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Small Town Librarian

I’m an eighteen year old plus sized girl and more mature than half the people in my town. I graduated early, have a decent car, am single, living on my own, and enjoying life. I have a job working part time at the local library. I didn’t want to socialize with deadbeats at malls or snobby rich teens at pricey restaurants. Therefore I’ve chosen a job where I wouldn’t see any of them step foot in.

I have been working all day and am exhausted however, I am still not done. I’ve been assigned to organize stacks of files which feels like a never ending task.

The small cubicle is humid, even with the medium size desk fan running. I am wearing a black double d, silk bra under a silky button up neon green shirt paired with black dress pants and black heels. My medium length brunette hair is curled to perfection. My face is brushed with light makeup; a thin layer of eye liner, making my bluish-green eyes pop, glossy plump lips.

After a couple hours of filing, I needed to take a short needed break. I get up and leave my desk to clock out in the main staff office. Before clocking out, my boss grabs my attention and directs me to put a stack of books away on the correct shelves.

I can’t argue with the boss. She gives me a wicked grin and pushes past me as if we are in a crowded place. I just take a deep breath. I walk over to the main desk and grab the stack of science fiction books and walk on. When I get to the section, I bump into a very attractive man.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. He looks to be at least twenty-five, with dirty blonde hair, about six feet tall, muscular frame, gorgeous blue eyes, and a side smile that drew me in for some reason.

I accidentally drop some of the books. I fumble as they fell to the ground. He picks them up for me and says,

“These are the books I was looking for. Can I will check them out?”

I nod and with a smile on my face I respond, “Follow me please.”

We arrive at the main desk and I ask for his card number. He pauses for a while trying to remember. So I ask for his name, he should know that one hopefully.

“Zach Stevenson.”, he replies.

His name sounding familiar, I check his books and hand him the receipt. He thanks me and walks out, as I stand there pondering his name.

Finally, work is over and it is time to relax. I clock out and head out the library front doors. I climb into my car and drive the fifteen minutes home.

I pull into the parking lot by my apartment building. I climb out locking the car and walk to the door and up the two floors of stairs with my body slightly aching. I reach my apartment floor. As I reach my room I kick off my heels by the door, fling my green silk shirt off. Time to beat the heat. I take a breath and fall onto my bed. Time to enjoy me!

I lay there for about ten minutes with my eyes closed. Remembering the cute patron, I jump up and rush to my closet to grab the old yearbooks. I look through one book after another with no luck. Flipping through pages I finally find him on the school drama page. He had went to my school. I knew he looked familiar.

Zach still looks as good as he did in school. Handsome! I can’t stop thinking about him. I want him so bad! In a non-creeper way, of course. I dream of all the sexual things he could do to me. Making myself wet, I started to quiver with pleasure.

Throwing my clothes to the floor, I head for the bathroom. I start some hot water with a dash of bubbles to fill the tub. Lavender scent, one of my favorites. Turning the water off when the tub is half full, I sink in. Oh, that feels so good on my aching muscles.

I lay there tracing my nipples with my wet fingers making them hard. With each pinch and light tug, I make myself more aroused. I move my right hand down to my shaven pussy. Slowly I rub my clit then finger my pussy hitting my G spot. Starting to finger fuck myself faster and faster; so fast make my body thrust up and down.

I begin thinking of Zach. Playfully holding me down on my bed. Ripping our clothes off, he grabs his hard, thick cock and jams it into my wet pussy. Zach becomes aggressive and thrusts harder into me each time. He starts biting the left side of my neck, then slowly he licks down towards my perky nipples. Lightly he blows on my nipples making them harder from the cool air.

Zach grabs both of my big breast and starts sucking on one, then the other, making me moan loud wanting more. I pull his face gently towards mine and kiss him passionately for a while. We kiss like I haven’t been kissed in a long time. I run my fingers through his soft hair, with a playful tug every so often making him more aggressive.

I hear a loud bang and awaken from my fantasy.

Getting out of the tub I let the water drain and grab my bath robe. I walk to my door and look through the peep hole. It’s my landlord, great buzz kill. I roll my eyes and walk towards my room to get dressed.

