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Sex During Lunch With Josh

Things are about to get spicy in the storage closet.
Josh and I had known each other for years. We had both just gotten out of a bad relationship and decided to transform our friendship into a friends with benefits relationship. I was 23 at the time, and Josh was 28. I have long blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs and perky titties. They are small, size A, but they go perfectly with my slim figure. Josh was always staring at my ass, so it must have been great to him. Since I got a new job, John and I no longer work together. The last five months that we worked together, almost twice a week every week, we would have quickie sex during lunch break. This is what happened the first time we had a quickie sex session:

I was busy doing my report, when I noticed everyone was leaving for lunch. I walked over to Josh's desk. We had planned for the past week, to have sex somewhere in the building while everyone was out for lunch. Some people stayed in the office for lunch, but we were sneaky.

"Are you ready?" I asked him smiling. He stood up and pulled me into him, squeezing my ass. I grabbed his hand and we walked quickly, giggling the whole way, to a storage closet. I flipped the light on. This closet was used for office supplies and furniture. He reached to lock the door and we walked to the back of the room. There were piles of desks and cabinets, and I sat down on one, scooting my ass to the very edge. He approached me slowly, grabbing my waist as he pulled me into his kiss. His lips were soft.

"We only have 20 minutes," I said moaning as he licked and kissed my neck.

"The way we're headed, we'll be done in 15," He said pulling my shirt over my head. I left my skirt on. I unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down.

I got on my knees and his cock sprang into my face as a I pulled his briefs down. I licked my lips and began to suck hungrily at his long cock. It was almost 8 inches long, and I could only put half of it into my mouth. I used my hand to stroke the remainder of his cock. He put his hands on the back of my head and pushed my head to help me fuck his dick with my mouth. I gagged and moaned. He was breathing heavily. I looked into his eyes, but they were closed. He was enjoying it almost as much as I was. 

"Kay, your turn," he said helping me up.

I sat on the desk once again and scooted my ass to the edge as he got on his knees. He pulled my skirt up my legs a little to give him better access. He pulled my panties down and slipped a finger into my sopping wet pussy. My pussy lips were pouting for his attention. I was soaking wet and he enjoyed it. He used his tongue to lightly tap my clit as he put three fingers into my pussy. He started to move his fingers in and out quickly, making me moan and beg for him not to stop. But he had to. His tongue was amazing. My clit was on fire and my pussy was ready for his cock. He was bigger than any man I'd ever had sex with, so I braced myself as I felt the tip of his cock rubbing up and down my slit.

He teased me for a moment, then with one swift motion, pushed his long thick cock into my tight wet pussy. I gasped and threw my head back in pain but mostly pleasure.

"Damn, you are tight. How does it feel Jenn?" He asked me, slowly pumping in and out of my tight hole.

I just moaned and he took that as a cue to start going harder and faster. He pumped out of me with a quickening pace. My wet pussy sloshed with each stroke.

"Fuck me! Ahhh Josh. Your cock is so big!" I screamed and moaned.

I looked down and saw how quickly he was pounding me. I was in ecstasy. Each stroke brought me closer to the inevitable orgasm I was going to have. I felt it rising in my tummy, as Josh grunted and groaned.

"Fuck! I'm gonna cum. Can I cum in your pussy?" He asked, quickening his pace.

"Yes! Oh god yes! I'm cumming too!" I moaned loudly as I felt my whole body quiver.

Suddenly, my body was sent into orgasm. I cried out in pleasure as my pussy squeezed and milked Josh's cock, sending him over the edge as well. As my orgasm was reaching it's peak, his warm cum shot into my pussy. He continued to pump until both of our orgasm's had subsided. I fell back on the desk, breathing heavily. He pulled out of me slowly.

I felt our mixed juices gush out of my pussy lips. He used his beautiful tongue to clean me up. I did the same for him, licking his cock up, so we could be clean. We both got dressed and stared at each other happily.

"I can't believe we did that. You were amazing," Josh said, grabbing my hand and leading me to the door.

"I know. I'm so tired. Your cock was the biggest I've ever had. Tomorrow? Same time?" I asked, leaning in for a hug.

He went in for a kiss and we kissed passionately for a few moments. Cherishing it, until tomorrow when we would finally have each other's bodies again.

"Sure thing Jenn," he said opening the door.

We slipped back into our cubicles. I was overcome with joy, at how amazing he had made me feel. Was it real? Was I dreaming? And to think it was going to happen again? I couldn't wait until tomorrow.

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