Some Work in the Garage

By BrendaH

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A wife takes care of a need
This is a real short recap of a cute little situation my husband and I had a few weeks ago. It was during the week and my husband had a vacation week so he was home and doing a lot of fixit up stuff around the house all week. I, on the other hand, have been working some really long hours as it’s been incredibly demanding at work. So occasionally I come home and go back to work in the evening after a few minutes with the family. This evening everyone was out of the house although I new my husband was home since his car was in the driveway and, after doing some cleanup work of my kids rooms I went out to the garage where I found my husband doing some work. He was moving some stuff into the attic when I poked my head out the door and said hello. He came down and gave me a sweaty hug and kiss which I somewhat appreciated. I love the smell but hate the “mess”. So I went back inside to refresh. I redid my makeup and put my hair in a ponytail. I decided to change into jeans from the skirt I had on and after doing that, put my heels on and started to get ready to return to work.

I went towards the garage where I found my husband on a short ladder with the garage door now open. I said hello again and decided to have a cigarette while chatting with him. I took out my lighter and lit my cigarette, took a deep drag and exhaled. As I did so I noticed that my husband must have been wearing the same shorts he wears to bed without underwear because he was now tented up pretty fully. He loves to watch me smoke and his fetish was in full “bloom” right now. It had also been a few days since we had sex so he was probably pretty anxious in the first place and me doing what amounts to teasing him, although to that point it was the furthest thing from my mind, certainly wasn’t helping him any. Being the good wife I figured “why not”, I took another deep drag, exhaled, pressed the garage door opener to close the door and as it lowered I moved over to where he was standing on the stepstool.

As I took another drag I pressed the garage door opener, exhaled and began to move towards him. He began to speak but I put my finger to my lips as if to shush him which he did. I pulled his shorts down and out popped his rock hard cock right at my eye level. He started to speak again and I moved back as if to walk away and again shushed him with my finger. He finally must have gotten the message and I took another drag and exhaled on his cock. He loves this and his cock twitched as I did so. I reminded him not to touch me and I ran my tongue up and down his cock very lightly. He must have been really, really horny because he immediately began to react. I took another drag and again exhaled on the tip of his cock as I flicked my tongue right on the top of his cock on his peephole. Then I ran my tongue flicking up and down his dick one more time, took another drag and exhaled while tongue flicking and as I did so he stiffened and made a light little grunt as his cork popped. He was shooting all over the floor and I just had to dive my mouth over his cock to take a little of his cum into my mouth. Once I finally realized he was done I stopped sucking, pulled his shorts up, walked over to the garage door opener, pressed the button to open it and as it opened I walked to my car, took a last drag of my cigarette, tossed it away and said “bye” while waving with a smile. The look on my husband’s face was priceless. A stunned “did she really just do that?” type of look.

As I went around the corner and off to work I texted him….”I’m so baaaaad” with a smiley face. He took a few minutes to answer me “and I luv it”. When I got home we spent some time before going to sleep with his reenergized cock inside my, by then, soaking sweet spot. That was just two lovers doing what they love to do.