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Rob and Jane Part 3 Public Relations

If they kept going he wouldn't be able to help himself and he would have to bend Jane over the ba
After Rob and Jane's wild weekend antics it was back to normal on Monday morning and back to the nine to five slog. That didn't stop them exchanging raunchy texts and emails throughout the week. Jane loved the thrill of sitting at her desk, pretending to concentrate on a file, while reading all the naughty things Rob was promising to do to her. Their excitement and libidos had been building all week and by Thursday it all got too much. They decided to meet.

They met for drinks after work and Jane was happy to let lose and wash the week's stress away. They chatted comfortably and flirted outrageously and as the evening progressed their lust was palpable. As Rob came back from the bar he placed an ice cold, frozen Margarita on the table in front of Jane and gave her a cheeky wink. He sat across from her with his JD and coke and stared and smiled.

'What?!' Jane giggled.

'You look sensational' Rob replied. 'If we weren't surrounded by all these people I'd have you right here, right now'. Jane's body shook with anticipation as Rob's eyes snaked down over her ripe breasts just begging to be set free from her business attire. If he was even going to do half the things he had said in his emails to her, she'd be a happy, satisfied woman.

'Oh ya?' Jane teased. 'And what exactly would you do?' Rob's right hard reached under the table and stroked Jane's thigh as his other hand pulled his bar stool closer to hers so he could whisper in her ear. Suddenly his had stopped as he felt a lacy strip of material and a taught strap leading up and under Jane's skirt. He leaned back in surprise, his hand still firmly in place.

'Well, well. What do we have here then?' Rob joked. Jane beckoned him closer with her index finger, a sultry look in her smoky, dark eyes. He leaned in so her soft lips could reach his ear. Her voluminousness, wavy hair brushed off his cheek as she placed her hand on his inner thigh so she could get close. It sent a shot of electricity right to his happy place.

'They are those stockings I told you I wear. I love the feel of the soft silk and coarse lace on top. Sometimes when no one is looking in work, I lift up my skirt a bit, pull the strap and let it snap back in place, give myself a little spank'. Rob couldn't believe his ears. This woman sure knew how to turn him on. Both their hands were still resting on each others thighs and showed no sign of moving. Rob weaved his finger up and under the strap, brushing off Jane's smooth, soft skin. He pulled it playfully and let it snap back in place.

'Just like that?' he teased. Jane's look of lust intensified as she bit her lower lip. She didn't need to answer. Her look said it all. His fingers continued up her thigh and Jane's eyes closed in pure ecstasy. His touch was so light, yet just firm enough. As his fingers moved closer and closer to Jane's crotch her legs parted slightly on the stool and she gave his thigh a firm squeeze. Suddenly his hand stopped moving and a slow smile traced across Rob's face. He had just discovered she wasn't wearing any panties. His hand had come in contact with the smooth, soft, waxed lips of her pussy. Tonight was going to be a good night he just knew.

His fingers continued on their journey and Jane's legs parted even more, inviting Rob's touch in. He loved the thrill of being surrounded by all these people and none of them knowing he was fingering this beauty under the table. By the look on Jane's face she was enjoying herself too. She was soaking wet and his fingers moved easily through her creases. Her hand began to move up to his groin and squeezed firmly on his ever growing hard on, straining to break free of his tailored trousers. He couldn't take it anymore. If they kept going he wouldn't be able to help himself and he would have to bend Jane over the bar and have her there and then. And he sure didn't fancy spending the night in jail. He had been imagining this night all week and he didn't want to waste it!

Rob retracted his hand and gave Jane's knee a light squeeze. 'Lets get out of here?' he said. 'I have big plans for you tonight Miss'.

Grabbing their coats and bags they both left the bar, ripe with anticipation and want. Heads turned as they rushed past, their desire apparent and because Jane was so striking in her fitted suit, low cut neckline and hint of stockings peaking out from under her skirt. Rob's height and build made the crowd part as he approached and they made their way to the door in record time. Rob's car was parked just outside the door and before they knew it they were on their way. As Rob drove to his house Jane squirmed in the front seat, the anticipation building. She reached her hand over to Rob's crotch and began to caress his bulge. She slowly began to open the buttons of his shit, not wanting to waste any time once they got to the house. She had purposely hiked up her skirt before she got in and sat with her legs parted so Rob had a great view of her stocking clad, slender thighs. Before they knew it Rob had parked his car outside his house. He turned to look at Jane and unbuckled his belt.

Suddenly, in one swift motion Jane swung her legs over so she straddled Rob in the driver's seat and slid his seat back and down so he was almost lying flat out. Her knees rested either side of his waist and she slowly began to unbutton her suit jacket. To his surprise she wasn't wearing anything underneath and her firm, pert breasts swung free. She hitched her skirt up around her waist and sat before him in all her naked glory. She moved to unbuckle his belt and open his pants. His cock sprang free and it glistened with pre cum, waiting for her. She massaged it in her hand, spreading his juice all around the tip. The windows in the car were completely steamed up and it sure was a good thing as otherwise Rob would be treating his neighbours to quite a show! Jane moved her groin up close to him and while staring directly into his eyes she lowered herself down onto his throbbing penis. She was wetter than earlier and he slipped in easily as her tight hole squeezed down on him.

She leaned back away from him and rested her back on the steering wheel, drawing her knees up so her feet rested on the seat either side of Rob. He had the most delicious view of her long, tonned legs, smooth stockings, garter belt and bare pussy riding him. Her flat stomach was taught with need as she contracted and pumped herself up and down on his cock. Her breasts bobbed up and down and he couldn't help himself but to reach out and touch them. He flicked her nipples and rotated them between his thumb and index finger. Jane called out with desire.

The car began to rock as their fucking got faster and faster. Their angle meant that Rob's member was rubbing off the front of Jane's inner passage and the sensation was amazing. He moved his hands from her breasts down her stomach, circling her pierced belly button and eventually made his way to her pink, pulsing clit. They pounded away as he massaged her little hood and began to feel her clamp down on his cock. She was close. 'Fuck me faster, flick my clit' Jane screamed and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Rob gave it everything and pumped into her with all his strength. Grabbing her hips he lifted and slammed Jane up and down onto him in a quick rhythm.

'Ride me baby' Rob replied. 'Slam down onto me with your tight, wet pussy'. Jane exploded down onto Rob and her whole body convulsed with her orgasm. This sent Rob over the edge as her muscles contracted on him and milked his penis for all it was worth. He shot hot, salty cum deep inside her, filling her up as their juices combined. Jane collapsed forward onto Rob as she felt their cums seep out of her and down her thighs and into her stockings. With Rob still inside her she lay on his strong, muscular chest and wrapped her hands in and around his back, under his remaining open shirt and suit jacket. His chin rested on the top of her head as his hands wrapped around her and rested on her round, soft ass cheeks. They both enjoyed the skin on skin contact and closeness of their after glow. As their breathing slowed and their bodies experienced the occasional twitch after their orgasms, they were content to lay there in each others arms.

The windows began to clear and Rob was suddenly very conscious that if his neighbours looked out their window, they would be greeted with the wonderful sight of Jane's naked, spread, ass cheeks up by his steering wheel. It gave him a bit of a thrill. 'Lets get you inside and cleaned up' Rob suggested. 'I've a nice, big, hot shower for you'.

The night was only just beginning.

To be continued.....

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