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Room Service

Hotel visitor gets more than a massage
I suffer from a rare and little known neurological disease that requires frequent massage to relieve the pain. My job takes me to many cities and foreign countries and if I go more than two weeks without a firm massage the pain gets unbearable.

I was at that point and needed help - quickly or I would be useless at tomorrow’s meeting. Since I was in a city I had not visited prior I was at a loss. Looking for a massage in a strange city was just inviting trouble. You were more than likely to end up in some tawdry massage parlor that was a front for a whore house.

I was staying at a five star hotel so thought I would try the concierge and see if the spa on site offered what I needed. I didn’t want to call on the phone as I had no idea if the person who answered would take me seriously, so I rode the elevator down and walked over to the concierge desk.

A middle aged woman sat at the desk and greeted me warmly. I explained my situation and asked about the spa. She nodded and said they had several registered masseurs on staff and was sure she could find someone to help me. She asked if I wanted to visit the spa or have the masseur come to my room as they had portable tables.

I told her my room would be preferable as often the treatment was painful and I didn’t want anyone to hear me cry out occasionally.

She said she would have one of the spa staff at my room at 5 PM. I thanked her very much and rode the elevator up to my suite as it was already 4:30PM.

At 5 PM a soft knock came on the door and I opened it to find a somewhat attractive young woman with a portable massage table. I invited her in and she set up her table and turned up the thermostat to make the room warmer. We sat down and I explained my condition to her and could not help but notice how busty was even though her bra contained her breasts quite well. She had shorts on and had nice legs and small, firm looking behind.

She listened intently and then smiled and told me she was quite familiar with my condition and had helped several other clients with pain treatment. She spread a soft sheet and blanket on the table and asked me o remove my clothes and hop on the table as she preferred her clients to be nude if I didn’t mind. She added I would be covered.

I saw nothing wrong with this as I had been naked on several treatments. I climbed onto the table, lay on my stomach and she covered me up to my waist with the warmed sheet.

She began to work on my lower back and said, “My, you are so tight, this will take a while. Are you prepared for two hours?” I grunted my assent as she was really kneading my lower back quite deeply.

“And I can tell you work out regularly as you have very little body fat. That’s good, now I will really get to work on you.”

She got on the table on top of me and began to really work on my aching muscles. Once or twice the sheet slipped and she had to stop to reposition it and asked, “Do you mind if we do away with this, it will make it much more effective?” I nodded in assent.

She worked her hands up my legs and each time stopped just short of my ass cheeks. I could feel a stirring in my crotch and warned myself not to get excited. My cock lay between legs and I’m sure she could see it but she said nothing. As she worked up to my ass she lessened the pressure and more caressed my ass. My dick was definitely starting to react to this. “I see I am having an effect on you,” she whispered.

“Yes, I apologize but your technique is quite erotic.”

“Well, let’s take care of that so we can continue. Roll over.”

I turned over and my cock stood straight up and I could feel a slight ache in my balls. She rubbed her hands with oil and began to jerk me off. Very slowly taking each hand and running it up and down my hardened shaft.

“You may as well enjoy this part as I don’t get to do this very often,” she said as she increased the tempo of her hand job on my quivering dick.

“Wh-why is that?” I managed to choke out, feeling the pressure build in my balls.

“Oh most of my clients are women. I guess this was your lucky day,” she giggled. And with that I could not hold back and my cum spurt from my cock hole. It streamed out in a torrent and rather than back away she placed her mouth over my cock and slurped up the cum as it exploded from me. “Oh my, guess I’m the lucky one. You taste great and I really apologize for this but it just seemed so natural. I hope I didn’t offend you.”

“Not at all. In fact I enjoyed it. Shall we continue the massage?”

She looked at me, smiled and began to unbutton her blouse. I watched her remove it and saw how tightly her bra had bound her breasts. She reached back and unhooked her bra and released two of the nicest breast I have ever seen. I would guess 34D and sticking straight out in a come hither manner.

“I would like to perform the rest of the massage nude, as you are, if that’s OK?”

I thought it a little unusual but what the hell, I might get lucky. “Sure, no problem, be my guest."

