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Strangers in the Dark

The best sex of her life, but she will never know who it was.
Sophie was having such an amazing night. Before she moved away from home this was the kind of night that she dreamed of. This was the kind of freedom she had always wanted. Sure, it was scary. But all the best things send a little fear into your heart. It lets you know you’re alive.

I guess she knew she wasn’t like a lot of girls her age. Most girls wouldn’t go on a night out alone like this, but Sophie didn’t mind. She had never felt the fear of loneliness that seemed to plague the thoughts of others. She just wanted to be free, to have experiences. Some may call it desperately searching something, and for Sophie it burned like a fire inside of her. Sure, she had friends. She liked to socialise sometimes. But she couldn’t do things like this with her friends, and besides, going anywhere with anyone always meant compromise.

These Friday nights had become a bit of a ritual now. A local pub just on the outskirts of town held the specialist music night each week. Sophie would walk there and get a taxi back at the end of the night. She didn’t have a lot of money, scraping by on a part-time job at a supermarket. It wasn’t her dream job but she understood that it would take time to achieve her dream. She went to college, but had no real plans after that. No real plans besides experiencing anyway.

Tonight was probably the fifth or sixth time she had come. Faces were slowly becoming more familiar the more she went. There were a few guys that Sophie had started to notice. There was one man in particular who had been there nearly every Friday since she started going. The realisation that she liked this guy happened a few weeks ago when he wasn’t there. She had no idea she liked him before that moment. It was difficult to describe why this guy seemed special. He was usually accompanied by a couple of friends, but he stood out. He had slightly messy dark blonde hair, striking blue eyes and a look of confidence. He was tall, and looked as though he could pick her up easily, so strong and secure. Sophie never saw him dancing but had noticed him watching her dance. Actually there were a lot of guys that watched her as she danced but she would have never noticed them. Sophie had no idea but she was pretty.

Her eyes were dark and large, and she accentuated them with black kohl eyeliner. She had plump sugary looking lips and her hair was blonde and wavy. Sophie was never sure how to wear it, often awkwardly twisting it to one side. Her body was perfectly proportioned, and although she was quite short she was able to carry herself with ease. Sophie hated being petite of course. She dreamily wandered her eyes over other girls who were taller and thinner than her, wishing for similar attributes. I guess it’s the same with anyone. You always want what you can’t have, desire things that you haven’t got.

She liked this place because she didn’t really know anyone. And of course it played nearly all her favourite music. It meant she was able to drink what she wanted, dance how she wanted and sing at the top of her voice if she wanted. It’s because of that she was tentative to make friends here. Even like minded ones as she feared becoming self conscious. If she remained anonymous she remained free.

And tonight everything seemed right, she felt great. Sophie wasn’t sure whether it was just that all the right songs were playing or just that the mood felt good. She felt good, dressed in a short black bandeau dress that fit tightly over her curves. It’s funny, she thought, how atmosphere makes such a difference. It’s so intangible yet so important. She decided to rest her feet for a while and get another drink. Her shoes were a wedged heels for some extra height. It gave her a feeling of confidence to walk tall with a strut. Kind of hellish for dancing though, and Sophie could feel her feet starting to ache.

She took a seat at the bar and ordered her favourite drink, coconut rum. She knew it was kind of girly but who cares. No one was there to judge. The girl behind the bar gave her a long smile, seemingly knowing. Sophie smiled back, slightly shying away from the exchange. The girl seemed so self assured and confident. She wore loose low slung jeans and a cut cropped t-shirt, and her long brown hair seemed to flow effortlessly in a way Sophie had never managed. As she turned away, Sophie watched her, admiring the curve of her back and her small toned waist. She forced herself to stop and look away as she realised she had stared for a moment too long. Although she had never been with a girl before, she had often wandered what it would be like. What would you do together? Her mind wandered further as she closed her eyes.

It was hot in the bar, so many people dancing, drinking and talking together. She imagined the girl teasing her as the temperature rose. Her t-shirt becoming clingy and damp exposing her pert and erect nipples beneath the fabric. Sophie heart began beating faster and she could feel the blood rushing to her pussy as it became wetter with each thought. Her mind raced as she imagined what the girls wet lips would be like, if she felt like Sophie did right now. Sophie was desperate to touch herself as she became increasingly aroused.

She stopped herself. The feeling didn’t disappear, she was so horny now but she had to stop. What else could she do? She wanted to whisper to the barmaid ‘fuck me’ and strip her there and then. She wanted to feel the touch of her soft wet skin upon hers, pushing up against her frantically kissing and sucking every inch she could find. Sophie would die to taste another woman, to smell and lick the wet desire of somebody new. She had tasted herself before and often thought it tasted good, sweet somehow. Would the girl taste the same?

