Strangers on the patio

By morbiusspectra

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Two strangers have a quick sexual encouter
My friend Jack's apartment has a nice patio; it overlooks the city with a view towards the horizon. It's a great place and I currently have it to myself. He left to go to work and let me hang out here for a bit. I didn't think I would stay for long so I wanted to enjoy the view one last time before I left.

It's midday and the sun is shining brightly. I walk over to the railing and let my eyes wander across the buildings and the city. I feel the urge to look down and notice a girl on the patio just below sunbathing. She is lying on her stomach, topless wearing just a thong. I can see her smooth and beautiful skin reflecting the light of the sun back at me. Her butt is a beautiful sight and I find myself staring at her for a while.

I can't look away and I feel I just have to see more of her. After a quick check I realize I could quickly climb down to her level. A smirk crosses my face and I decide to do it. I quietly hop over the railing and let myself drop silently onto her patio level; my heart is pounding and I am afraid she might hear me. Controlling my breath I slowly approach her from behind so she does not see me.

I catch a good glimpse of her long legs soaking up the warmth of the sun. I am very aroused as I get closer and closer, and suddenly fear that she might be really scared at the touch of a strange man. She is so beautiful that I just have to take that chance, I cannot resist the temptation. I kneel down next to her and notice she is sleeping.

The first touch sends shivers down my spine, my fingers touching her upper thighs, the heat of her skin against them, amazing. I gently let my fingers glide over her body, she still seems asleep so I let me fingers move gently over her perfect ass and along the thong covering her most private parts.

A soft moan escapes her lips, she is not asleep anymore it seems, but she isn't opposed to my soft touch either, which fills me with great confidence. I gently press the thong between her vulva, feeling them spread ever so slightly under the pressure. Another quiet moan. I still haven't seen her full face, just the side of it and it seems to be carrying a tiny smile, does she think I am her boyfriend maybe? I don't know, but I am getting very turned on by the thought, my penis is pressing hard and solidly against my pants.

Now I let both hands glide over her body, easily exploring her naked back, shoulders and legs. Her back arches a bit and hips seem to move up slightly from the towel she is lying on. My right hand moves down towards her thong and tugs on it carefully. Her hips move up a little higher and I use both of my hands to slide it down her legs. I carelessly throw it onto the ground.

Mesmerized by the unbelievable sight of her pussy, the labia glistening with light moisture, I let my fingers glide up her legs again. As I move my body behind her I pull her hips closer to me. On her knees I let my tongue, wet with saliva, glide across her smooth ass and onto her wet pussy. Another, longer moan escapes her lips as I bury my face into her, my tongue licking her and exploring her as my hands slowly message her ass checks and gently spread them apart, exposing her to me.

I almost explode in my pants, my penis is hard and twitching, so I use one hand to undo my pants and let them drop to my knees.

I position myself behind her, my mouth licking from her clit over her lips across her ass up her back to finish with a simple kiss on her neck. My hands holding on to her hips I slowly press my manhood against her now very wet vulva, spreading them again, ever so slightly.

I have to moan now, feeling her warmth against me is almost too much...I can feel a little precum on the head. I can also feel her hand reach through underneath her and massage my balls slowly, then she takes hold of me and gently pushes me inside of her.

We both moan as I start thrusting, first very long and deep thrusts, trying to bury everything I have inside, feeling her warm wetness around me I start thrusting faster, until I get a good rhythm pulling her hips onto me and thrusting at the same time.

Going deeply inside her harder and harder, hearing my balls slapping against her makes me even more crazy. I stand up straight to watch myself penetrate. I moan loudly and hold a deep thrust inside of her; her face turns and she looks me into my eyes with a large smile on her face.

I can't help but smile back as I am slowly starting to slide in and out again, over and over almost making me cum. She stops me, pressing one hand against my stomach to force me to stop thrusting, so I pull out feeling the moisture running down my shaft.

She quickly flips over with no help from me and spreads her legs far apart, grabbing onto my hips and pulling me onto her. I love this, I can't wait to be inside of her again, so I climb onto her towel with her, position my self between her spread legs and place my hands onto her stomach.

I realize this is the first time I've actually seen all of her. I gaze at her beauty, her pretty face and perky breasts are a sight to behold. My penis is sliding across her clit, still moist from taking her from behind it glides up and down... my lips lower and I plant a long kiss on her mouth. I smile and use my hands to guide my penis back inside of her.

I pull her close, pressing my upper body hard against hers and moving in and out of her, first only half way, teasing her and myself a little, letting it almost drop out of her on every retraction. Only for a short while though.. I am overcome with lust before long and start thrusting deeper again, spreading her apart with my penis and watching her breasts move as I slap against her.

I sit up a little straighter and moan as I move harder and deeper inside of her, my penis twitching, ready to unload my sperm. It seems she can tell what is about to happen and pulls my body closer to hers, her hands hard on my back pressing my sweaty body against hers.

I cannot hold it any longer; while pushing deep inside I start to pump my load inside of her, wave after wave of hot semen pouring deep inside her while we moan together in harmony.

As I feel my penis stop twitching I lift my face up from her and look her into the eyes, and say, "Hi, my name is Ben, I am a friend of your upstairs neighbour, Jack."

She replies with a smile, "Hi, Ben, I'm Amber, it's very nice to meet you."

The End