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2am. Almost abandoned roundabout. Why not?

Inhaling deeply and sharply, I could feel you behind me before you even touched me, like you were giving off some sort of electrical charge.

I held that breath in anticipation of your touch, my whole body tingling, blood rushing straight to my nipples and pussy. As I turn to look at you, you gently but firmly put one hand to the back of my head to hold it straight, and one to the small of my back.

Slowly you run your fingers down my long, wavy hair till you reach my waist. A shiver of pleasure starts my knees trembling and a light moan escapes as your hand moves away.

You increase the pressure of your hand forcing me to arch my back, your other hand moves to separate my legs, deliberately letting the top of your hand graze my pussy lips through the silky fabric of my panties.

Breathing fast shallow breaths I tried to guess your next move, the hand on my waist sliding under and up towards my breasts. Sliding your hand over the smooth material you instinctively pinch the area you know my nipple is.

I respond with another involuntary moan, as you continue to pinch and twist my nipple through the material making me writhe and reach my hips back to where I know your big, hard dick is waiting for me.

I can feel my pussy lips and clit swelling and getting hot as I feel your hand at the back of my neck pulling me upright. You turn me around and as our eyes lock I lick my lips and we exchange a knowing smile. I sink down till I am eye level with your cock, watching you grasp it firmly in your hand.

You move your foreskin down, slowly, revealing the bulbous head. I lean forwards to gently lick around the gap between your head and your foreskin before slowly taking the tip into my mouth and sucking lightly.

By now I have juices trickling out of my pussy soaking my panties. Placing my hand over yours I begin to suck on your dick harder, taking it deeper into my mouth. Breathing deeply and moving my head back and forwards, I let your big cock slide in further towards my throat.

You begin to thrust in time with my movements, as I relax into it each time your dick reaches my throat it pushes a little bit deeper.

You're sliding in and out of my throat now and we can both feel the tightness of my throat weakening against your cock's relentless movements. Tears I can't control roll down the side of my face but my clit is literally burning with pleasure. I am gasping for air as you pull your cock from my mouth. It's lubricated in stringy spit from deep in my throat, grasping your cock, a smile spreads across your lips as you say, "I think I'm gonna have to fuck you now."

Glancing down at the motorway and then over your shoulder I got up again. You spun me round placing my hands on the cold metal bars of the fence before using your knee to force my legs apart.

You pulled my panties to one side and pushed your cock into my hot wet pussy firmly but slowly and deliberately till it filled me up completely. I suddenly forgot we we outside as I felt every inch of you pull out, almost all the way before plunging back in with ease causing me to jump and squeal when you accidentally hit my cervix.

A familiar heat spread through my cheeks and breasts as you picked up speed. As your hand moved to massage my clit the outdoor surroundings melted away and an intense orgasm was taking over my body. My jaw clenched as the pleasure pushed through me the waves saving my pussy for last.

My muscles contracted strongly around your dick as you started rubbing and pinching my clit harder. A deep scream tore through the air as I came hard, my pussy pushing juices all over you. Pausing for a few seconds I had almost caught my breath before you grabbed me by the hips and began to fuck me furiously hard.

I have to grip onto the fence and push back against you to keep upright. I feel my clit swelling again and my back arches in time with your thrusts which continue increasing in speed and strength.

I feel your cock contracting deep inside me before you can tell me you are going to cum. The heat of you shooting your hot juice deep into me nearly tips me over the edge again.

Clenching my muscles around your softening dick, the sound of our panting is interrupted by the sound of an approaching car on the quiet roundabout. Quickly rearranging ourselves we carried on walking down the path into the dark, cold night.
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