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The nature of gratification
“My pupils grew,” David thought as he watched Olivia enter the room, and saw the lights gel together into a big bright blur. He rubbed his eyes and recovered sight in time to watch Olivia walk to her seat, her hips ebbing and flowing into his memory. This was the first time he’d seen her since school let out for summer vacation. He was almost positive she’d never been this curvaceous- her body flowed like water, genes as shameless as an ocean. It was ridiculous for him to call this high school student 'woman', but before him now was the body of a minx. Sixteen-year-old Olivia had breasts that barely qualified as C-cups. They hung over a tanned honey body of his basest desire. Her brunette hair sat on her shoulders like the Egyptian queens, bangs similarly straight over her eyes. At 5’1” and slender, her body worked together with such harmony you would want to sing as she passed by.

David had known Olivia for a while. He coached track and she ran track. They also lived on the same street. As a neighbor and a coach, David had gotten to know Olivia. While he taught her about running form and breathing techniques, she told him about changes in her life. He recognized her innocence through these episodes. He respected her bravery in the face of stresses. He respected Olivia Beyer. Daydreaming of how Olivia’s smile might curve during seduction, he hadn’t noticed his class had filled.

“Ahem,” he started. “I hope everyone had a fun summer. Let’s begin.”

Five lectures later and the final school bell rang. The first day of school was over, but David still had to go over his lesson plans for the week. He sat at his desk to begin. Ten minutes later Olivia walked in.

Taking her in he asked, “Can I help you with anything, Olivia?”

“Mr. Herbert, I was running during summer vacation and I think I may have injured myself.”

“Oh, no. What do you feel?”

“I feel a pull in my knee.”

“It may be your IT Band. Come here. Let me see.”

Olivia walked over, and David knelt down in front of her left knee.

“IT Band syndrome is a common injury for runners. Sometimes it’s a pain in the knee. Do you feel any pain here?”

He squeezed the outside of her left thigh with both of his thumbs. He moved his hands up and down her leg, and knew this had startled her when she gasped an, “Uh, ahem, no.”

He was sorry for scaring her, and rose to end the meeting. Unknowingly to either of them, they had moved slightly closer to each other during the examination. On his way back up he was close enough to catch her scent. She was a delicate perfume of floral sweetness. Olivia heard him breathe her in and stood still. It wasn’t too long afterwards that she felt a static freeze hit her belly. They had inched so close that his belt buckle had caught and lifted some of her shirt. It was now chilling her stomach.

“Ah!” she screamed instinctively. She fixed her shirt. This pulled his belt, so he looked down. He immediately realized what made her scream. Panicking, he tried to warm her up with his hands. He brought her close and slid his free hand on top of her silky stomach. Both alert, they tried to read each other’s eyes, but stopped once David fanned his fingers out on Olivia’s golden body. Before either of them pulled away, David had to taste Olivia’s lips. He pulled her in and pushed her close. As one body, he took them towards the blackboard. Feeling her back bang on it, he broke the kiss and pulled her shirt up. He looked down at one of the greatest sights he’d ever seen. Her brown skin excited him to riot. His love’s torpedo-like boobs teemed over her nude colored bra. He ripped off her shirt and suddenly cums….

He started to feel the pressure from the stream and felt the slip of his fingers on the shower wall. He had gotten too carried away during his fantasy. He cleaned himself again and rushed to bed.

I would really take one of my students. Lord, help me. Lord, help them. Lord, thank you for Olivia…that beautifully formed gift of mine.

The next day at school he was embarrassed to look the student he had cum to in the eye.

Months later and he didn’t know whom, but someone was to blame for scheduling track meets during cold weather. Before one of the track team’s practices, Olivia walked up to David.

“Mr. Herbert, I’m having some niggles in my knee. Can you look at it today?”

Snapping out of déjà vu, David replied, “Uh, sure. It’ll have to be after our practice. If you stick around I’ll help you then.”

For the entire 45 minutes David couldn’t stop thinking of the fantasy he had months ago. He nervously dismissed his team and headed back to the locker room. He yelled through the girl’s locker room’s door, “Liv, are you ready?”

“Yes, sir.”

She had changed into shorts and a tank top.

“Let’s go to the training room,” David said. “Lay down on your stomach.”

As she turned to the stretching table, he wondered if he could focus on what was hurting her. He bent each knee and asked preliminary questions. Olivia’s thighs were thick, and he loved watching her muscles flex in and out of view. He would steal glances at her rear end every now and then. He knew to take advantage of the secret opportunity he had to gaze on her body for more than a few seconds. He decided that she would do well to see a joint specialist, but wanted to stretch her legs before he told her.

