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Stranger on the beach

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A stranger helps a wife to relax on the beach
Recently our family had the chance to go on a trip to Cuba, courtesy of my boss. This had been a particularly good year in our office, and I had brought in a substantial number of clients, thanks to my husband. He shamelessly promoted our services and a considerable number of his clients moved their business to us. The arrangements to get us all there were not easy, and it was very stressful. My husband would keep reminding me that once we got there, I could decompress for an entire week, and that kept me going. However, once there, I really needed some "me" time, and quite skillfully organized the outings so that on our second day, my husband and the boys would go off on a snorkelling trip, aboard the resort's catamaran. Knowing that I had a fear of sailing, there was never any debate. Of course, there was a little reluctance in "leaving mom behind", but my husband knew how important this would be for my sanity, and the enjoyment of all, so he ensure the kids were well taken care of.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and I knew exactly what I was going to do. The day before, we had explored the beach, and found that at the far end of the resort, the beach turned around a sharp bend, and was completely isolated from everyone. Since the resorts in Cuba were only permitted to be one to a key, and we were there in the low season, I knew that I would be in perfect isolation, with nothing but the sun, sand and a good book. Sending the boys off, I struck out to my little private beach, stopping at the beach bar to fill up two large bottles with daiquiris - "one for me, and one for my husband," I lied.

It took me about twenty minutes to find my piece of paradise, stretched out my beach blanket, set out my book and drinks, then went for a refreshing dip. The water was perfect! Warm, and languid waves rolled over me as I cooled in the beautiful blue water of the Caribbean. I pulled myself halfway up to the shore, and found a spot that was exquisite - the gentle waves would move up between my legs and crash against my cunt, in a marvelous caress that both relaxed and aroused me. I pulled off my top, and enjoyed the feeling of having the warm sun caress my breasts as the breeze played across my nipples. If only my husband was here, I thought. A nice shag to complement the arousal of the waves would be perfect! I put that thought aside, and climbed out to my blanket and started in on my book - a trashy romance just perfect for light summertime reading. I had finished off my first bottle of daiquiri and drifted off into a light stupor, caressed by the warmth of the sun and lulled to sleep by the waves and the alcohol.

Something awoke me, and I slowly remembered with absolute rapture where I was. I must have been dreaming of one of the sex scenes from the novel, as I could feel myself highly aroused. Before I could move, a man’s shadow falls across me; he stands looking down at me, believing I'm still asleep. Peeking through closed eyes, I notice he’s very tanned and wears only swimming trunks. He watches, and as he watches me sleeping he gets excited. I can see the outline of his cock through his bathing trunks, and I hope he doesn't notice that my nipples stiffen in immediate arousal. I should be feeling concerned, apprehensive, but all I can think about is the heat of passion coursing through my veins. I don't know if it's the alcohol, the sun, or the novel, but all have contrived to turn my body into smouldering hot lava. I secretly hope that he takes an interest in me, that he sits down beside me, or starts up a conversation. He went one better.

He kneels beside me, very softly and gently so as not to awaken me, and very carefully unties the bow of my bikini bottom at one of my hips, then reaches over me to untie the other side. He lays the bikini back, exposing me to his gaze. For a moment he just sits there, taking me all in. I want him to touch me, to take me hard and fast! I'm in sexual agony! I can feel the wetness simmering between my legs as my clit is pulsing. I murmur in my "sleep" and shift position slightly, separating my thighs somewhat, which angles my slit upwards. His erection grows enormous; he slips out of his shorts and then kneels over me with one knee inside each of my thighs. Although I don’t even open my eyes, I glide one hand out to his penis and caress it gently, feeling his arousal as his precum seeps out. I massage his cock with his own wetness, move under to run my finger nails lightly under his balls, then caress his erection again, feeling the heaviness of his great size. With my heels pushing against his back, I pull his cock to me and then guide it, to his surprise, right into my cunt. He then fucks the hell out of me and I rock along with him. But I never open my eyes, just murmur as if I were sleeping and enjoying a good dream.

His thrusts are long and deep, and I feel the tip of his cock hitting my cervix with each thrust, his girth widening me as he sinks deeper and deeper into me with each stroke.He takes my thighs and pushes my legs back, opening me up wider, as he continues his sexual assault on my body. I can feel my orgasm building up, then rolling through me, one after another, as my anonymous lover continues to ram his hot, heavy cock deep inside of me. Finally, but all too soon, I feel him stiffen, and shudder, as I feel his cock inside of me begin to twitch, and then I feel it: jets of hot, thick sperm shooting deep inside my unprotected womb. I hadn't even thought of birth control until now! Too late, I thought, all I can do is enjoy the ride.

His contractions subside, and he holds himself off me, but I still can feel his warm sweat dripping only my body, and smell his scent, a deep musky smell mixed with the saltiness of the sea that both soothes and arouses me at the same time. Without a word, he rises off me and in doing so, pulls his heavy, spent cock out of the clutch of my cunt. My body is screaming "Nooooo!" as the beautiful pleasure pulls away from me, but I still can't utter a sound, or even open my eyes for fear that I'll find the whole thing is nothing but a dream. I listen as he pulls his trunks on, then watch him through slit eyes as he walks into the ocean, washes himself off, then I see him swimming back in the direction of the resort.

After he leaves, I languidly rub my fingers over my cunt, feeling his cum as it oozes out of me. Nope, that definitely was not a dream! The amount of sperm he left behind can attest to that. I go for a dip myself, reluctantly washing

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