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Secret Sensations

Secret Sensations

During a house party, secret desires are fulfilled.
Pulsating music and breath taking special effects fill the Amsterdam Arena and Sensation 2014 is a fact. The theme is burlesque and we stood there open mouthed as the giant elongated central stage opened up like flower petals, amidst swirls of dry ice and fantastic lights and lasers illuminating the whole stadium.

Sexy dancers with tight bodies, dressed in revealing and risqué designer costumes, were suspended from the ceiling in neon lit cages and moved in superb, sensually choreographed routines, designed to make us want them.

And want them we did. Every one of the forty thousand individuals, that made up the public and all dressed in white, seemed to move as one gigantic organism, whipped up into a frenzy by home grown talents as, Nicky Romero and Martin Garrix, both using their incredible talents and skill to create the perfect mix.

The evening so far had been a great success and I was on a high, not only due to the amount of wine I'd consumed, but also to the small little tablet that Annika, our next door neighbour had surreptitiously smuggled inside the Arena.

Thirty five, blond haired and extremely beautiful, Annika is the archetypical sort of woman that Holland is famous for. With curves in all the right places and a disposition to match, I consider myself lucky to be included in her circle of friends. She is married to her equally good looking man, Sven, who like my hubby Karl, tops six feet and has shoulders to match. In fact they are both very muscular, but whereas Karl's physique was developed in the military, Sven's is a result of many hours spent at the sport school pumping iron, and it shows.

He’s was always flirting with me, which considering I'm half a head smaller than his wife, have short, spiky black hair and have a good ten years on his her, always makes me feel good despite being the butt of his many jokes. I’ve constantly wondered what his fascination with me is, but put it down to the fact that the unobtainable, always seems so much more desirable.

Luckily, Karl is not the jealous type and apparently neither is Annika because they both accept Sven's constant good natured teasing of me, without getting suspicious. How often have all three of them stood there with tears of laughter rolling down their faces, and me asking innocently after one of Sven’s sharp remarks, “What?” Then I blush furiously after realising that once again I’d become a victim of his dry humour, but before I can react, he always redeems himself by giving me a huge bear hug, making it impossible to stay mad at him.

Anyway we were all having a good time dancing, drinking and laughing with each other when Annika motioned to me that she was going for another round of drinks. I nodded my agreement and leant back into my hubby's arms. Annika gave me an inquisitive glance which I took to mean 'did I want some more wine?' and when I nodded, she gave me an intense stare, ran her tongue sensually over her lips and then winked knowingly. As she moved her stunning figure into the crowd of beautiful people, a pair of broad muscular shoulders began following her, leaving me alone with my man for a few moments.

As soon as our neighbours were out of sight, Karl impatiently placed his hands on my hips and pulled me into his hard body. Soft lips graced the nape of my neck, sending small shivers of pleasure running down my spine. A warm glow ran through my body and I closed my eyes dreamily and enjoyed the moment.

But as he kept pulling me towards him, something else, hard and unforgiving pressed into my ass. 'That's nice,' I thought, smiling wickedly and decided to play along. Wiggling my bum against the stiff bulge pushing determinedly into my rear end seemed to be the signal he was waiting for. With his soft lips still hungrily kissing my neck, making me want more and more, his hands slid slowly, tantalizingly down the back of my thighs, before returning them to my waist.

Only now, his hands were under my skirt, out of view and I held my breath in shock. WTF! His hands didn’t stay on my hips, oh no! They began moving forward, over my underbelly causing me to gasp at his daring. Maybe it was the drink, or maybe it was the ecstasy pill, I couldn’t really say, but whatever it was I was on a high and whereas normally I would have stopped him, I now egged him on.

Luckily for us my skirt wasn't my usual mini affair, so I was quite confident that no-one could see what was happening, but whilst waiting to see where this would go, I cast a quick glance around and saw no-one taking any notice of us whatsoever. Reassured, I rested my hands on Karl’s’ and with only the soft material of my skirt separating our touch, I gradually pushed them downwards and inwards towards the apex of my legs. Under my guidance, I felt his strong fingers slide beneath the waistband of my sexy lace underwear before gliding unhindered over my smooth silken skin towards my neatly trimmed mound.

With his erection poking into my bum, and his teeth nibbling my ear lobes, I was getting very horny and raised my hands high into the air and stretched myself against him like a luxuriant cat, silently urging him to further.
I needn't have worried. Fingertips furrowed unhurriedly through my wiry bush and found the small hood of skin situated above my opening and pressed gently on the sensitive button.