She quickly shed her shorts and thong and it was a very fetching sight. Her pussy was shaved with a tiny cleft of hair just above her clit. She climbed back on the table on top of me and began to work my chest and shoulders. Her touch was strong and I really enjoyed her deep kneading of the areas where I hurt most. But the closeness of her breasts was intoxicating and every so often one of her nipples would brush past my mouth. I made up my mind that I would grab one of those twin beauties and suck it. She leaned over as if reading my mind and I gently bit her left nipple. I held it between my lips and rolled my tongue over it. I could hear her begin a slow moan.

As I sucked on her plump breasts she reaches up to her hair and pulled the pins that were holding it in place.

It surprised me to see the cascade of soft brown hair fall down below her shoulders. With her hair down she was more than comely, she was downright attractive and I longed for her. I continued to suck and nibble on the breasts she offered up to me. They were soft and beautiful and we were both enjoying what I was doing.

“Oh, Mr. Johnson, you are really having an effect on me. I want to sit on your face.”

That was all I needed to hear and I moved her up on my chest so she was astride my shoulders. I held her slim hips in my hands and slowly licked at her labia. Her moaning became audible as I darted my tongue around her sweet clitoris. Her scent was a heavy sexual musk and her taste was divine. I hungrily ate of her. I could feel her stiffen as the first wave of orgasm hit her. She ground her sweet cunt into my face and her discharge covered my face. I drank like a dehydrated camel jockey and continued my oral assault on her vulva.

All thought of massage were gone now, I wanted this woman and I knew I would have her even if I had to force myself into her.

“Oh bay, your tongue on my clit is like a hot fire burning into me. Fuck me with your tongue. It's just so good. Uh uh, omyfuckingod, I’m cumming again!” He entire body convulsed in one huge orgasm as I continued to eat her clit and pussy. My face was awash with her flow and I drank of it, thirstily.

She pulled herself from my face and looked at me with a sexual lust I had never seen prior. She slid down my body which was lubed by all her discharge and wrapped her hands around my now erect again cock. She took her long brown tresses and wrapped them around my cock and began to jerk me off again. The feeling was indescribable. The silkiness of her hair rubbing up and down coupled with her sucking on the head of my cock brought me quickly to a mind shattering orgasm. My cum flew everywhere as she jerked my cock back and forth trying to catch as much as she could and eating it.

I could not help myself as I cried out in relief.

"Oh, you fucking whore, jerk my cock, eat my cum, I love it!”

She lay there, on top of me, her pussy juice still flowing and my cum still dribbling from cock.

She raised her head and I looked at her. Not a beautiful face, but comely. “I want to fuck you,” I said.

“I want to be fucked but I never planned this, you must believe me.”

“I do. Let’s get off this table and move to the bedroom.”

I led her to the bedroom and she lay on the bed with the most bedroom eyes I have ever seen. I slowly opened her legs wide and lay down to begin my assault on her cunt again. Her vulva was wet and I licked it dry but soon her flow started and I lapped at it gently. I wanted this fuck to be beautiful, not to hurt her.

“Oh fuck, that is so good, don’t stop, lick my clit, make me cum again.”

I had other ideas. I rose up and sat on her breasts and let her suck my cock back to turgidity. She was a wonderful cocksucker and I had to pull from her mouth as I wanted the ultimate, to slide my cock deep in her pussy.

She whispered to me, “Will you fuck me now?”

My answer was to slide down her sweat soaked torso and bury my head in her crotch. The smell of her sexual musk was intoxicating and I lapped hungrily at her swollen clit. Her moans became louder and she thrust her pelvis into my face. I knew now was the time. I rose up slightly and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her tunnel of love. I gently pushed the head of cock and split her labia to open the path.

Suddenly the phone rang! My dick went limp. I rose from the bed and answered. It was the concierge asking me if the masseuse had shown. I told her yes and hung up. I stood there, naked, with a limp dick and total loss of desire. I looked over at the luscious woman on my bed and said, I am so sorry, but that just ruined the mood. Perhaps another time.”

She nodded with tears in her eyes, dressed, folded up her table and said, “There is no charge for the massage today. Maybe another time.”

The End

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