While getting dressed, the land lord knocks again and I holler, “Be there in a moment!”

Finally dressed, I walk back to the door and open it. My landlord doesn’t look very pleased, but he never does. I let him come in and ask him to take a seat if he would like to. He stands there by the door staring at me. I give him a confused face. He hands me a piece of paper that explains this is my final warning for noise complaint. Silently I chuckle and apologize. Not saying a thing he walks out slamming my door behind him.

I toss the letter in the kitchen trash and decide to make myself some dinner since I am in there. I make some mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, one barbequed pork chop, and pour a glass of iced tea.

When dinner was finished, I go to the bedroom and undress. Cracking the window open I feel the cool summer breeze. Plopping onto the bed, I turn my stereo on. The music helps me relax.

Lying there I look over at the clock on my wall. It’s eleven p.m. and I groan dreading going to work tomorrow, the average working teen response. I eventually fall asleep within half a hour.

Beep *Beep* Damn alarm clock. Wishing the alarm clock was broken so I could sleep longer, I click the off button. It’s eight a.m. I drag myself out of bed.

Walking towards my closet I step on a thumb tack. I let out a short scream and pick up the thumb tack and toss it into the trash. The morning is already warning me that today isn’t going to be great. I rush while getting my clean clothes on and grooming myself. I’ve straightened my hair, lightly covered my face with make-up, nude colored bra under a light blue button up shirt, and black heels.

Ready to go, I stop in front of the bedroom mirror and double check myself. I look professional and comfortable.

I lock my apartment door and head to work. A smile on my face along with a great attitude. I know today will be just another ordinary day at work but I need to try and love my job like I did when I first started.

I get to work and walk in the front doors with a smile. I greet a few of the patrons that are heading out the doors and get to the main office. I clock in and start on the new piles of books to put away.

I grab a pile of books that need to be placed in the Book Nook upstairs. I head to the elevator and wait till I reach the third floor. Ding Getting out of the elevator I head towards the nook. Noticing that this floor had no patrons around I put the books down by one of the shelves. Walk over to an employee only door and unlock it.

It’s a small storage room. My favorite place to be in the workplace while there’s few patrons. I enjoy sitting in here and reading some of the older horror books that are suppose to be thrown out. This place helps keep my sanity. Just the books and I. Sometimes when I relax in there, I feel as if I’m taken into another world.

I walk out and lock the storage room. Getting back to work, I grab the books off the floor and organize them onto the shelves. After I put the final book up I head out of the nook and towards the stairs.

Click *Clack* Click All I’m hearing is the echo of my foot steps walking down the stairs. I get to the main floor and walk over to the main desk. One of the staff members tells me,

“There is a patron in the science fiction area that needs some assistance.”

I nod and walk to the science fiction section to find the patron. I look in the first and second isles to find nobody there. When I go to the third one it was empty as well. I turn around and go back to the desk to ask for a description of the patron. On my way out of the third isle I bump into someone. Looking up, I notice that it was Zach.

He’s wearing a local band t-shirt, jeans, and a expensive watch. He has his dirty blonde hair combed to the back.

I blush and apologize for running into him.

“It’s alright, I was actually wanting to talk to you.”, Zach responds.

“Oh, what do you want to talk about?”, I reply.

I daze off looking him up and down. Fighting the urge to feel his manly body, I look back into his eyes.

“When you have time would you like to get to know each other?”, he responds.

“Sure how about now? I can take my lunch break, if that’s okay with you?”, I reply.

“Yeah, that’s fine.”, he replies with a smile.

“Meet me on the third floor by the staff only door.”, I reply.

Zach heads to the elevator. I rush over to the main desk and let my coworker know that I’m taking lunch break early. I walk into the staff lounge and clock out then rush to the elevator. As I walk into the elevator, I noticed Zach standing to my right in the corner. The door closes and it’s just us.

I stand in the corner across from Zach. He walks over and presses the emergency stop button. The elevator comes to a halt. I become nervous. Tons of things run through my mind of what is going to happen. Good and bad things. He leaves the corner and stands in front of me.

“I’ve seen you before ya’ know, you went to my high school.”, he mentions.

