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Sex Over Pacific

My nose took a deep sniff and I knew instantly that it was the musky scent of feminine juices.

I was feeling disoriented as I opened my heavy eyelids. I could feel a touch of silky fabric on my cheeks. My head was resting on something soft. I blinked my eye and lay there for a few seconds. I could hear a faint thumping sound in my ears. I tried to concentrate and make sense of the thumping sound. Was it my own heartbeat I was hearing? I yawned in an attempt to shake off the weariness that seemed to be pinning me down still. A very strong sweet scent filled my nostrils. I sniffed gently in an attempt to recognize the scent. I tilted down my eyes a little in an attempt to orient myself to the surroundings. A somewhat crumpled piece of fabric lay a foot from my face. I moved my head just a little to take a better look. I could sense the bare skin at the edge of that fabric. My brain had started working a little better by now. My ears could hear a gentle hum in the background, and I realized that the thumping sound was not my heartbeat. My nose took a deep sniff once more and I knew instantly that it was the musky scent of feminine juices. "Holy shit!" was my reaction as I hurled myself up hurriedly. I had full realization now that I had dozed off to sleep after finishing dinner and gulping down two glasses of red wine on the long flight from Los Angeles to Singapore on my way to New Zealand.

Travelling such long distance in Economy class is no fun! As I boarded the flight I was pleased to have a nice looking young lady sitting on the seat next to me. She sat in the middle seat and I was occupying the aisle seat. The window seat was taken by an old Chinese lady. I am unusually shy when it comes to befriending strangers on flight, especially beautiful women. We had some courteous exchanges during the first couple of hours of flight. Over dinner we focused mostly on eating. Cabin lights were turned off soon after. Some people watched in-flight movie, others tried to catch a nap. I had reclined my seat put my head on the little pillow and closed my eyes.

"Oh! I am really, really sorry," I said apologetically as I pulled myself away from her bosoms. "I don't know when in my sleep I leaned on you," I uttered as I looked at her face with a dazed look on my own.

"It is ok!" she said as she pulled her crumpled skirt down to cover her thighs. Her face had a flustered look. I could see her breasts heaving. She adjusted her top as she pulled her legs together.

"I am sorry, it is really embarrassing" I said as I looked back in her eyes. She could not bear my stare for the slightest moment and started looking down. I could see that she was breathing hard.

"Oh my god! Was she enjoying my close proximity to her body?" I started to think. "Was she really getting wet?" I wondered. "Did she touch herself as my head lay on her bosoms? Why was her skirt pulled up?" thoughts raced through my mind. "Or did I unknowingly touch a sensitive part of her body as I lay there almost unconscious?" I started to worry.

I looked at her face and there was still a blush of embarrassment on her face and she was trying to avoid eye contact with me. I sat there for a moment pondering what my next step was going to be. My attempts to apologize was not working, and the embarrassment my action had caused for her was very apparent. I was still blaming myself, though the truth was that she was embarrassed since she had realized that I likely knew that she was enjoying herself as I lay there with my head on her bosoms.

As if to reassure her, I reached out and grabbed her right palm and held it gently in my left hand. A few seconds passed by and the grip of her palms started strengthening on my palm; I responded by squeezing her hand back.

The cabin was dark. Most people in the row, including the Chinese lady sitting in the window seat, had dozed off to sleep. The flight attendants had also retired to take a quick nap after a hard routine of serving dinner to this rather full flight. My head was turned towards her. She turned her head and started looking at me. As we sat there, without speaking a word, our body language had some how communicated the buildup of desire for each other. We started to lean towards each other. As our lips met, a shock wave travelled through my body and my erection started to grow. We planted a few kisses before parting our lips, well aware that we were in a very public place with tightly packed humanity all around us.

