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Solo Weekend at the Beach

She wanted a hot one, and she got it. And then she had another.

Em had decided to go away for the weekend. She sometimes did this, often as a lesson to Ambrose who insisted on working far longer hours that Em considered reasonable. Sometimes, though, she took a weekend trip because she wanted a hot massage and some uncomplicated sex.

This was one of those weekends.

She was going to a little beach resort they both knew well and frequently visited. It was about three hours away by car and Em had organized her Friday so she could depart by four o’clock to beat the peak hour traffic.

She knew Ambrose wouldn’t be home until around seven. She didn’t leave a note. She never did. He’d know she’d gone away for the weekend and that she’d be back late on Sunday.

Em thought he might believe she was having an affair. She didn’t really mind if that’s what he thought. But she wasn’t. She’d only had one affair throughout their marriage and she was sure Ambrose knew about that, though he’d never mentioned it.

But she did like uncomplicated sex now and then and this was one of those times.

Mostly she got this by having a hot massage. That was her plan this weekend. She’d already booked with the little spa in the beach town. They knew her and were very discreet. She’d booked a nine pm appointment at her accommodation. Terry, who had massaged and fucked her before, and very nicely, thank you, would be there then.

While Em was packing up the last few things she was taking with her she had a little secret smile about this. She always tipped Terry before the massage. He had always come through with flying colours, in a manner of speaking.

Em dressed for the drive. It was summer and nicely warm. She put a on a little top over her tiny take-it-off-me bra and some denim shorts over her very tiny black lace string. She was already hot for it.

Vic was thrown in the bag. He was her vibrator and went everywhere with her. Two little bikinis and a beach wrap followed him into the bag. One of her non-iron long dresses followed, for dinner out on Saturday night, and a day-dress and three bra-and-panties sets. Her wash-bag went in next, and cigarettes, a pack of condoms, a bottle of whisky and a bottle of wine, and her smart phone and charger. She checked the time; all done by three-fifty.

At four pm she swung her car out of the garage and onto the road. By four-fifteen she was on the freeway and she knew that barring traffic snarls she’d be checking into her apartment on the beach by seven.

She made good time and was there by six-fifty. Two hours before Terry Hour. That was good. On the drive down she’d recalled her conversation earlier that day with a girlfriend who had called to ask her out for drinks that evening.

Em had said she couldn’t because she was going away for the weekend. Her girlfriend had demanded all the details and Em had told her. Her girlfriend, an old work colleague, had told her she was cancelling drinks and getting a hot massage instead. Em had told her she was glad to have been of service. They had had both laughed and made a date for drinks midweek.

“We can compare notes,” she told Em.

Em had thought, “Not bloody likely,” but had said, “Yes, why not.”

On the drive down Em had thought about what was coming up that evening, both figuratively and literally. Terry had lived in Thailand and was well schooled in very friendly massage techniques. Equally plainly, he had fucked many very inventive Thai ladies.

Em had a sudden thought about Terry’s hands between her legs and got very hot. She was driving on cruise control. She opened her bag which she’d put on the front passenger seat and rummaged around in it.

Eventually she found Vic. She had lubricated him before she left, and loaded his sac. It held a hot mixture of water and gel that Vic ejaculated when his balls were pumped. She unbuttoned and then unzipped her denim shorts and kicked them off. Her little string followed.

Then she placed Vic at her wet and hot entrance, switched him on and pushed him in. He was nine inches long and with brand new batteries he fucked her with hot vibrating vigour. She squeezed his balls and came as she passed the next turnout off the freeway and cruised past a police car that was turning off onto the ramp.

When she turned off the freeway at the beach resort exit forty-five minutes later she pulled over and dressed herself and kissed Vic’s sticky end that tasted of her and put him back in his travelling case.

When she arrived at her accommodation she told them she was expecting a friend to call in at nine pm. Then she slipped out for some noodles and spring rolls at a local cafe and was back at her apartment at eight-fifteen.

She showered and dressed in the incredibly tiny see-through pink string she knew Terry liked to strip off her while he massaged her back, legs, and pussy. She would be wearing only that when she answered the door at nine. It was so tiny that the neatly manicured long triangular landing strip she was wearing at the moment popped out the top,

She inspected the apartment. The massage bed was set up in the sizeable bedroom. The lounge room couch was big enough to fuck on. Em knew this. She’d done that before and she might do so again tomorrow night, if the dinner talent was up to the mark.

Nine pm. The door bell rang. She checked the video screen and then opened the door. Terry said, “Hello. God you’re a sexy woman, Em.”

And Em said, “I like a red-hot massage. But you know that.”

Terry said, “I know that and you shall have one tonight, because you’re a very sexy woman.” He slipped two fingers into her panties and stroked upwards through her pussy.

Em said, “Ohhh!”

Terry said, “And a very wet and ready one.”

He did her with his fingers. Em said, “Aah!”

Terry led her to the massage bed. Em’s nipples were like little lava bubbles. Her pussy was wet. He pushed her gently onto the massage bed, face down, and spread her legs. He bit her cheeks and licked her pussy.

Em said, “Aah!”

She heard him stripping himself naked and got hotter.

He’d stripped naked to massage her the first time. He’d said to her, “Sexy women should be massaged by a naked man, don’t you think?” She had agreed and he had fucked her very beautifully that first time and every time since.

He always chose a different way to finish the massage. The first time he had rolled her over, back on to her front, and pushed his thick cock through her hairy little beaver and fucked her doggy-style. Once he had fucked her while he was still on the first part of the massage, with Em face down on the bed. He had pulled her quite roughly over the end of the massage bed, seriously disturbing her pubic hair, and entered her from the rear with an immensely hard shaft.

She wondered how he would do her that night.

That night he gave her a full massage: all the back, including the pussy and the ass, and all the front, including the breasts and nipples and her triangular landing strip. He had licked that hotly and opened her pussy with his tongue.

Em came twice. Once on her tummy and once on her back.

He said to her, “I’d like to come back tomorrow and do you again. It’ll be my treat.”

Em had said, “Oh yes, please do that.”

Then he swung her sideways over the edge of the massage bed, pushed her legs wide apart, and fucked her hard, like a new lover. They came together.

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