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Sex Adventures: Andrew

One sloppy creampie
I really don’t know where to begin with all this. I’ll guess I’ll start by explaining my adventures lately. I’ve recently come to the realization that I might possibly be a nymphomaniac. Well, I guess ‘possibly’ is the wrong word. I mean, I love sex and after all the screwed-up relationships I’ve had, I’m ready to just have fun. It all started with Andrew.

Andrew was a simple man who had just moved to the area from New York. He had light blue eyes and a toned physique. He was having a rough time with his family. His relatives were basically thieves. They didn’t care who they stole from. They stole from anybody, even other members in the family. Andrew was fed up with it. What he wanted was some fun and maybe a little release. I was happy to give him just that.

I started by texting him sending him pictures of myself and of my sweet little pussy. It really turned him on. He wanted me to call him so he could hear my voice. Talking dirty over the phone just made him want me even more. He listened as I rubbed my little clit with my finger. When I began to moan out loud, he couldn’t stand it any longer. He had to have me there so I could show him what I could do.

I jumped into my car and headed out. He could barely wait for me; he called me every couple minutes just to make sure I was on my way. All he wanted was my mouth around his cock. He was waiting to feel a woman’s touch again and as I drove, he told me that he had never really had a good blow job before. What I told him made him crazy with desire. I told him I give the perfect blow job. I paused a moment, then said, “And I swallow every time.”

He was so excited when I got there that he kept me on the phone, just to make sure I was following the directions right. I heard from his voice that he could barely wait for me. I picked him up and we headed for someplace he said he knew that was real quiet. I kind of knew what to expect, but I feel you should always expect the unexpected. I was hot and ready for him anyways. He asked if I like to kiss and I said of course I do.

First, I drove to where he wanted to go, but I didn’t feel comfortable enough with it. We ended up driving around looking for the right spot. We ended up on a country road out in the middle of nowhere with a little hole for my car to park in. There was a little field in front of my car that was overgrown with weeds. It was surrounded by trees and it was just starting to get dark outside. I shut the lights off as soon as we parked. I never really know how to start off so I usually let the guy make the first move.

He put his seat back and told me to lean my seat back too. Then he leaned over and got real close to my face asking if I was a good kisser. I told him he’d have to find out for himself. I was expecting a gentle kiss at first, but he went right into a French kiss! He jammed his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it. As we kissed, I flicked my tongue up and down and all around his. I felt his hand reaching for my already wet pussy.

I slowly reached for his crotch. I could feel his cock throbbing in his pants just wanting to get out. As I was stroking his cock through his pants I felt his fingers slip into my pants. I felt a hot lightning bolt as his finger brushed against my clit. I felt him rubbing it and I loved it. I unbuckled his pants and pulled his cock out. It was nice and hard but I knew I could make it harder. I started to stroke it up and down feeling the warmth of every inch in my soft hands.

I stopped kissing him and leaned over the divider between the seats. I put the head of his cock in my mouth sucking on it ever so lightly. Slowly I sucked another inch into my mouth while stroking the rest. I started moving my head up and down caressing the tip with my tongue while adding a gentle twisting motion with my hand on the rest.

I put more in my mouth. I’ve always wanted to learn to deep throat a hard cock and I loved to practice. I could feel it poke at the back of my throat and tried to relax. I kept sucking on it and I forced more down my throat. As I started to gag, he put his hand on the back of my head and made me take it in deeper. I loved the feeling of being submissive to him. I became his little cock whore, sucking all of his cock deep into my throat.

He groaned and said I was really making him horny for my pussy. Damn, I wish I had a bed right then! We were just in my car so I couldn’t really do much but put my seat all the way back. I found a way to scoot back farther so my body was further away from the steering wheel. He laid on top of me and stuck his incredibly stiff cock into my already wet pussy. God, feeling the fullness in my tight pussy... It felt so good after having sex with another man who didn’t know how to use what the Good Lord had given him! He slowly eased his hardness in and out and I started to moan.

It felt so good; I’d been wanting a good hard fuck for so long. The animal instinct just takes over and you have to have more. He was here to fuck and I was more than willing to let him. I could tell from his frantic actions that he hadn’t had sex in a while. It meant that his cock was so sensitive, he was moaning right along with me. As I started to climax, my nails automatically dug into his back.

He groaned that he was fixed and was desperate to cum inside me. I could feel that he was about to blow, so I just whispered, “Yes!” I rubbed my clit as he came so I could cum with him. He grunted and I moaned in ecstasy. It felt better than anything I’d had in a really long while.

He climbed off of me and got back into his own seat to put his clothes back on. I scooted back down and I could feel the sticky cum leaking out of my pussy. The idea of what we had just done made my little cunny tingle with pleasure. He was worried about me getting cleaned up because he thought having his hot cum leaking out of me would bother me, so I grabbed up some clothes from the back seat of my car and wiped it all up. I laughed later, when I found them in my laundry all stuck together!

Damn, that man was good at what he did! Already I was hoping that I could screw him again. I did meet up with him one more time to fuck in my car again. We were just fuck buddies and you know what? I was perfectly fine with that.

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