The temperature in the cabin was a little lower than I felt comfortable. I pulled the blanket from the side and spread it over me. I extended a corner of the blanket towards her which she accepted. I had never pulled down the hand rest between our seats. I moved a little closer to her so we could share the blanket. We both were feeling a lot more relaxed and comfortable than just a few minutes ago. I placed my hand on her hand again, which was resting on top of her thighs now. Within seconds she pulled her hand from under my hand, and placed it over my hand instead. My hands were now resting on her thighs, still covered with the soft fabric of her skirt.

The invitation was obvious and I responded by squeezing her thighs. A soft moan escaped from her lips, but she quickly made the sound of clearing her throat in an attempt to suppress the sound of moan. I was getting a little bold by now - very bold, actually. I wasted no time in pulling her skirt up slowly until my hands could feel the bare skin of her thighs. As I started to rub it slowly, she held my hand and encouraged it to move up. The cue was not to be missed. I kept moving my hand up until it touched a wet satiny fabric. I moved my hands around to trace the lines of her panties and I was convinced that she was wearing a thong. I wanted to reciprocate so I grabbed her hand and moved it to my engorged crotch. She immediately clutched it hard and started squeezing my erection, which had grown immensely by this time. As she clutched me, my hand was trying to work its way to her clit from the side of her panties.

She arched her hips forward as I gave a quick rub to her clit and started tracing her slit with my fingers. Her wetness was pouring down the slit. With just a gentle push my finger slipped in her cunt, and a rather audible moan escaped from her mouth. She tried hard to stop it by biting her lips as she tightened her grip on my crotch. I started to move my fingers in her wet flesh, and started to explore every little corner of her cunt. As I did that her muscles inside her pussy tensed up and I could feel the spasms of her pussy through my finger. At that moment I was afraid she might scream loud and grab attention of fellow passengers. I quickly pulled my fingers out of her pussy and could feel a gush of her juices following my finger as it withdrew from her pussy. I looked at the old Chinese lady, she was still fast asleep. I sighed and I turned my head around to look; it did not appear anyone was paying attention to us. Sitting there, in a split second I worked out a plan and whispered it into her ears.

I got up from my seat and walked towards the aft lavatories. The aisle was empty as most everybody was asleep. As I entered the lavatory, I checked on the flight attendants. There were only a couple in this area of the plane and they were both taking a nap. I entered the lavatory and closed the door but did not latch it from inside. I undid my belt, pulled my pants and briefs down and sat down on the toilet seat. My erection was painful by now and it stood straight up like a flag pole. The rushing sound of wind as it grazed the tail of the plane moving at more than 500 miles per hour was much louder in the lavatory compared to the main cabin.

I sat there for about a minute before the door moved slightly. I helped her open it, quickly pulled her inside and latched the door. The space within an airplane lavatory is tight for even one person. With two of us in that space, there was barely any space to move. It was a perfect space to make love! I yanked her top off and unhooked her bra. We stood there face to face, my lips inches from her, my manhood pressing hard against her crotch. She unhooked her skirt and had to pull it down till it cleared my erection before it fell into a pile near her ankles. I could barely see down. I wasted no time and moved my hands to her thongs, pulled it aside and pushed myself inside her. My cock kept slipping in, she was so dripping wet. I moved both my hands on her buttocks and pushed her hard towards me. As my hardness slipped inside her, I could feel her muscles tightening around it. A loud moan escaped her lips without any restraint this time. She had also realized that the rumbling sound of wind brushing the body of the plane was loud enough to subdue even a loud scream.

My hands moved around her round full buttocks and started groping. Our lips were locked in a passionate kiss by now. She took the lead to insert her tongue in my mouth. I eagerly sucked it in and greeted it with my tongue. I pulled her hard towards me and let our a moan myself as the friction of her tight muscles massaged my cock as it slipped deeper inside. She retracted her hips with a powerful movement even as I was holding her buttocks tight and pulling her hard towards me. As the tip of my cock was almost about to slip out, she stopped pulling herself back and let the forceful grip of my hands on her buttocks do its job. I slipped harder and deeper inside her this time. I could feel her erect nipples rubbing hard against mine.

