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Dial A Whore
A Short Tale of Erotic Fantasy By Lucy Lu

Dial A Whore Series

The Moral Right Of The Author Is Asserted

Stop & Search #4

The rain was coming down in thick merciless sheets when I stopped the car. I swore under my breath knowing that unless I could pull off a miracle I would be hideously late for the obligatory monthly meal with my family. I loathed attending; I loathed even more the idea of my sister bitches rubbing my absence in at a later date. Who needs enemies when one has family like mine? Amidst flashing blue lights and the crush of rain I pulled myself out of the car.

“Madam are you aware you were driving over 90 miles an hour?”

The police officers, their faces both set in disapproving frowns awaited my response.

“But isn’t that why god made cars; so we can zoom down motor ways really fast!”

All right, I confess, before I had left my last engagement of the day; sucking the cocks of two CEOs as they ate their lunch, I had become a little worse for wear. The Jamaican rum on said CEOs drinks cabinet had been begging me to inhale, and sucking a little and cock flavoured rum is actually quite a treat when washed down with a full load of spunk.

The bulk of the police officer’s van shielded us from the gaze of passing cars, the rain remained unceasing as it flowed down from the heavens and I made a piss poor job of pretending to be sober when I was, I am deeply ashamed to admit, roaring drunk.

“Madame if you wouldn’t mind stepping away from the car.” Said the taller of the two officers, his deep brown eyes seeming to bore into me in a way that made my nipples harden. “And what if I do mind?”

The rain stopped, the air around us became humid and tight.

The other officer sniffed. “Madam have you been smoking?”

Questions! Questions! I shook my head planting a semi serious frown on my face as vehemently I shook my head, looked the officers in the eyes and told the truth.

“No officers, I cannot abide nicotine, I adhere only to the strict smoking of pot and the sucking of lots of throbbing hard cocks.”

“I can see you are failing to take this seriously. Place your hands either side of your person and walk in a straight line.”

There was no more ‘please’ to this request, they watched me, their faces handsome in a hard officious way.


The officers were waiting for something but for the life of me I had forgotten what that something was. Even in my insobriety I was aware that one of the officers; the shorter of the two had turned his attention to my car and begun searching around in the glove compartment and along the seats. A mental note of what he might find rolled through my mind; anal beads; vibrating nipple clamps; funky pink love balls; finger tingler; a pack of lacy pink thongs purchased that morning; cock rings in various shapes and sizes; handcuffs with fluffy lace finishing; a few vibrators and a mobile phone.

“I said hands to your side and walk in a straight line.” 

The constant hiss and chatter from their radios came to an abrupt halt; silence filled the air as the rain stopped and the late afternoon sun came out to play. The officers became silhouettes against a crimson sky, as the dawning realisation came to me that I was soaked to the skin; my large breasts nipple thick having crowned against the flimsy fabric of my blouse while my cunt had become unaccountably wet. 

“Alright, lets see if we can call this one off as a special.” Said the taller officer to his colleague. There was a pregnant pause as the other officer, let’s call him Shorty came out of the shadows and stood by my side, his large blue eyes searched my face a slow smile playing against his lips. Finally he nodded his gaze settling on the rise and fall of my chest. “That sounds good.”

“Madame we have reason to believe you are carrying upon your person illegal substances, as such we have no other recourse but to complete a full internal body search.”

“Exactly where do you think I could conceal illegal substances?”

Shorty unsmiling, eyes blue bright dropped his hand to my behind lifting the wet fabric of my short skirt. “That’s what we are about to find out.” His finger probed my anal hole with ungentle force.

“No knickers, well that makes searching easier doesn’t it.”

“Madam please bend over.” Came the request from the other officer. “Spread your legs against the car, hands on the bonnet and do not move.”

The probing of my hole continued, one long finger pressing down with incremental slowness then pulling out. I gasped, a moan escaping my lips.

Shorty’s fingers trailed along my backside then dipped into my pussy, his index finger exploring the wet sodden hole that was my cunt as I closed my eyes and shivered with delight.

“Open your legs wider. I need to make sure this is a thorough search.”

I did as requested spreading my legs as far as they would go aware that one finger had by now become three, the slick slurping sound of a seriously wet cunt being finger fucked clearly audible against the summer air.

“It would seem there is nothing in your cunt but just to make sure let’s probe a little deeper.” Whispered Shorty against my ear as his fingers thrusting hard fucked my pussy with a vicious force. My fingers curled into tight fists as I fought to hold back a low scream; he had found my throbbing clit and begun to rub mercilessly hard building up a rhythm that was throwing climax after climax against my hot skin.

“Now to complete the search.” There was the sound of a zip then the familiar welcome rub of a hard cock against the walls of my cunt. With one savage push he was inside me his rigid shaft pumping my pussy without ceremony, his large hands pulling my backside higher to gain fuller access to my sodden sex as he thrust deep, withdrew slowly, then thrust again.

“This is what we call a fucking search, Madame.”

I groaned loving the way his throbbing member pumped into my wet hole so viciously it made my big breasts wobble; my nipples hard with pain. I imagined his cock spurting pre-cum into my sex, then heard a growl above me as with one last hard thrust he released his load inside me, the overspill of his spunk washing over my pussy lips and down my trembling legs as I collapsed against the car.

“Seems that your hole is indeed empty of illegal substances.” Said Shorty pulling up his pants.

“Now let’s search your mouth.”

Without waiting for instruction I fell to my knees and opened my mouth; watched and waited as the other officer, who I have named, ‘Mr. brown eyes’ undid his pants, releasing the giant that was his cock and slowly fed it into my mouth and down my throat.


Taking a fist full of my hair in long slow pumps he began to fuck my face his enormous cock working up a rhythm that had me fighting for breath.

“Suck it harder.” He urged his brown eyes watching me as he continued to pump fuck my mouth quickening the pace to a wild forceful thrust. 

“That’s it, fuck it!”

My hands caressed a backside that was tight and firm, felt the pre-cum roll on my tongue and hit the back of my throat as he continued to pump his engorged shaft into my mouth and down my throat.

“That’s it, open your wet lips.” He whispered his eyes sweeping over me. I did as requested, imagining myself as one big wet hole waiting for his load as he climaxed; filling me with his thick spunk. I drank my fill, concentrating to ensure I did not miss a drop, my mouth worked hard, pumping and sucking until I had milked him dry.

Pulling up their pants they watched me. When I had finally finished straightening my spunk stained skirt and damp blouse they insisted I take the test again.

“Walk in a straight line please, madam. We cannot send you on your way if you are still impaired by the effects of alcohol.” 

“And what if I am?”

“I’m sorry? I don’t understand your question.” Said shorty.

“What if I am still impaired by the effects of alcohol?”

He looked at his colleague and then at me, a grim line falling to his kissable lips his eyes blazing with a dirty hungry lust.

“Then madam we will have no option but to fuck you back to sobriety.”

I nodded accepting this judgement quietly. Hands at my side I took a deep breath diligent in my failure to walk the line.

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