He moved to the end of the table where her feet were and reached towards her knees. He massaged both sides of each knee with his fingertips. Sometimes she would spasm from being tickled, but he said nothing and continued. He was hypnotized by the rhythm of his kneading and the texture of her skin; as his eyes moved, his hands followed. He began moving higher up Olivia’s thigh, and worked it thoroughly. He pulled and released the muscle, grabbed as much as he could, then let go. He started with the right leg then moved to the left. Olivia’s entire lower half was his playground. As he shifted positions for a better grip, he left his hand resting on her body. Sometimes he would stroke her thigh, or lovingly pat it.

“Let’s keep your hips loose,” he said. He opened Olivia’s legs and started to massage her lower back. He wrapped his hands around his girl’s body and squeezed. Transfixed, he never expected Olivia to prop herself up on her elbows.

“It’s getting hot.” Three words, and she efficiently removed her shirt then returned face down again.

David was stunned. In front of him was the object of his lust in shorts and a sports bra. Instantly, he began to massage her entire back. Hands on her shoulders, teasing the straps of her sports bra, in one motion he leaned in to get her scent again. As he inhaled his woman, his nose brushed her ear. Olivia turned away quickly, inhaled deeply and simultaneously arched her ass in the air as if she were breaking the surface of water.

She likes it?

He backed off from her neck, but began teasing her short’s waistband. His thumbs invaded that shaded land, playing point man to the hands that pulled everything down. Olivia was wriggling side to side now, abiding his telepathic command of sliding her panties down to her ankles. The greedier he got and the lower he worked his hands, the fuller his view of her ass got. For a few seconds he took his hands off of her to look at his feast: nubile 16-year-old Olivia. This is the girl he’d known for years; this is the girl he’d fallen in love with. She turned back at him to see why he’d stopped touching her, and she caught him removing his sweatpants. Quickly, she turned back ahead and missed him taking off his shirt.

Oh, my god. Why’s he taking his clothes off? Is he really going to fuck me?! What do I do??

She felt his hands on her. “Lift up,” she heard.

She brought her knees up under herself, keeping her front half down. David sat next to her, and ran his tongue up her slit towards her asshole. He dug his face deep into her pussy, and drove his tongue stiffly into her fertile ground like he was breaking up land. Every time his face dove into her muff, he came out wetter and wetter, and Olivia’s body’s pleaded to be gentle with it. He breathed through his nose to keep her scent pervasive. He kept her top half down as he lifted himself on the table, behind her.

His penis was red hot, and moving on its own like a divining rod. Leaking pre-cum, he pulled one of her ass cheeks up and exposed Olivia’s pussy hole. Dick in hand he lightly plugged that hole before pulling out, each time digging in a little deeper. Olivia, feeling each gradual stretch from her gap, was impatient to feel the whole of him running through her. She conspired; on one of his teases she pushed back into him.

David had entered Olivia. He pushed in deeply but slowly. Balls deep, he stayed still inside of her, and she moaned, unintentionally squeezing his cock. David pumped slowly, making love to his young woman. Gripping her hips, he realized the size of her ass and started pumping faster. He was pumping harder now, and Olivia was squeezing the stretching table. David soaked in the experience; he took in the view of his domination, the elation from his penis, the smell of his woman, the sound of her moans being the words from her pussy.

He let Olivia dissolve the last bit of resolve his dick had, and waited until the last possible moment before he pulled out. He squeezed Olivia’s ass cheek up, and shot his cum at the top of her ass crack. He saw Olivia’s pussy hole gasp for air before being met with semen. Olivia grabbed her stomach, and panted with her eyes closed. He watched her absentmindedly suck her thumb, lightly bite it, and keep it in her teeth while she smiled. Her ass still up, he slowly came to his senses. He put his clothes on.

“Ahem.” He could hear Olivia getting up.

“So, I’ll, uh, be in my office if you need anything.” David walked out of the room.

Holy fuck, man! What did I just do?! I just had sex with a minor…on school property! Fuck me, man. I’m going to jail. I’m going to jail! Are there any cameras? I have to go check. But I have to wait for Olivia to leave. Oh, god,Olivia!

Almost yelping in response, David heard a knock at his door.

“Hello? Yeah, I, I’ll be there in a second,” he stammered.

He opened his door and saw Olivia. Fuck.

“Can I borrow your phone to call for a ride?” She wouldn't look at him.

“Yeah, sure. You know what? I’m leaving now too. I’ll just drive us. Come on.” David imagined he could swear Olivia to secrecy in under ten minutes.

As Olivia sat in David’s car, waiting for the heat to kick in, her mind was swimming with what to do now.

Why did that feel so good? I know I’ve always thought of Mr. Herbert as a cool teacher, but now I feel more towards him than ever. Is this love? But is it only because we just had sex? Does he love me?

These questions burned her up as she sat in Mr. Herbert’s seat; her ass was still hot from the line of cum she’d been given.

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