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Sticky Fingers

Profit makes sense

She took my hand and discreetly pulled it up between her thighs, all the while continuing her conversation with the CEO. I tried to keep my cool, but I knew I was probably as red as a tomato at that moment, and even more so when I felt the moisture of her pussy seeping through the front of her cotton panties onto my fingers. Her thighs were as smooth as silk, causing an immediate and somewhat embarrassing erection, not to mention bulging and awkward. I looked straight ahead, hoping nobody would notice what was going on under the table.

“And that will bring your business a recurring revenue of at least 10 million a year,” she concluded, looking directly at me with a big grin on her face.

“What do you think, Jack?” the CEO asked, reaching out to shake my hand.

I half stood up while extracting my hand from between Lara’s legs as nonchalantly as I could, fully aware that I was about to seal a deal with a media mogul, with my sticky fingers.


“What the fuck?” I asked her when he left the room.
“Like you don’t want the business?” she asked.
“Well, yes, but there are times and places, and besides, I’m married.”
“Ha ha, that’s what you keep telling me.”
“Well yes, and I hope to keep it that way.”
“Do you really?” she asked cheekily. “Follow me and let’s see how married you are.”


The staff toilets were hardly the most romantic place for a shag, but I must admit that Lara’s body would make any man go crazy. In fact, I knew I was cruising into dangerous territory, watching her 22-year-old ass swaying in that navy blue pleated skirt. She looked behind her, making sure I was following.

“10 million dollars a year, Jack”, she whispered into my ear.

The closet was securely locked, and there was nothing else to do, except enjoy the moment.

I took her gorgeous face in my hands and kissed her. Her soft, dark brown hair rippled through my fingers while I savoured the taste of her full lips. Within seconds I was caressing her ass under her skirt, feeling the beautiful roundness of her buttocks.

“How married are you?” she asked, grappling at the front of my trousers.

“Apparently not enough,” I replied softly, anticipating the warmth of her lips on my gland.

She knew damned well she had me wrapped around her little finger.  She was a smart businesswoman and well aware of how to handle men.

I watched as she sucked me off, her pretty red lips engulfing my erection, her pert little titties just within reach in her white silk blouse. I reached down and played with them for a while through the material. Her nipples stiffened between my fingers, causing my swelling to respond in kind.

Lara stood up and put one foot up on the toilet seat. I played with her pussy under her panties. She knew that was my thing and she was already dripping wet in anticipation. Later, she would pee into my hands, but that would be later. For now, I just toyed with her clitoris under the material, taking her in my arms and pulling her tight.

I bent down and inhaled the scent of her pussy, kissing her nether regions while she moaned with joy. Within a short time, I managed to get her to the point of orgasm, feeling her dripping orgasm soaking her panties. I pushed my face into her, lapping at her juices.


She practically screamed as she pulled her panties down and turned around for me to take her from behind. The unsavoury décor had all but slipped away from my mind as I pushed my thick erection deep between her buttocks.

She pounded against me, thrusting her hips back and forth, sucking my cock deep within her loins. She was a girl on a mission, and that mission was to grind me into oblivion. It was practically a task completed! I knew I was going to explode inside her at any second, sowing my seeds inside the woman who had continuously made me think of how much I desired her.

It had been short but sweet. The flow of my hot sticky cum repleted her. She moaned softly and then started to cry. It was at that moment that I realised that I wasn’t married after all.





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