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Satisfied Desires

First story all feedback welcome
I’m normally a good girl, a sweet girl, a loving girlfriend, someone that hardly ever cheats. Well until that one night anyway.

I was out with friends and I saw you across the room, nothing special about you, or so I thought at the beginning of the night. You were wearing a lovely shirt and jeans, the casual look for a male on a night out.

I smile at you, hoping to catch your eye, you come over and we start to chat, nothing too flirtatious at the beginning. Just two people having a drink and getting to know each other. I like the look of you, handsome but not in an in your face handsome, just something about you, maybe it your structured cheek bones or just your confidence about the way you look and how you act.

My friends come over telling me it time to go on to our next club, I casually ask if you would like to join us. You agree and out we go. The cold air hits me as we walk out, circulating around the top of my breasts making me gasp with pleasure, you hear my little gasp and just smile. You look down at me and your eyes rest on the swell of my breasts rising and the blood rushes right down to your cock making it harden and bulge beneath your jeans.

We dance, most of the night or what people could call dancing but it was more grinding and humping against each other, both of us wanting to feel more than the clothes between us. My hands find the bulge in your pants and I start to stroke it going softly and slowly at first until I hear your small moans and cries of pleasure, I then increase my speed until you pull my hand away telling me that you can’t make a mess in these pants. I laugh at you and start to dance again.

We stop dancing and we go and sit down on a small couch in the corner of the club, there is hardly any space so you tell me to sit on your knee, by this time I’m horny as ever and my pussy is taking control of my mind, I sit down and then I feel your hand dart beneath my skirt, getting caught on my lacy tights beneath but not for long as you just rip a hole in them to get to the sweet spot you have been gagging for all night. I feel your fingers stroke up and down my wet pussy, rubbing against my clit making me tremble with pleasure and begging for more. You keep torturing me, stroking up n down slowly and then going faster until I lean over to your ear and say “either finger me or stop as I need to cum” you just smile at me and then without stopping you shove your fingers in me making me scream quietly with the unexpected pleasure of the sensations inside of me.

You tell me to stand up as my friends are coming back from their cig outside and you would rather not be caught fingering me in the club. We just start to dance again but we both know where this night is going to lead for the both of us, a whole load of satisfaction and desire.

The night has to come to an end and my friends jump into taxis, I ask where you’re going and you name a road which is not too far from mine so I tell you to jump into our taxi and we can share it home. I know what I did, and I know where it would lead as so did you by the look you gave me in the back seat of the taxi. My friends got out and that left the two of us, as we neared my home I say do you fancy a coffee fully knowing it was a cliché which is both old but useful.

You accept my offer and come up to my door with me, as soon as my door opened you had me up against the wall, kissing me furiously, devouring my mouth pressing up against me. I grab your hair pulling you closer to me as my hands start to undo your jeans trying to free your hard cock that I want deep inside me desperately. You get it out and ask me to suck it, I go down on my knees and slowly take your dick in my mouth teasing you at first by flicking my tongue over your head tasting the pre cum that was dripping down it.

My throat relaxes more as I take more in and I suck you gently not exactly sure how you like it , but your moans of pleasure give me more confidence and I start to suck harder and harder slowly cupping your balls with my other hand. As I look up into your eyes I see you’re so close to exploding and I stop.

You look at me and I say I’m so wet, please taste me and then you get down on your knees, rip my skirt off me and make the hole in my tights larger. Then you shove your tongue right into my pussy making me cry out with pleasure. You keep kissing and sucking my pussy until I can’t take it much longer and me cum slowly and sweetly into your mouth.

I’m lay there shaking from the aftershocks of the orgasm but that doesn’t mean you have finished. I feel my legs lifting up as you settle your cock between my cum soaked thighs and slowly edge you cock in between my pussy lips, then you enter me as I slowly grip them around your cock. I stir on the floor as the sensations make me gasp and moan again begging for more as you fuck me hard and deep grunting and groaning as you can feel your climax erupting inside you. You grab me harder and dig you fingers in my side as you finally empty your load into my once again cum soaked pussy.

I finally realise what I have done, I look down and see your smug face grinning up at me. I know I should regret what I have done, but at that moment in time I’m just smiling from the afterglow of a very good night of satisfaction and desire.

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