Now she really had to stop. Sophie shook her head and opened her eyes. She felt flushed. Feeling wet between her legs she wasn’t sure whether anyone would have seen her. Whether they could tell what she had been fantasising about. She was unsure whether she felt embarrassed or if she really didn’t care. Sophie looked around, everything seemed slower. She glanced towards the girl behind the bar but she’d gone. Maybe that was a blessing as if she didn’t look flushed enough already she was sure to out-do herself in blushes if she had caught her eye again.

Sophie decided she needed to get out of there, get some fresh air. The bar was in the basement of the pub, dark and grungy. Getting out of the hot air and calming down was just what she needed. Moving up the stairs she felt the cold hit her like a wall of ice. The pub was in a small valley surrounded by trees with no houses nearby. There was a small park and picnic area, disguised in the dark. Sophie needed the light of her phone to guide the way, barely able to see beyond her own feet. Now she was out in the cold she began to feel tipsy. The ground was uneven and muddy, and suddenly Sophie’s shoes made her feel and clumsy rather than sexy. She made it to the play park, traversing the mulch as she went. She reached out, shining the light in front of her as she sat on the swing. Sophie’s mind was still whirling with thoughts of the girl. It was completely pitch black and all she could hear were the muffled sounds of the music and the trees blowing in the wind.

Lost in her thoughts, Sophie was suddenly startled by the sound of footsteps approaching. She sat silently as she heard the stranger rattle the chain of the swing as they sat beside her. She contemplated speaking, unsure how the person would respond.

To her shock, they spoke first, causing her to jump in surprise. Did they follow her out here? Who were they anyway?

“Getting some fresh air?” The stranger asked. His voice was unexpected, deep but kind.

“Yeah, it was getting pretty warm in there. It’s nice to get a breather you know. What about you?” Sophie was hesitant to ask the question as she was completely unsure of the response.

“The same I guess, and I saw you come out here. I couldn’t have you getting lonely.” He laughed, slightly embarrassed.

“Wow, okay!” Sophie’s tone was soft and flirtatious. She was surprised and flattered at once. “Do you make a habit of following people around? Some people may find it slightly creepy.”

“I guess that was a bit of a risk, yeah. But no, I try not to follow people around. I suppose some people are just kind of irresistible.”

Sophie smiled to herself. The dark made it impossible to see her companion, it was tantalising. All she knew was the deep soft voice beside her made her wetter than fantasising about the barmaid. The tension and atmosphere thick with desire. She had no idea who this man was and maybe never would.

She heard a footstep beside her and before she had time to take a breath she felt the touch of a hand running through her hair and soft lips upon her lips. Their kiss intensified quickly, it was deep and powerful. A rush of adrenaline came across her and butterflies appeared deep in the pit of her stomach. It was the kind of rush you can only get from the touch of somebody new. Sophie started to feel his upper body as they kissed. He felt strong and firm. She brushed her hands across his back and shoulders and imagined he would be able to lift her up as if she weighed nothing at all. No sooner did she think this, he hoisted Sophie around his waist holding her close. It was the most invigorating moment of her life, waves of lust rippled through every nerve in her body.

As he held her, the man lifted Sophie’s dress up to her waist, exposing her bottom to the cold of the night. He pulled off his shirt exposing his toned chest for Sophie to run her hands across, kissing him as she went. He passionately nibbled her neck as Sophie reached down hoping to find his large rigid cock, and she was not disappointed. Consumed in the moment she wrapped her hand around his shaft. Compared to the icy air that surrounded them, his cock was burning hot. He felt incredible. She was desperate to feel him inside her.

He pulled down her dress exposing her bare breasts to the cold, her nipples soft and erect. He moved his lips down from her neck to her chest, every kiss made her body tingle. He suckled and teased as he went, something she loved. He was so comfortable and confident making Sophie feel completely at ease despite how crazy the situation was. She was desperate now, her pussy throbbed, begging to be penetrated.

“You’re incredible” he whispered in her ear. “I want to be inside you.”

“I’m begging you. I will never forgive you if you don’t.”

Sophie bit his lip in frustration and he groaned with pleasure. Her pussy was so wet now the thick head of his cock found her easily. She felt the heat penetrating her as he filled her. She shuddered with pleasure. Still with her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his strong neck, he supported her as she moved up and down his hard cock. Every movement filled her with a rush of excitement. The mystery man, a stranger in the dark fulfilling fantasies she was unaware she had.

He moved to sit down. He thrust his hips upwards, slowing the pace. Her clit rubbed against is stomach giving her the building sensation of her impending orgasm. Sophie could tell her partner was getting close to shooting his hot cum inside her. She couldn’t wait. She loved the sensation of a load filling her up, confirmation of her sexiness. She began to lose all thoughts, consumed by the waves of pleasure rushing for between her legs tingling to the tips of her fingers and toes. She let off gasps, unable to control herself. He too groaned as his hips convulsed as he came hard inside her.

“Oh. My god” she struggled to release the words.

He held her closely. Their breath panted in unison, chest to chest.

All she knew was she never wanted it to end.

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