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Sex in the stairwell

A girlfriends fantasy come true
Oh how the years have gone by and the things I have forgotten. One thing that had slipped my mind until recently was an old g/f had a fantasy of having sex with the strong possiblility of being caught.

When we had met I only been with a couple of women and it was just plain old missionary style sex. When I met Terry I found myself in a whirlwind of sex. There was nothing that this woman wouldn't try or talk about trying. Her list of fantasies was quite long and impressive and we ticked them off one at a time over a period of 2 years but never found the right mix of sex and danger to satisfy her desire for getting "almost" caught.

We moved into an apt building with an elevator but in this building a large number of people used the stairs for exercise. When Terry saw this she gave me the look and I knew I had to be prepared. She decided that a nice sunny Saturday morning would be the perfect time to indulge in her fantasy. She figured that with a nice day, more people would use the stairs to go outside therefore giving us a better chance of being caught in the act.

I told her she needed to dress casual enough to not have the need to get undressed so she pulled out the shortest skirt I have ever seen. The skirt barely covered her ass and if she even leaned forward or backward, a full view of her pussy and ass would be on display. Of course she did not bother with underwear. Not only because of what we were going to do but because she rarely wore them. She felt restrained by undergarments and this included her bra. I couldn't go anywhere without at least a partial hard on see her DD's hanging inside her usual assortment of short, low cut shirts.

We made our way to the half way point of the stairwell and started kissing. Terry is a sucker for kissing and I knew it would make her wet and juicy almost immediately. The whole time we are kissing my hands are roaming her body, finding all the parts of her body that when touched give her chills. Noises from up and down the stairwell drove us wilder and bolder. It wasn't long before my hand was up that skirt of hers and spreading her cunt juices all over getting her primed for fucking.

There were a few close calls during our foreplay and getting caught then was out of the question. Her fantasy was specific in that it was fucking that we would/could get caught at. Positioning her on the landing, I bent her over and instructed her to grab her ankles. She was so soaking wet just the movement of my fingers over her cunt echoed in the stairwell. Getting her juices spread made the job of my putting my cock in her very easy. I took some nice gentle strokes which to her was just teasing as she loves it hard and fast.

After a few strokes I decided to up the ante of excitement and took my juice coated cock and pushed it against her tight ass hole. The first time Terry came for me was when I fucked her ass for the first time. As soon as a finger or cock got in her ass, her pussy convulsed and gushed like a faucet. Slowly working my cock in her ass I could smell her juices, and when I grabbed her legs to spread her out, pussy juice was running down her legs.

I slowly pumped my cock in her ass making her moan with pleasure. Usually a screamer she thought better of it since she didn't want the police called as happened before when we first moved in. Grabbing her hips I picked up the pace with a smack on her ass for good measure. Looking down I saw a small puddle growing on the floor and wondered how big it would get before we were done. Plowing her from behind I reached around and found her clit, large and on fire. I rubbed it with my middle finger, sending her over the edge and the first gusher hit.

Downstairs we could hear a group of people starting their climb up so I quickly pulled out of her ass and sunk my cock in her pussy slamming her hard and fast just as she likes it. She came again and the cum was starting to trickle down the stairs from the landing. Hearing her moaning and seeing her large puddle was too much for me and I gave her one big final buck of my hips and shot my load deep inside her. We quickly caught our breath and just as her skirt was pulled down and my pants zipped up the first member of the group of seniors using the stairs that day appeared.

We warned them to watch out for the puddle of "water" and to have a nice day.
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