As if we understood each other's rhythm, a duet was in the making. Our hip movements were in perfect synchrony. Thrusting harder and grinding our pelvis together we were having a joyous and uplifting time. It was only about thirty seconds since I had slipped inside her. Her juices were trying to run down her thighs but were unable to, our bodies were packed so close together. I could feel the spasms inside her wet cunt build up like a crescendo. I lost control and hot fluids rushed from my balls. The throbbing of my cock resonated with her quivering muscles wrapped tightly around my cock. She let out a somewhat muffled scream as orgasmic pleasure hit us. In the meanwhile my eyes were closed as I started shooting my hot jizz inside her wetness. One, two, three loads later I could feel the juices dripping out of her cunt getting thicker and stickier in consistency. I tried to peel myself off of her as I slowly withdrew myself. A faint splattering sound echoed as our juices rushed out of her pussy and fell on the floor. Both of us were out of breath. I could look at her face a little better now and she seemed a little upset that I had withdrawn from her.

I squeezed away from her, fumbled and sat down on the toilet seat. My erection was painfully hard still and throbbing with excitement. I leaned forward. Holding her waist I turned her around and held her by her G-string . I pulled it hard and it broke. But the force of the pull kept doing the work and her buttocks fell on my lap. She pulled her thong with broken G-string and threw it on the floor. I held her by the waist and she knew what was needed to be done next. She lifted her butts, grabbed my cock with her left hand, guided her pussy lips to its pink tip, and let herself go. The cock kept slipping inside her with great force until it hit her cervix. She let out a moan. My hands moved from her waist to her belly and traced their way to her boobs. I moved around to gauge her cup size and check the erectness of her nipples. She must have been a 36C and her nipples were hard as a peanut.

She was doing all the work this time. With her hands resting on my thighs she was pulling herself up and letting herself go. My hands started to squeeze her breasts tight and holding her breasts I tried the best I can to assist her movement. After first orgasm her pussy seemed a little less tensed, but every inch of my cock was being massaged by her soft pink wet flesh. I moved my face closer to her back and started kissing her neck and moved my left hand down to her clit. Her beautiful scent filled my nostrils. My kisses on her neck and rubbing of her clit had the effect of accelerating her movements. I sat there, almost immobile, enjoying her vigorous fucking . There was little I could do sitting in that position and she definitely did not seem to need any help.

My testicles has started aching again. I could feel an intense build up. I moaned. "I am going to cum again, baby!" were the words that slipped off my lips. Almost instantaneously, her pussy responded to those words and I could feel it had started to milk my cock. She bounced vigorously on my lap as we both hit the second wave of orgasm. "Yes baby, yes, yes, yesssssssss", she screamed as I could feel intense convulsions engulf my cock. "Oh my god! Yesssss" I screamed back as the cum ran up my shaft and shot inside her. She stopped moving her hips and her body slumped on my lap. For many seconds we sat almost still as spasms of her pussy muscles played my cock like a flute. Our juices started to rush out now and I could feel some of it pooling on my thighs and dripping down. She kept sitting there for some time, exhausted from her hard work, sweating. For quite some time my throbbing cock could feel quivering movements inside her cunt.

She stood up, picked her torn thong and disposed it off in the trash. She bent down and washed her face as her ass cheeks stared at me. She put her top and skirt, picked her bra and clasped it in her hand. I sat there on the toilet seat watching her. As she bent down and planted a kiss on my forehead, I could see her cleavage and firm breasts clearly for the first time. She opened the door and walked to the seat. I followed after about a minute. Every thing in the cabin seemed normal except that there one of the air hostess seat was empty. I didn't think much of it at the time; the other toilet had the "Occupied" sign turned on.

I was feeling weak in my legs as I walked back to the seat and settled. We pulled the blanket over us again. She kept her head on my chest. I rested my cheeks on her forehead as I gently moved my fingers through her hairs. My other hand crept back to her thighs and inched its way up. I started to massage her puffy labia in the hope to relieve the soreness.

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