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Spying on the Boss' Daughter, Part 2

Continuing from the previous chapter - more on the way
As I push her back on to her desk, I take off my boxers completely. Kate softly moans in my ear as I gently circle her mound with my hand. I push her soaking wet panties to the side of her pussy, coating my fingers with her glorious pussy juice. I slowly circle her engorged clitoris, as we start kissing passionately, tongues tangling, messy kisses, the lot.

She gasps into my mouth with pleasure as I continue to rub her clitoris, she gasps for deep release "Oh god, that feels so good!! DON'T STOP!!!! Oh yeah, rub my pussy, make me come, oh yes, HARDER!!"

I increase the pressure that I'm applying to her clitoris, making her spasm into yet another orgasm, coating my fingers with even more come.

I suddenly stop rotating my hand to lift it away from her, only to tease her into wanting more. Instead she moans, " You're such a tease, at least finish what you started!!"
I look at her face to face as if I'm supposedly going to give up, when she says, "Seriously, I thought we were finally getting somewhere, and you stop!! How pathetic are you?!"

That's it, I thought to myself, as she tries to get up, I push her back down hard against her desk, covering her mouth with one of my hands and I decide its playing time. I lower my mouth to where her glistening pink pussy lips are crying for yet another touch.

I put my lips over her wet clitoris and suck it really hard. She muffles a scream from behind my hand, causing me to suckle more of her delicious cunt, I shove two fingers from my other hand into her wet pussy. I remove my hand from her mouth with my other hand still at work, saying to her, " Ssshh... Do you promise to be quiet, lunch break is nearly over and everyone with be back soon."

She replies softly, " Sure, but hurry I want your cock inside me before breaks over! Go into my toilet area and get the condoms I put in the basket underneath the basin sink."
I sprinted off to the adjoining bathroom, checking all the baskets underneath the basin sink as I realized there were four baskets of things, one drawer in particular had what looked like a bright pink vibrator - that'll sure come in handy.

I eventually find some Magnum sized condoms on top of some towels.

 I grabbed all the condoms and put them on the basin's marble surface. In desperation I reached for one of the foiled gold packets. I brought it to my lips to tear it open with my teeth. I took it out of its packaging and slowly sheathed myself, once completely over my 7 inch very hard erect cock, I pick up the remaining condoms off the surface and grab the pink vibrator thinking of useful ways to use it on her.

I walk back to her office where she is still glorious naked and so wet just for me - I think to myself I have been trying for ages to get with this girl and she in there begging for my cock. I enter her office and I say to her " Are you ready to have the best fuck you've ever had?"

She Replies " Oh most definitely john please fuck me with your big juicy dick!!!"

I grab hold of my 7 inch dick and tease her clitoris with it. I slowly enter her really tight pussy and withdraw my cock, I do the exact same all over again but this time I push my cock in to the hilt, burying my cock in her sweet cunt.

She cries " I'm Coming, I'm Coming, Oh god this feels so good oh yes john fuck me harder" I'm so close to coming I grip her hips and grunt my orgasm.

I say to her after I've caught my breath "You're the most gorgeous women I have ever met. I've always like you. Now that I know how much a bad girl you really are i'm going to go back into that bathroom and get that bright pink vibrator that was also in one of the baskets, bet you didn't think I'd ruote huh. We are going to have so much fun!"

I go back to the bathroom to dispose of the condom and grab the vibrator that is now sitting on the counter. I go back to her office and realize she is silent.

It was only then that I seen she was trying her best to cover up her beautiful body. I turned to where she was facing, which was the doorway to see my boss David, her dad, staring at the both of us. The smile from my face disappeared quickly followed by remorse when he looked from Kate to me, I noticed he was staring at my dick, his eyes lit up with wanting whilst rubbing his crotch he then looked at the pink buzzing vibrator in my hand and smiled.

I thought to myself, "Shit, that's me out of a job!"

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