Sister in law quickie

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My sister in law gives it up straight out of the shower.
This story takes place at my cabin in Colorado. It was about 5 or 6 years ago my wife and I had invited her sister to join us for the weekend to go fishing and hiking. It was a beautiful day in the mountains so we decided to go for a short hike to a nearby lake and take our fishing gear with us. While we were fishing we started drinking wine and sitting around just talking about everything in general we were beginning to get pretty drunk. We decided to make our way back to the cabin I had a drunk woman on each arm and trying to carry all of our gear was quite challenging. We finally made it to the cabin my wife was ready to pass out from the wine and long walk so she went to the bedroom to lay down .
Amy (sister in law) went down stairs to the room she was staying in to relax also.The downstairs area is also where we keep all of the fishing gear.As I came down the stairs I heard the shower running, as I got closer I could tell that she had not closed the door to the bathroom. Amy has an awesome body and I've always wanted to see her naked and today was my lucky day. As I stood there just watching her my dick began to grow suddenly she turned the shower off and I thought I was busted but she acted like she didn't see me.
When she walked out of the bathroom I was putting things away when she came over and whispered in my ear "Did you like what you saw?". I was extremely embarrassed and thought she would be upset.When I turned around to apologize to her she just smiled and opened up her towel to reveal her perky B cup tits and perfectly trimmed bush. I stood there with total amazement just staring at her.
Amy motioned for me to follow her into the bathroom and locked the door behind her.As soon as that door was shut I was all over her. I spun her around so she was holding onto the sink and started kissing her neck and reaching around her to play with her tits and pussy. She started rubbing her ass up and down my shorts making me hard as a rock.
I started licking my way down her back all the way to her asshole.By now she was bent over at the waist pushing her ass into my face.I licked her from top of her butt crack to her beautiful clit sticking my tongue in her ass and pussy each time. Amy began reaching down and rubbing her clit as fast as she could, in a few seconds later she was bucking and pushing her pussy into my face even harder until she came all over my face.
Amy had no sooner finished cumming than she was on her knees sucking my cock for all she was worth. My wife gives a pretty good blow job but she could use some lessons from her sister.Amy would take the tip of my cock in her mouth and swirl her tongue around it would drive you crazy then she would start licking up and down the shaft. 
I wanted to shoot my load down her throat when she stood up turned around and bent over the sink. She didn't have to say a word she just looked at me. I started rubbing my cock up and down her pussy lips when she pushed backed against me. My cock slipped all the way in her in one motion. Her pussy felt great, nice and slick.
We instantly found our rhythm and I began plowing away at her pussy. Amy reached under her and started massaging my balls and taint.
 She must talk to my wife about that stuff. It is probably my favorite thing for her to do to me during intercourse.While Amy was playing with my balls I was reaching around her and rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples.
The more I would pinch her nipples the more she would squeeze my balls. I was loving this, I felt that tingle in my balls and told her I was about to come and she pulled off of me spun around and started deep throating my cock.About ten seconds of this and I was shooting streams of cum down her throat.She never even missed a drop and cleaned me up nicely, holding my cock and licking all around it to make sure she didn't miss any.
I quickly put my clothes back on and headed upstairs to see my wife laying in bed asleep. Amy was about five minutes behind me and came in to see my wife laying there and told me "If we would have known she was asleep we could have made it last longer because this was a one time thing.".
We have been around each other quite a bit and each time we talk about going fishing we just look at each other and smile.