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Sister Charlotte

Halloween brings out the evil best, and worst, in some people...

"Do you like them?"

He was stunned. Deer in the headlights. Kick to the balls. Closed fist strike to the solar plexus. Stunned. He couldn't move. He couldn't breathe.

She caught him looking when his eyes should have been elsewhere. Her braless form grabbed his attention and her perky nipples sang lullabies to his post-pubescent libido. They sang to the sound of suckling. His heavy balls jumped with its lyrical rhythm and his growing dick swayed to her melodic nursery rhyme song, but she was no Mother Goose. Or Mother Theresa.

Jeffrey tried to speak but nothing came out. She had lured him close then trapped him. Now entangled in her web, Sister Charlotte had him where she wanted. There was no escape. He again tried to speak.

"You... you wanted to see me, Ms. Charlotte?" he timidly asked. She requested that all students call her by her first name. The Catholic School Board wanted her to use her last, so they compromised.

He had a spare period. A high schooler's luxury. He would usually go to the mall with the other students. She knew that.

"Hell's burning, young man, and I'm on fire. You'll have fifteen minutes; better make every second count, or else."

He took calculus and hated it, but he could count on Ms. Charlotte. He also understood her threat. It was a gift.

"Janitor's office. Now." She handed him a key and shooed Jeffrey away. He high-stepped it to the other end of the school; where the vocational classes were taught and the bad kids hung out. The halls smelled of filtered air and sin.

He knocked first, ensuring no one was home. He then looked down the austere cinder block walled hall before entering. She would be right behind him. She was. She entered before he could close the door.

"Pants down but leave the horns," she instructed as Charlotte exposed both breasts, nipples erect and flanking the crucifix swinging between them. Once he stepped out of his red, velvet pants, she knelt and took the horny little fucker in her mouth. Her hot mouth and swirling tongue elicited praise and a standing ovation.

"Back," she slobbered as she pushed Jeffrey on top of the janitor's desk.

He slid his ass along the cold, Arborite veneer with the high school's receptionist still attached to his throbbing dick. He thought it ironic that the janitor's office would soon be messy again.

In the small mirror on the back of the door, he saw the sacrilege of a sexy nun mounting the devil's cock. Her fiery cunt quickly swallowed the meaty innocence of the sixteen-year-old high school student. While she slid up and down, he wondered why a janitor needed a mirror; the need for his image to be the last thing he saw each time he exited his office.

"Bite my tits," she barked as she bounced off of his muscular, running back thighs. He left teeth marks on each fleshy tit, while rubbing her nipples against his unshaven face.

"Squeeze my ass," she demanded as the sweat glistened her brow. He grabbed two handfuls of cheek and pulled her violation hard against his groin.

Jeffrey again looked at the mirror and for a brief moment thought he only saw himself in the reflection.

"Fuck me, boy!" she screamed knowing no one would hear her through the concrete walls.

He did as told, slamming her ass down hard and fast, remembering their time limit and her threat. It then seemed like the second hand of the school's wall clock slowed to a near stop. Then time stood still. He felt her tremble and erupt. He then proceeded to unloaded inside the sexy nun's cunt.

"Ugh, God!" Charlotte shrieked as her body purged its sexual fluid, flushing out any seed her little devil had discharged.

Their fornicating mess flowed between their legs, over the desk, and pooled onto the floor. Jeffrey wondered if the janitor would again complain to Charlotte about the leaky ceiling in his office.

"I do like your costume but aren't you a little old for trick or treating," Ms. Charlotte playfully bantered as the two of them briskly walked towards the washrooms.

"I don't need to ask for forgiveness, do I, Sister?" he mocked back, commenting on her costume. Charlotte stopped. This time, she looked both ways down the austere cinder block walls of the hallway. She then grabbed his hand and they returned to the slippery, musky confines of the janitor's office.

She bent over the desk and lifted her ass high. "Sodomize me with that big fucking cock of yours, and then you can confess your sins."

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