"Oh yes," I hissed through gritted teeth, "Finger me baby," and began getting very wet.

Karl obviously couldn't hear what I was saying because of the deafening music, but he knows what I like and didn't disappoint me. My body responded to this surprise attack more powerfully than I expected and looking down at my chest, my nipples were clearly visible through the camisole top under the mesh t-shirt.

Throughout this, our bodies were still undulating against each other, pretending to dance, albeit not exactly in time with the music anymore, and to keep up the illusion I lowered my arms and ran my hands over my breasts in one fluid motion. Despite causing a shiver of pleasure to ran down my spine, I moved my right hand still further downwards and then behind my back. Karl, anticipating my intentions swayed his hips backwards and allowed my hand to move between us.

I caressed the bulge that had previously been buried so tightly between my buttocks and felt flattered at how hard he was. Not only that, he felt huge. Bigger than normal, but I guessed that was due to what was happening. I know I found it extremely exciting and wondered how far Karl would go. He's a passionate man and our sex life is great, but mostly within the confines of our four walls at home. I can only recall him having such an undeniable urge like tonight maybe once or twice, and that was more than twenty years ago when we were still horny teenagers.

Mind you, like tonight he wouldn't wait then either. His desire was so great that he had to have me right away, not caring to find somewhere private. And boy did he have his way with me. His passion knew no bounds and as he took me fiercely from behind, I hoped we wouldn’t be disturbed although the thought that somebody was secretly watching us made the whole experience all the more erotic.

Wondering what had gotten him so horny this time, I gently straightened out the throbbing bulge through the soft linen, and began squeezing the thick slab of flesh with my neatly manicured fingers. Despite being still confined in his trousers, I could feel him twitching every time I squeezed him.

Karl obviously enjoyed my handiwork because moments later, retaking the initiative, he moved his fingers lower and began sliding them along the length of my slippery slit. My lips welcomed the attention and opened up eagerly to accept his daring intrusion. As his fingertips dipped inside my warm tunnel, all I could do was moan out loud and try grinding my cunt against his hand, but hubby knew me better than that and continued teasing me.

One hand moved from under my skirt and brushed my right hand away from his crotch. Momentarily confused, I needn't have worried because Karl pulled his zipper down and slyly released his one eyed monster. Deftly grabbing my hand, he placed it on the warm meaty staff sticking out of his trousers, and lightly held it there.

As my fingers wrapped themselves around the thick girth of his cock, I was once again amazed at how big he was, but didn't dwell on it too long because all I wanted to do was feel it inside me. He wrapped his free arm around my middle and positioned his hand perfectly around my waist so when he flicked his thumb, it brushed tantalizingly over my sensitive nipples. I began jerking his cock enthusiastically, but had decided that I had to take the lead role.

With a quick flick of my hips, the back of my skirt flew upwards and I guided his erection between my legs. At first, his big spongy helmet kept bumping into the back of my thighs, but rapidly rearranging my stance solved that problem. Karl replacing both hands under my skirt moved them to my hips and pushed his groin forward.

I felt his cock sliding forward along the silky soft fabric of my panties, whilst simultaneously pressing upwards against my dripping pussy lips. I moved my hands between my legs and arched my back seductively. Hubby's helmet pressed forward and poked into the front of my skirt and pressed into the palm of my hand.

I was missing his fingers on my clit, but his cock was good substitute and I pressed my hands into my pubic mound my body shuddered in response. Karl moved backwards and his prick vanished from my excited button, but feeling him slide slowly along my soaking wet lips was ecstasy, especially when after the next forward thrust, I pressed his bulbous cockhead up against my swollen clitoris.

We were grinding away at each other when there was a loud thunder clap and the Arena fell into darkness. Huge rotating Canons began spewing dry ice in ever increasing spirals and the light displays shining through the huge clouds were making lots of intricate patterns through the barmy air and drew everyone’s attention to the spectacle happening only inches above us including mine, but not Karl's. He'd used this diversion for his own personal gain.

At precisely the moment blackness encompassed us all, Karl hooked his thumbs inside the waistband of my knickers, and pushed them downwards over my firm buttocks. At first I hardly noticed anything wrong because of the fantastic display, but then my overloaded brain registered that something was different. Karl pulled his cock back and then pushed it forwards again. That's when it hit me, both literally and physically.

The tiny piece of sodden cloth that constituted my gusset had formed an exquisite, but frustrating barrier between our genitals and I'd spent the minute or so wishing it out the way. And much to my surprise, it was. Now it was hanging loosely under my soaking wet pussy and when Karl thrusted forward, I felt the rim of his helmet gently spreading my slippery opening.

