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It pays to run to stay in shape!
6:45 am, everyday, I set out to run. I have been running about 4 miles, everyday, through my neighborhood, to and around the park and back. For three months now, I have run the same route, the same time, everyday of the week. My name is Kirk, I am 25 years old, in great shape and, in all modesty, a hell of a good looking stud. I am 6 foot 1, wavy brown hair, chiseled facial features and abs tighter than a straight man's ass in a gay bar.

I noticed her about 3 weeks ago. She was running her loop in the opposite direction, so we glanced briefly as we passed. It was mid-July, and a hot, steamy day. Some would look at her, and see a sweaty, hot visage. Frankly, she looked like hell. I, however, noticed how fit and toned she was, how perfect her body was, and how much sway was in her hips. Even when running, she had that motion that I identified with a slutty, sensuous lover. I observed all this, not just from one encounter, but over the course of a week, as we passed briefly each day. She appeared to be about 10 years older than me, which suits me just fine.

Monday morning of the second week, I passed through the area where I usually encountered her, but instead of running past me in the opposite direction, she was stopped, stretching over a park bench. When she spotted me she finished quickly and started running in the same direction I was, following me. She kept a distance between us, and I occasionally threw a glance over my shoulder. No doubt in my mind, being the egotist I am, that she was checking me out and studying my great ass.

The next day I wore my tightest shorts, to show off not only my great ass, but also my natural, inviting bulge in my crotch. She was in the same spot, stretching, and when she saw me, she was briefly transfixed on the swelling in front of her. She smiled a sultry smile and once again followed me. She too seemed to have changed up her running togs, with short shorts and a cropped top (her abs looked as ripped as mine). She also had on the runner's version of “come fuck me pumps,” candy red Astros, which suggested that she had money as well as class.

We got to a section of the park that borders some woods, and suddenly she burst in front of me, throwing a sultry look as she went. She turned quickly onto a path through the woods, and with her hand gestured that I should follow. I followed this vixen into the woods, and my bloodflow moved southerly, infusing my cock and hardening it as I ran. Like a fly drawn to honey, I darted after her, buzzing through the woods anxious to reach her hive.

She began to slow down, and I saw a small clearing. There was a stream babbling gently through the woods, and beside it a downed tree that was propped up by another tree, so that it was parallel to the ground, about waist high.

She jogged over to the tree, stopped and turned toward me. Without saying a word, she took off her crop top and sports bra, and my eyes fairly popped at the perky B cups and round, pink nipples. I swear they looked like raspberries, and as I approached I looked her in the eye, to see if she would kiss me; she immediately pulled my head downward and said, “You're not here for that.” I guess she was talking about making eye contact, or any meaningful connection. With that, she aimed my mouth at her left nipple and practically impaled my mouth with it.

I sucked wildly, biting and nibbling as I switched from one to the other. She alternated between moans, growls, and what I swear was a purring sound as I made love to her sweaty, steamy breasts. I never realized how sensuous perspiration could be, as I licked and fairly slurped it off her chest.

She pushed me back and tugged at my shirt, which I quickly removed. She hissed slightly as she dragged her nails down my chest to my navel, then once again, this time harder as she scratched my skin. I reached forward, pulled her shorts and panties off in one quick motion, then picked her up.

I sat her on the log and knelt between her legs. She was freshly shaven, leaving just a small patch that looked like an arrow pointing downward. I wasted no time burying my face in her treasure, my tongue slinking up and down between her puffy lips. I shoved my tongue as deeply as I could into her love canal, then replaced it with three fingers while my tongue moved to find her clit. When my fingers and tongue both met their target, she let out a guttural, animal-like moan that hardened my already stiff cock. She was wet with perspiration, which was still dripping from her, but the unmistakable taste told me most of the moisture I was slurping was her juices, preparing for my entry.

She pushed my head away and got down off the log. In a flash, she ripped my shorts and jock strap off me, and hungrily sucked my cock into her amazing mouth. She quickly began bobbing, sucking, and slobbering all over me, and I felt like I was getting ready to explode. I looked down and saw her look up at me, and I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. She must have known that meant I was getting ready to cum, as I felt her mouth disconnect and cool air wafted over my cock. I pulled my head back down, and opened my eyes to see her leaning over the log, her wet pussy inviting my entrance. I quickly rammed into her, pumping furiously as she pushed back onto me and reached to claw at my hips. She grunted, shuddered and I exploded.

We hit our climaxes at the same time as I filled her cavity with a large load of my best man juice. She spun around, dropped to her knees and cleaned me off. She then reached her hand down and gathered some of our dripping juices, bringing them to her mouth.

I looked at her eyes, and she said “No.” It was clear she did not want a relationship, she was just looking for sexual release. Frankly, I was relieved. We dressed and went back down the path to resume our runs.

At first, it seemed like our encounter went on for hours; but as I finished my run, I realized that my total time increased by only eight minutes. I had never experienced such a short, intense encounter. It's now been almost two weeks since our first tryst, and we've relived it every day since then, including once in a heavy rainstorm. Our time is now down to five minutes.

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