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Shopping Spree Refund - the Payback

Will gets a payback and more from Brooke
Shopping Spree Refund – The Payback

Several weeks after he had hired Brooke, Will heard nothing but rave reviews from her immediate supervisor. At first he thought it might be because she was putting out but since her supervisor was a female and a little on the hefty side, he dismissed that possibility. But then he started hearing rumors from people in several departments that she was doing well.

She was hired as the receptionist in the main lobby but had been promoted and was now secretary to one of the regional vice presidents. It meant a lot more money for her and she had never mentioned anything about their special “lunch” to his wife or anybody else, at least that he was aware.

Will was about to leave his office one Friday afternoon when Brooke stopped by. “I know you’re in a hurry to get home, but have you got a minute?”

“Sure, Brooke; what can I do for you?”

“Actually I want to ask you to help me tomorrow; I could use your advice,” she said.

“What kind of help?” Will asked.

“As you know, I was promoted recently and I need to go shopping for some clothes, things more appropriate for my new position. I would so appreciate it if you would come with me; I’ll treat for lunch if you can get away?”

Will knew that his wife had planned to replant most of her garden the next day and he was supposed to be in the office to catch up, but he agreed to go along with Brooke.

“Great! Why not meet me at the Italian restaurant? We can leave our cars there, walk into the mall and when I finish shopping we can have lunch.”

“That sounds like a plan; works for me.”

“Great! Meet me about 10:00 a.m. and we can hit the shops when they open,” she said excitedly.

Later that night as Will humped away at his wife’s unresponsive body, he thought of Brooke. Her tits, those great legs and that fantastic ass. His cock and enthusiasm were awakened and suddenly his wife’s body came to life under his energetic thrusts. Before he knew it her legs were hooked behind his and her arms were around his neck. She uttered soft excited encouragement until they both came, shuddering in each other’s arms.

Will felt guilty the next morning but he was quickly aroused just thinking of seeing Brooke again. When he pulled into the parking lot at the restaurant, Brooke was already there, leaning against the side of her car. She had a pink blouse and short pink shirt on and tennis shoes with pink trim. He bumped into the curb staring at her long tanned legs.

She held his hand and seemed excited and happy that we was with her as they headed for her favorite stores. Today she taunted him even worse than before because she was shopping for lingerie. Fuck! Will knew that by the time she was finished shopping he would be so horny he would probably have to go home and fuck his wife right in her flower garden.

In the first store, Brooke made him sit in the chair right outside and opened the fitting room door to show him the bra and panties she had tried on. He smiled but had to struggle not to put his hand on his pants to hide his growing erection.

In the second store the fitting rooms were cut off from the sales area and with nobody else back in the fitting rooms she stepped out to his chair and posed in front of him, spreading her legs, and leaning close so he could see her labia pressing through the silk panties. “Do you think these will impress my new boss, Mr. Richards?” she asked almost innocently.

“Why wouldn’t he?” asked Will, “Hell, I’d rip them off you with my teeth if you were dressed in them in my office,” he answered, jokingly but seriously.

She laughed and turned around, bending over in front of him. He could see the crack of her ass through the flimsy silk. “What about the back? Do you think he’ll like my ass in these?” she asked teasingly.

He couldn’t stand it any longer. Will stood up so she could see the tent in the front of his pants. “Well I know his dick will like them; my dick sure does!”

She giggled and went back into the fitting room. She left the door wide open so he could watch her slip out of the bra and back into her own, and when she stepped out of the panties her eyes were watching him. She licked her lips as she put her own panties back on. He dared not touch his cock for fear he would come in his boxers sitting in the fitting room.

When she had made several purchases in five stores she must have been satisfied with driving him insane because she was quiet and serious as they walked to their cars. She put her packages in her car and they went into the restaurant. She asked the waitress for the same booth they had been in during their last visit.

“Fuck!” thought Will, “Now I have to think about what happened last time all during lunch. I’m going to have to jerk off in the restroom to relieve the pressure before I go home.”

Once they had ordered their food, however, things took a turn for the better for Will. Brooke leaned over the table, giving him a more than generous view of her cleavage. “I know you’ve been hard all morning. The reason I asked you to come along was to intentionally tease and arouse you.” She admitted.

“Why the fuck do you want to do that to me?” he whispered loudly.

“Because I want to pay you back for not only hiring me but for giving me head under the table last time; I was really horny, probably more than you are now,” she said.

“Nobody could be hornier than I am right now, and what do you mean by “pay me back”?”

