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Rob and Jane Part 2 The next morning...

She loved hazy, lazy morning sex and she shivered in anticipation.
Rob and Jane Part 2 The next morning...

Jane woke from a peaceful sleep. She felt a heavy arm draped over her stomach, a hand lightly brushing her navel as she breathed in and out. She smiled remembering last night's encounter. Sighing she rolled from her side to her back and turned her face to the man beside her. He began to stir and slowly opened his eyes. With a broad grin on his face Rob breathed 'Good Morning Miss, I take it you slept OK?'

'I sure did' she replied and they both began to laugh. The hilarity of what they did last night began to sink in as they looked at their surroundings, realising they were in a hotel.

'Patience is not my strong point, I just couldn't wait to have you' Rob said in an almost explanation. They laughed again thinking of what the receptionist must have thought, them checking into a hotel, late at night, no luggage! He knew exactly what was going on.

'I'm glad we did though' Jane said, 'I had a really fun night'. With that Rob leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. His tongue played with hers, flicking across her teeth and gently biting her bottom lip. Jane felt a familiar stirring in her lower belly. God this guy could turn her on. His hands were cupping her face and he was drawing her closer. Their warm, naked bodies moved together as their smooth skin came in contact.

'Mmmmm' Jane purred. She couldn't help herself the sensations all felt so good. She loved hazy, lazy morning sex and she shivered in anticipation.

For such a large, masculine man Rob was extremely tender and gentle, however, he knew how to take control and be dominant when the need arose. As their kiss intensified and their bodies entwined their breathing quickened. Jane ran her hands through Rob's thick, dark hair giving it a playful tug. As their lips parted Rob took the opportunity to move his mouth onto her neck, covering her chest and collar bones in light, playful kisses. He flipped Jane over so she was lying on her back and he was on top of her, parting her legs slowly so he could rest between them. Jane arched her back and pressed her hips up to meet him. He interlocked his fingers in hers and pressed her hands into the pillow above her head. She was powerless to move under him and she loved it. He had total control.

Rob knew this was the case and took full advantage of it. He began to tease her, slowly moving his hips close to hers, thrusting upwards, then backing away. He repeated this a number of times and Jane began to squirm beneath him as she longed for him to touch her again. He took hold of both her hands in one of his and used his free hand to trace small circles across her lower belly and down her sides. The sensation was something else and Jane moaned in ecstasy. He didn't stop there. He began to kiss her breasts and alternated between soft, light caresses to strong, passionate, biting motions. He continued down her flat torso placing his free hand under thesmall of her back and pulling her up to meet his mouth. Working his way down to her pelvis he kissed her everywhere but where she wanted him to. He massaged her inner thighs while kissing her lower stomach, then moved his head between her legs and kissed her from her knees to her inner thighs stopping just short of her ever moistening folds.

'Touch me' Jane breathed, 'Please touch me now'. She felt her body tingle from head to toe. She was almost uncomfortable with longing and desire. Robmoved up so they were face to face and slowly lowered his head to her's giving her the softest kiss. Suddenly his hand moved down to her groin and cupped her vagina in his large hand. His middle finger slid inside her and her body involuntarily pressed down to meet it.

'Oh...yes' she gulped and Rob built up a steady rhythm sliding his finger in and out. His thumb moved up to her clitoris and massaged her swollen bead. He felt her tight muscle contract on his finger and knew she was close. He purposely slowed his rhythm and removed his thumb and finger. He drew his hand up to her mouth and she opened it willingly, slowly sucking each finger, tasting her own sweet nectar. Then just as quickly he plunged his finger into her again and regained the previous speed. Jane's breathing intensified and sure enough he stopped again. This continued three more times until Jane was crying out with craving. It was like she was in a frenzy, begging him to touch her

Finally he took her all the way and she had the most earth shattering orgasm of her life. He held her close as her body convulsed, waves of pleasure rippling through her. She was silent, not even drawing in breath it was so intense. Eventually her shallow breath returned and Rob loosened his grip on her.

'Oh....My... God.' she panted and lay in his arms, savouring the satisfied feeling. He let the silence linger, knowing there was no need for words.

Eventually Jane's breathing returned to normal and she smiled up at Rob. 'Amazing' was all she said and they shared a cheeky grin. She was suddenly conscious of his rock hard shaft pressing into her leg. After he had been so generous it was certainly time to return the favour. She pressed him back onto the pillows, his head propped slightly up. On all fours she leaned over and brushed her lips off his, their faces barely touching. It was her turn to tease now! Brushing her long dark hair to the side she snaked her tongue down his torso, flickering over each beautiful muscle.

When she got to his groin she licked and kissed her way around his shaft, her smooth cheeks and long lashes brushing off the tip occasionally. Rob sighed with desire and relaxed back in anticipation of what he knew was going to be an enjoyable few minutes. He had the best seat in the house as he could see Jane's lean body, all her wonderful curves and most of all her delicious mouth teasing him so.

Her tongue flicked over the base of his shaft and then, at an achingly, slow pace, she licked her way up to the very tip. Like an electric shock his body jerked as her soft, moist tongue came in contact with the eye of his penis. He gasped in pleasure. Her head moved to the base again and repeated the slow, long lick to the very tip. Her long hair tickled his thighs and Jane moved her hand to massage his aching balls. He could see her whole face and loved watching her work up and down on his groin.

Finally, just when he thought he couldn't take it anymore, Jane plunged her open mouth down on his cock, swallowing the length of him in one swift motion. She sucked her lips together at the tip and then rotated her head to the side, sliding his penis through her tense mouth right down to the shaft. Tracing her tongue back up to the tip she swallowed him whole again. She sucked hungrily on him, flicking her tongue over his tip every time her mouth reached the top. One hand was on the base of his shaft and pumped in time with her mouth. Her other hand moved between his inner thighs and his balls. All the sensations combined were just that, sensational.

Jane increased her pace as she felt Rob twitch, he was close and she knew it. Without warning Rob sat up reached down to grab her. He flipped Jane onto her back and leaned over her. He exploded all over her breasts and stomach as she writhed beneath him. He let out a low moan before collapsing down beside her, his breathing elevated and a flushed look on his face. He smiled over at Jane and they both laughed out loud. This sure was turning out to be a lot of fun Jane thought.

'How about we go and get some well earned breakfast?' Rob suggested.

'Sure thing, I'm ravenous' replied Jane

To be continued.....

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