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She Needs

She's still in heat from the night before, but there's no time before he goes to work. Or is there?

Blake pounded her hard and fast.  He stared down at her with that smoldering look of pure sexuality he always wore when she was almost there.  It pushed her toward the edge even faster every time.  Second by second, thrust by thrust, he drove her toward another mind-blowing orgasm.

Then the alarm that had been going off for ten minutes finally woke her up.

Iris let out a high-pitched growl of frustration as the dream faded.  She sat up, reached across the bed, and shut off the alarm.  Blake must have snoozed the alarm a couple of times and forgot to turn it off again when he saw the time and jumped out of bed.

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t had plenty of time to sleep.

Stop that.  Not his fault, she chastised herself.  She was the one who had to stay late at work after they’d been trading sexts for a couple of hours.  She could hardly blame him for being asleep by the time she got home.

There was no going back to sleep after having that dream interrupted.  Pushing back the covers only served to remind her of it.  She’d put on a skimpy pair of black panties – and nothing else – in the faint hope that he’d awaken when she crawled into bed.  No such luck.  Despite the aching need, she was exhausted and had fallen asleep not long after climbing into bed.

She couldn’t hear the shower running, and the angle of the light shining under the door meant he was in the kitchen.  Almost able to taste her morning breath, she slipped out of bed and headed for the bathroom, not bothering to change.

“Morning, sexy,” he said when he walked into the bathroom right after she finished brushing her teeth.

He hadn’t put on his shirt yet and seeing him bare chested brought back the ache with a vengeance.  “Morning,” she answered, the bite of that sexual frustration creeping into her voice.

In the process of taking the cap off his deodorant, he asked, “Are you okay?”

“Fine,” she said, trying to brush it off.

“Which means you’re not.  What is it?”

She fully meant to say that she had the morning grumps.  What came out instead was, “I came home last night so horny I couldn’t see straight.  You were already asleep, and I didn’t want to wake you up.  Then I have a dream about it this morning, and when I wake up, you’re already up.  You don’t have time to get in the shower again and...”

She growled and hung her head as she trailed off.

He cupped her chin and lifted her eyes to his.  “I’m sorry, babe.  You know you could have woken me up.  I’m never too tired for you.” 

“I know.”  She sighed.  “Just go to work.  I’ll be fine.”

Iris let him tilt her head back and melted into the kiss when his lips met hers.  It only made the ache worse, but she wasn’t about to go without even that little bit of intimacy.  She stiffened and gasped when his hand crept between her legs.

“That must have been some dream,” he said as he stroked his fingers over the damp crotch.

“Please don’t tease me right now.”

“I’m not.  I may not have time to get in the shower, but it will only take me a minute to wash my hands.”

Those words hadn’t quite registered on her before he grabbed her arm and spun her around.  She cried out in surprise when his left arm encircled her waist.  A moment later, his right hand slipped expertly beneath her panties.  Iris sucked in a broken gasp when his fingers found her swollen clit.

“Is that helping, babe?” Blake whispered in her ear before suckling her earlobe.

“Oh yeah,” she answered.  A shiver rippled through her when he kissed her neck.

Iris looked into the mirror in front of her and moaned.  The sight of Blake’s muscled arms holding her was incredible.  He continued to kiss her neck and shoulders as his fingers teased her need.  She writhed in his grasp and whimpered, growing wetter by the moment.  His finger slipped down, pushing between her nether lips to test that wetness.

He growled when he found her ready.  Iris gasped, knowing what was coming.  Then she groaned as three fingers pushed inside her and curled upward.

Iris gripped the arm around her waist with one hand and the edge of the sink with the other.  They didn’t do this very often because they preferred to get off together, but she knew how good he was from oh-so-wonderful experience.

The tips of his fingers stroked her G-spot.  The width of the digits gave her just enough sense of fullness.  The heel of his hand fit her perfectly, not only rolling her clit beneath its protective hood but pressing down on the shaft of the sensitive bud as well.  He tugged upward at a rapid pace, only stroking a scant inch or so, but it was more than enough.

“Yes.  Yes.  Yes,” she blurted out as he built her higher.

Even though she was holding onto it, he easily lifted the arm around her waist and cupped her breast instead.  The shift in position let her feel his hardness pressing against her.  He squeezed her breast and pinched the stiff nipple.

“This is just to tide you over,” he whispered in her ear as the pace of the hand between her legs increased.  “I haven’t taken a long lunch in a while.  I’m going to take one today.  The only thing I’m going to eat is that sweet pussy of yours.”

Hearing that caused her pleasure to spike, and she yelped in response.

“Then, when I get home this afternoon, I’m going to be your personal sex toy.  You can use me and abuse me any way you like.  All night long if you want.  Take what you need from me until you can barely move or breathe.  I’m all yours.”

“Oh god!  Yes, Blake!”

“Come for me.  Do it.  Come for me.”

That was a demand she wasn’t going to have any trouble fulfilling – and soon.  The pressure in her depths was building and growing hotter by the moment.  Her fingers squeezed tight around his wrist.  Her toes curled against the tile.  She could hear the squishy sound of his fingers plunging into her saturated sex.

“Come for me, babe.  Come for me,” he continued to encourage her, a growl creeping into his voice.

“S-so c-c-close!” she stammered in time with the fingers rapidly stroking her G-spot.

He growled, tugging hard enough to almost lift her curled toes from the floor with every stroke.  She yelped with every breath as she teetered on the edge of oblivion for long, torturous seconds.

Her nails dug into his arm as she screamed in sweet release.

“Yeah.  That’s it,” he growled, his fingers not relenting.

Iris thrashed in the throes of her orgasm, but his arms limited her involuntary spasms.  Her womb fluttered.  Her pussy clamped down on his fingers like a vise.  Screams of ecstasy erupted from her, echoing back from the walls of the small room, punctuated by increasingly ragged gasps for breath.  Blackness crept in at the edges of her vision, which was already limited to a sliver because her eyes were rolled up in her head.  On and on it went until she was barely conscious, quivering in beautiful agony.

It was his fingers sliding free that drew her back into reality.  A pitiful whimper escaped her as she felt the emptiness, though it was rapidly followed by a squeal when the change in sensation caused an aftershock to rip through her body.  His fingers left a slippery trail on her skin when he pulled them out of her panties.  She opened her eyes, but they immediately pinched closed again when the sight of him sucking her nectar from his fingers set off another powerful wave of aftershocks.

He helped her brace her other trembling arm on the edge of the sink, and once he was sure she could stand, he finally let her go.  She looked through the strands of hair hanging in front of her eyes at his reflection in the mirror.  The sexy, smoldering look on his face as he reached for the soap pump set her off again.

He had already finished washing his hands and putting on the deodorant that had brought him to the bathroom in the first place by the time she caught her breath.

“That do the trick?” he asked while caressing her butt.

Iris let out a weak chuckle and then moaned.

“I guess that’s a yes.  If not, you could always use your vibrator and send me some pictures.  Got to go.”

She turned her head to accept his quick, but passionate kiss.

“See you at lunch,” he said on the way out the door.  Then, from the hallway, she heard, “I’m already starving.”

He was going to get those pictures of her with her vibrator.


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