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Special present for an overworked boyfriend

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A day at work Max won't forget for a long time...
My boyfriend Max had been working long hours and I had barely seen him due to my schedule and I was getting especially horny, so I decided it was time to take things into my own hands.

As I walked into the massive home improvement store, the young greeter eyed me suspiciously as I was wearing a long trench coat. I grinned wickedly and gave him a small flash of my bare body. I’m sure it gave him a thrill.

The store was practically empty; it was cold enough to keep people home. I made my way to the back of the store to the outdoor garden centre where Max was working alone.

He smiled as he saw me, knowing full well what I was wearing under my coat. He took my hand, lead me to one of the display sheds in the corner and we went inside without a word.

He removed my coat and slowly traced his fingers down my naked body, held me with some force against the wall and started kissing and biting softly on my neck. He knows how that drives me wild. One of his hands found a nipple, hard from the cold and the excitement.

I fumbled around with his belt and pants undoing them, unleashing his hard cock. I guided it towards my legs, rubbing the tip against my wetness before pulling him off my neck and into a hard kiss.

His burning desire took hold and he forcefully penetrated me with one thrust, kissing me hard. We used the wall of the shed as a brace and I lifted myself up, wrapped my legs around him allowing him slide in deeper. Each time he thrust into me he hit the perfect spot, fuelling my lust. Our kisses muffled our moans of pleasure.

We suddenly heard voices in the garden centre, but this did not stop us, it just made our passions burn hotter and him thrust harder into me. I broke our kiss and threw my head back, gripping into his shoulders tightly. The shed rocked slightly from his vigorous pounding.

I moaned, "I'm going to cum Max."

I began to push hard onto his cock, begging for orgasm. He stopped thrusting and pulled out, much to my dismay at first, but then he grinned.

"Turn around....I love fucking you that way."

I smirked and turned around pressing myself against the wall and pushing my wet pussy back onto his waiting cock. He grabbed onto my hips and thrust hard into me and gave me a little spank.

He growled, "Oh fuck, Alice. I love your pussy."

"Harder baby!" I moaned in reply. Loud enough mind you that now, anyone in the garden centre would be completely aware of what we were doing.

He responded to my cry with faster, harder thrusts, hitting my g-spot, sending me into explosive orgasm, my body shuddered as I squeezed his cock begging him to cum with me. He thrust deep into me a few times and then pulled out and came all over my ass and back. I turned around and dropped down and took his softening cock into my mouth, catching the last of his hot cum. He gasped in pleasure.

"Oh Alice..."

I smiled, stood up and put my coat back on and gave him a warm kiss. Peeking out the door, I saw no one around; I stepped out and walked off. I left him there with a grin on his face and a story for his mates.

As I passed the greeter on my way out he smirked at me knowingly. Maybe, just maybe, next time he can join us?

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