I bit my lip in suspense and opened an eye to check what was happening around us. I breathed a huge sigh of relief because everybody was ignoring us, and I expected Karl to take full advantage of the situation. However, much to my pent up frustration his cock once more glided gracefully along my welcoming slit and carried on towards my clitoris.

'God, he was killing me with cock,' I admitted sourly, 'or the absence of it,' I concluded, thoroughly pissed off with the current state of affairs.

'What was wrong with him,' I wondered bitterly as my body shuddered involuntary when his cock came into contact with my clit. Couldn't he tell I was desperate now? Didn’t he know how much I wanted to feel him inside me? Realising that apart from actually pulling up my skirt, physically grabbing hold of him and feeding my hungry pussy, there wasn't a lot I could do. Or was there?

The next time Karl moved backwards, I prepared myself for action. The musical beat was building up to a fast, loud crescendo and I took full advantage. As Karl's hips began moving forward, I began shaking my body to the beat and completed the move by throwing my upper body forward. That raised my sex just enough that when Karl's helmet reached my slit, instead of slipping frustratingly past, it slid into my steamy wetness with ease.

He stopped moving, making me think he wasn't going to go through with it after all, but the momentary indecision was suddenly over and after removing his hands from under my skirt, he grabbed hold of my hips again and rammed home his cock right where I wanted it.

I screamed out loud as the big thick fleshy staff surged forward, filling me completely, stretching me beyond belief and despite my being so turned on, his thick girth was almost splitting me in two. I'd never known him as excited as this, but having just achieved my goal, I wasn't about to complain.

As his loins grinded deliciously into my ass, I decided to stand up straight so as not to draw attention to ourselves. In doing so, the angle of penetration changed and Karl's cock began to slide out of me. Determined to avoid that at all costs, I pushed my hips backwards and arched my back. My arm went up around my head and found hubby’s head. I pulled him towards me and was rewarded with soft lips landing in the nape of my neck again. The soft kisses made me shiver and his prick was bringing me to the edge of the abyss.

Karl, holding my hips in place, slowly withdrew his delicious manhood almost to the point of leaving me empty, but sensing my apprehension, he relented and thrust himself back inside me as far as he could. My other hand was resting so called innocently on my underbelly, exactly where I wanted it, and my fingers were busily applying firm pressure on my little hooded friend. I really couldn't take much more.

Karl's cock pushed exquisitely inside me and sent me over the edge. Cum flooded my tunnel when my orgasm exploded, and I began to shake violently. Muscles began to tighten everywhere, my legs, my stomach and most importantly my cunt. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the contradictory sensations my body was producing, hoping it would last for ever. The prick surging between my lips was being gripped tightly by the contracting walls of my silken honey trap.

It proved too much for my hubby. I felt his hands gripping me tighter, pulling me against his loins as he switched from steady grinding to wild thrusts. With one final lunge, his cock seemed to expand and then I felt the first of his powerful explosions. I was coming down from my high when thick warm spunk splattered the insides of my tunnel, bringing a satisfied smile to my face. His prick jerked again, spewing more of Karl's precious seed inside me and I wondered if I could take it all.

Eventually his head slumped against mine and my ear lobe was subjected to tender little love bites, which on top of my recovering from the most amazing orgasm I'd had in years, made my senses seem intense, more alive than ever, with every nerve ending on fire. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the glorious afterglow. I hadn't felt anything like for a long, long time, but then again, getting fucked in public, in the Amsterdam Arena on the holy ground from Ajax football club, isn't something you get to do every day.

Without warning, the tight grip on my hips was released, and the big hard cock inside me was gone. The sensation of warm spunk, now leaking profusely from my cunt and running down the inside of my thighs was so unexpected that my dreamy state of existence vanished like snow in bright sunshine. I opened both my eyes and mouth to protest but before I could utter a word, I glanced in front of me, and fell silent.

Standing there, having returned from the bar and holding our drinks was Annika. She had an expression of incredulous disbelief written all over her face, and I wondered fleetingly if she seen what had happened, not that I was ashamed or embarrassed.
'Why should I?' I thought, staring back at her defiantly.

Suddenly, a sly, conspiring smile appeared and she shook her head knowingly, before nodding her head backwards in a ‘look behind’ me gesture. My eyes broke contact with hers and gazed over at the broad shoulders bringing up her rear, and instantly recognized the face I woke up with this morning.

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