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Single female has wild sex in health club shower
Sara's eyes scanned the running track with increasing eagerness.

Would he be here today?

For over a week, a tall, dark stranger had caught her eye while jogging the indoor track at the health club. He was ruggedly handsome and she could not seem to prevent herself from following his every move as he jogged ahead of her. She loved his long muscular legs and tight ass; not to mention his well toned body, dark hair and ,of course, those Paul Newman baby blue eyes of his.

A dozen or more runners were out today and she took her usual pace. There he was! A half lap or so in front of her. Was he slowing down, or was she getting faster? In moments she was right beside him, matching his stride like two vehicles on the interstate trying to pass one another.

Awkward moments of silence in which the only sound was their labored breathing and the sound of their running shoes echoing off the concrete walls nearby drug on. She shot a quick glance in his direction. He was looking at her now. She smiled and nodded as if to say hello. He gave her a smile that made her want him all the more. She had to maintain her composure. She didn't want to come off as a slut working the tracks just to get laid, but was glad she opted for no bra to run in today. She wanted him to notice her. If she could get ahead of him she could give him a view of her shapely ass as well.

Her thoughts melted like butter on hot bread when he accelerated and shot down the track for his final lap of the day. She finished her run and headed towards the female locker rooms. Lost in her thoughts of the mysterious stranger she never noticed that she turned instead to the unisex showers. She thought it strange that no other females were there, but passed it off as a light day. Her hands adjusted the knob until the hot stream of water enshrouded her in a cloud of steam. The sweat glistened on her naked body like small crystals as she soaked under the stream.

She never saw him come in. She was suddenly aware of someone very close to her. She whirled around to see him standing there facing her with that smile of his. Her heart was racing wildly, her breasts heaving with her excited breath; the nipples hard and erect as he inched his way closer. Neither spoke a word as he pressed his body against hers. She could feel his semi-erect cock rubbing against her. The knowledge that at any moment someone could come in and catch them only made the moment more intense.

She never saw him close the door or put the “Closed for Cleaning” sign up outside. She wanted him and he wanted her. His strong hands clasped her ass cheeks firmly and pulled her towards him. They locked in an impassioned kiss as steamy as the room itself as their hands explored each others body. Lost in lust and abandoning all self-control, she broke his grasp of her only to sink to her knees and put the head of his thick cock against her mouth. Her tongue roamed over the meaty head and she felt it growing at her touch. His cock was thick and long and the veins bloated and puffy.

The scent of her own arousal filled the room as she took his pulsating cock into her mouth and began working on it feverishly. She could hear his lust-filled moans as she pleasured him with her hot mouth. The room seemed to spin out of control as she gave in to her own cravings; no longer worrying about any intrusion. In moments he had her bent over, her hands resting on the slick tiles of the shower wall as he drove his cock into her.

She could feel his come-laden balls slap against her inner thighs as he fucked her with reckless abandon. Burning with sexual frenzy, she slipped her right hand between her legs and began working on her swollen clit until a hot jet of female come soaked his cock. Oblivious to her surroundings, she worked herself to another orgasm before she felt his thick load splash against her inner walls.

Spent and exhausted the two sunk to the floor as the shower soaked their bodies. When they recovered he reached out his hands and helped her to her feet. Reaching up to turn off the shower, he wrapped his arms around her and they shared a long, passionate kiss.

“Name is Brent,” he mused as he looked into her eyes.

She thought how careless she had been as she sheepishly told him her name.

“I am starved. Care to go grab a bite somewhere?” he asked.

Sara could net help but giggle at how absurd the whole thing was as she nodded her consent. She dressed and fixed her hair and went to meet him in the parking lot. She didn't know where this was going, but she knew she liked it...

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