“I thought the same thing when I bumped into you.”, I reply.

“You’ve grown up a lot and became very beautiful.”, Zach responds.

When I was about to respond he leans in and kisses me. He has perfectly soft lips. I can’t believe this was happening. I feel like a preteen getting their first kiss. I kiss back and run my fingers through his hair. His hair is also soft like I imagined. We stop kissing and he smiles at me.

“Do you want to go somewhere private?”, I ask.

“Yeah, where do you have in mind?”, he responds.

“I know a place on the third floor.”, I reply.

Zach presses the emergency start button. The elevation starts up. Ding The door opens and I lead him to the storage room. I look around when we get to the door. There are no patrons in site. I unlock the door and let him in first. Shutting the door behind me I make sure to lock it.

I walk to Zach and gently push him against the wall. We look into each others eyes for a bit, then we start to make out. He has one hand on my cheek and the other around my waist. I nervously start to pull up his shirt. We stop kissing and took each others shirts off then pants.

He looks me over with a smile. I do the same to him. I unsnap my bra and fling it to the floor by some dusty shelves. Zach walks to me and starts sucking on the right side of my neck. He has one hand holding my neck and the other cupping one of my breasts.

My nipples become hard and I get a little wet. Zach stops sucking my neck and squats down in front of me. He pulls off my panties. I spread my legs some so he can get a great view. He slides his right hand up my smooth left leg towards my pussy. My body is aching for some action.

He puts two fingers into my pussy making me even more wet. He fingers me slow then fast. I let out a quiet gasp. Zach smiles up at me, leans in, and starts sucking my clit. I quiver from the pleasure. Becoming more wet from Zach’s quick moving tongue. I stop him and lay on the floor, then arch my pussy up for better access.

He goes back to sucking my clit. I close my eyes and bite my lip trying not to moan loud. I start playing with my hard nipples. I flick and pull at them. Zach stops sucking my clit and takes his boxers off. Finally, I can see his cock. Looking up at a thick, erect cock that’s ready to be sucked. I couldn’t look away from his God given gift.

I sit up and kneel in front of him. I slowly suck the head then go further down on him until I gag myself. I start to blow him slowly then I become faster and faster. He lets out some quiet moans. I rub his balls as I blow him making him more aroused. He grabs the back of my head and forces me further onto him for a bit then lets me get air.

I can feel his cock become more and more hard inside my mouth. He grabs me by the throat and slips me off his cock. Zach nails me to the ground and thrusts himself into my swollen, wet pussy. I let out a loud moan when I feel his big, hard cock inside me. He quickly covers my mouth with his. We make-out yet I manage to slip out some moans.

Zach stops kissing me and starts sucking my nipples. I squirm with pleasure. Grinding my hips against his. I scratch his back from his shoulders down to his waist. I claw him from trying to contain myself. His cock going in and out of my slippery swollen pussy. I bite his neck. He lets out countless more moans. I push him onto his back and ride him cowgirl style.

He gives my ass a hard smack then grab. I bounce up and down on his fucking amazing cock. My double d breast bouncing in front of him. He leans up to me and starts playing with my nipples. Zach sucks and bites one and pinches the other. I bounce more and grind faster. I’m about to reach orgasm when I feel he is about to release his load.

He pushes me off him and gets a firm hold onto my mouth. He forces me to open my mouth. Zach blows his load into my mouth. I have nowhere to spit so I have no choice but to swallow his sticky juice. I gave his cock a few more sucks then get up.

I walk over to a shelf and grab some paper towels. We clean up and get dressed. I look through the door keyhole and notice that the floor was still empty. I unlock the door and head out first just in case my boss was around the corner. I gave Zach a signal that the coast is clear. He walks out and I lock the door. We give each other a short kiss before we go our separate ways.

I get into the elevator and act as if nothing happened. Back on the main floor one of my coworkers asked if I heard the strange noises, and I act like I have no clue on what was going on.

A few weeks go by, I haven’t heard from or seen Zach. But that’s okay I got to accomplish a fantasy. A fantasy from the day I spent with Zach, it was my little secret. This librarian was checked out.

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