoo was a graduation present from F-Felicia and the belly button was a b-birthday present to myself... Fuck Jake. Stop teas- OH SHIT!" As soon as I had started to say that he pushed a finger into me, his mouth going to my tattoo, knowing that it was intentionally there because it was a turn on spot when someone kissed it. "What were you saying Em? Stop what?" He had a devious grin on his face. He was going too slow and he knew it; purposely fingering me slowly with only one. It was driving me crazy! "I know you want it Emily..." He trailed off but did nothing. I tried to move my hips, anything to get more feeling, more pleasure from his one fucking finger in my pussy. "Beg for it Em, let's see Ms. I-Have-To-Be-In-Control beg to be fingered..." He was teasing me; damn ex-boyfriends that knew my weaknesses. "Jake, God, just do it. Finger me god dammit!!" "No." "NO?!" "Beg for it bitch" "Jake! Fuck, please! Please pl-" He stuck two more fingers in and began fingering me as fast as he could, leaning down to lick and suck on my clit. I was going crazy, and I knew he was too. He looked up at me with lust-filled eyes. "Ohmigawd Jake. Shit! That's it, right like that. Just like that!! OHH! That feels so fucking good..." I could not help but cry out. "You like that you slut? Huh?" "YES! Fuck I love that Jake!" I was getting so close to cumming. But I wanted to fuck him. "You want this cock in you? Huh slut?" He knew me way too well. "Fuck yes Jake!" He kept fingering me and licking my clit while he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them and his boxers off. I was about to cum when he suddenly stopped fingering me and slammed his cock into my pussy. The feeling of his huge cock in my pussy was just what I needed to explode in orgasm.

My pussy was clenching on his cock so tight that he could barely pump in and out of me. He waited it out, though, and then when I was coming down from my orgasm, he started really pounding into my pussy.

"Fuck Em, I forgot how good you feel! God daamnn!" He leaned down and captured my lips with his as he slowed down thrusting. I put my arms around him and pulled him as close as possible to me, pressing my breasts against his chest. As he started to pull away from the kiss, I asserted myself and flipped us over so that I could ride him, just like I used to always do. I grabbed his hands and held them by his head, this stretched out my body, making my breasts hang down almost right by his mouth. As I started to move on his cock he sucked a nipple into his mouth, biting down gently to keep it there and swirling his tongue around it, making me gasp with the sensation of it.

But this was my show, not his. I started to ride him faster, making so he could no longer keep my nipple in his mouth. I let go of his hands so I could sit up and ride him harder and faster. His hands immediately went to my hips to guide me up and down on his hard shaft. I leaned back and rested my hands on his thighs, got up on my feet and rode him faster and harder than before.

"FUCK! Emily, holy shit! That's so good!" He moaned out. Apparently I had gotten better since the last time. And knowing this, that he was this turned on was only making me hornier and more desperate for us both to cum.

"Em-soon.. uhhh" I knew what he meant. He was about to cum and that made me smile. I went as fast as I could, using my strong legs to ride his cock. By this time, he had started bucking his hips in time to meet mine, making a slapping noise where they met.

"Shit Emily! Uhh! I-I-" He lost it and I felt his cock swell and twitch inside me, spurting his hot seed into my pussy, triggering my own orgasm, milking every last drop from his spasming cock.

I collapsed forward on his chest, both of us breathing heavily, his cock still inside of me.

"That was fucking amaz-" Jake was interrupted by the door to the bedroom being slammed open.
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