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She Came

One coffee changed both their lifes.
They met in the local coffee shop on that fateful Friday morning on their way to work. She ordered an ice latte with four sugars and he piped up, ''you're too sweet for all those sugars.'' After exchanging smiles and polite chatter he asked for her number and they parted to go their separate ways.

He immediately sent her a text, ''meet me for drinks tonight @ 8 @ Viva.''

She replied ''Maybe.''

He was at the bar; in his work suit, drinking bourbon as she walked in. She had her fiery flame red hair out in loose curls cascading down her back over her black tight work dress. He motioned for the barman and ordered her a drink as she walked over to him.

''Hello...'' She smiled.

''I've ordered you a drink.'' he smiled as the barman placed an Appletini on the bar.

''Is that for you? I don't drink girlie drinks; I drink bourbon, two ice cubes that's it. In fact I'll take yours you can have the Tini, you ordered It.'' He smiled with an evil grin and reached for his glass.

He grabbed her hand on his glass holding it in front of him as he gently stroked it and looked into her green eyes.

''Shall we go back to mine or yours?'' He smiled as he stared at her, ''I mean I've got a good bottle of 25 year old bourbon, better than this stuff...'' He let out a sigh as she looked taken aback.

''Okay, let me go to the ladies room then we'll go.'' She grabbed her bag and walked off.

He paid the tab; gathered his things waiting on her coming back and asked the barman to call a cab.

''Ready?'' She called as she stood waiting at the door.

He got up and walked over to the door and put his hand around her waist leading her out of the bar and into a cab.

They chatted quietly in the back before reaching their destination. He paid the driver and opened the door for her.

In his apartment he brought out two glasses with two ice cubes in each and the bottle of bourbon he had told her about, setting them down on the table in front he poured her two fingers.

''So...'' She said pausing.

''So... What do you do for business?'' He smiled knowing it was a stupid question.

''Well... I started an investment company when I was fifteen and now it is one of the biggest in the country so you could say I am a C.E.O. What do you do?'' She smiled.

''I work in investments... Strange coincidence, huh?'' He smiled.

She leaned over and put her hand under his chin and held him to kiss him. His hands worked their way up her tight toned body to the top of the zipper on her dress and on one swift movement it was falling off her shoulders. He continued to kiss her as he pulled her onto his lap pulling the dress off the top half of her body, revealing her perky luscious breast. She began to pull at his tie and unbutton his shirt until both were naked from the waist up. He reached down and started unbuckling his trousers and unzipping them when she grabbed his wrists and pushed him onto the sofa and got on top of him.

She reached for his tie and bound his wrists to the metal leg of the sofa and then stuffed her panties in his mouth. She pulled his belt tight around his face forcing her panties to stay in his mouth. Then she began to ride him hard and fast. He cried out but his cries were muffled by silky fabric of her panties so he knew she was in control, not him. She rode him hard and fast until she could take no more, fondling her own breasts as she rode into orgasm.

She shook and shuddered on top of the bound and gagged man below her until she collapsed onto him. After a short rest on his chest she got dressed and un-gagged him.

''I came, I saw, I conquered.'' She cackled. ''If you dare try and pull any shit with my company Michael Jamieson, I will release this video to the world!'' She told him as she lifted her smart-phone and played the video to him then walked out leaving him tied up.
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