“We don’t have much time, Will, reach under the table and take your cock out of your pants.”

Will suddenly realized her intentions and he was not about to argue to try to talk her out of it. She leaned further across the table and her tits almost fell out of her blouse.

“Stroke it for me, Will, get it big and hard for me and I’ll suck you off. Just think about my ass; I know you like my tight ass, all guys love my ass. Think about squeezing my ass in your hands while you fuck me hard. Or maybe you’d like to fuck my ass, would you like that, Will?”

Will was stroking his cock under the table, hidden by the long tablecloth. If she didn’t stop talking soon he knew he would shoot his load across the booth at her legs. Mercifully she was almost done teasing him.

“I really have a tight ass, Will and I love to feel a big hard cock sliding in and out of my ass.”

She looked around and slipped under the table, just as he had done before. He felt her hands push his away from his cock and he felt her breath on the crown. She wasted no time in taking it deep into her mouth. She licked the shaft and sucked on the tip and he gripped the edge of the table.

Her wonderful mouth made love to his cock but when she wrapped a hand around his shaft and stroked him he could not hold back. He closed his eyes tightly, gritted his teeth and stars exploded inside his head. She quietly sucked his knob until her hand had gently pumped him dry. She even licked the shaft some more and sucked and sucked even after he was obviously finished.

When she had safely returned to her seat in the booth Will was struggling to tuck away his still very stiff cock. Her eyes were filled with lust as she said “I really love sucking a really hard cock.”

The waitress approached with their food before Will could respond, but all during lunch Brooke told Will all the wonderful things about sucking a cock that made her wet. His erection never deflated during the meal.

After lunch Will walked closely behind Brooke to hide the tent in the front of his pants and they hurried to their cars in silence. When they approached his Jeep, he opened the passenger door and got in. “Climb in here with me, Brooke,” he said firmly. She looked around to ensure that nobody was within viewing range and then her eyes met his as she boldly slipped her panties down off her legs and then put them in her tiny purse.

She climbed into the Jeep, straddling him on the seat and he pulled the door shut. She lifted up while he unzipped his pants and fumbled to get his erection free. She lifted her dress just in time as she felt the tip of his cock brush across her slit. As soon as the tip pressed into her Brooke impaled herself on him.

The risk of being discovered added to the excitement for both of them. Anybody leaving the restaurant and coming to the parking lot might see them, and especially anyone pulling into the adjoining parking spaces.

He could feel her wetness soaking him as she pressed deep into him. She took his face in her hands and kissed him, sucking on his tongue and moaning into his mouth. Will unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open. Sliding his hands under the frame of her bra he filled his hands with her breasts and squeezed their fullness.

She sat motionless in his lap with him deeply embedded inside her while he returned her kisses and played with her nipples. Breaking the kiss she began to rise up and down on his shaft. She placed her hands on the seatback behind his head. As she bobbed up and down on him, Will pulled her bra down and sucked on a nipple.

Her motions soon made it impossible for him to keep a breast in his mouth at all. She was as turned on as he had been in the restaurant. Finally he grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard each time she slid down his shaft, thrusting as deeply as he could.

He felt a sense of power and control as she rode him; he didn’t care of he came or not. The feeling of taking her to climax at his direction superseded his own need for a release. He focused on her moans of pleasure until she finally wrapped her arms around his neck, pressed her body flat against his and squeezed him with her legs.

Her head lay against his neck as her body shuddered against him as her hips jerked and she held him tightly inside her. He could feel his cock throbbing inside her and yet was not inclined to satisfy himself. He had never felt such passion and control at the same time. He actually willed himself to abate even though the sensations were wonderful.

She felt his erection recede and rose to her knees on the seat. “Wow! That was something,” she said breathlessly. “I got pretty hot under the table at the restaurant. I’m glad you took advantage of the situation. Thanks, but why didn’t you come?”

“For some reason I wanted to hold back, to maintain control and to make you come first, and then even when you did I wanted to wait, to keep wanting you. I was hoping we could get together again in a better, safer environment so it could last a lot longer.”

Brooke opened the door and climbed out of the Jeep, straightening her skirt. Will stepped out and closed the door. “Will you go with me to a motel so we can take our time?” he asked.

Brooke thought about it for a few seconds before she responded. “I think doing it in public was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. I’ll tell you what; follow me to the park and we’ll take a walk down the hiking path and maybe we can arrange something to excite both of us.”

The drive to the local park seemed longer than ever for Will.

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