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Subway Sundress Sounds

One Ride to Remember
I always enjoy going to the movies downtown. The theater my girl and I are going to has a bar in it. Needless to say we always end up a little tipsy. Besides that, it is clean and the staff there are amazing. I was lucky to find someone who loves action movies as much as I do.

Nicole is amazing; she is 5'4", brown skin, thin waist, and petite booty that always sits nice in anything tight. Her brown eyes are lovely; they compliment her dark hair. I have to say the thing that caught my eye the first time we met (other than her smile) were her breasts, 40D. I love those tits so much, and she knows it. She does her best to tease me all the time.

She drops things and bends over so I can see down her shirt. Nicole walks around me in the apartment in nothing but a bra or my high school football jersey with her nipples poking through. I am a sucker when it comes to those tits (no pun intended). On this night in particular she is wearing a nice black bra and panty set, and a blue and black sundress that showed her girls off nicely.

We drive to the subway and park the car. We always take the subway downtown to the movies since parking was ridiculous. The train ride to the show is actually pretty nice; we spend the entire 29 minute ride talking about the movie previews and others that happened to us this week.

I enjoy watching her speak, her voice is sweet with a touch of over confidence. It cuts through the squeaky grinds of the rails, makes her sexy. Even in the dull light of the subway she glows. I still wonder to this day what she likes about me.

We get to the movies and realize we are early. We sit down at the bar and I order us drinks.

"Not too much, one of us has to drive home." She says, smiling that sexy smile I love.

"Well I guess it comes down to who is the most sober." I don't ever remember a time when I wasn't the driver, then again I don't remember.

Just as we finish our drinks, the manager walks out. "Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, due to slight technical difficulty, the movie will be delayed about 10 minutes."

Ten minutes was not long at all. However, we decide it is long enough for another round of drinks. Nicole kept to her Bacardi, myself, Grey Goose.

The movie is pretty good. It was the typical action movie with explosions, car chases, hot girls, and crazy people focused on world domination. As we walk to the subway we realize we are a little tipsy, well, more than a little.

"So are you driving?" I asked. At that moment, I realize that I was more than a little tipsy.

I was drunk.

"Me? I thought we said most sober." Her response signals that she is feeling woozy too.

Standing on the platform waiting for the train, I feel frisky. I slowly walk up behind her and grab her around the waist. On impulse, I kiss her neck.

"Mmmmm, stop it babe."

Her moan contradicting her words, because they are not very convincing. I press up against her and she feels my cock rub up against her ass. She reaches back and runs her hand up and down the length, squeezing every couple of strokes. I hear the train approaching; and when I look up, I realize we have an audience.

The woman peering at us not too far from where we are seems to be an older lady, maybe late 30s or early 40s. She is really attractive, tall, long legs, and caramel skin. She had on a yellow sundress and black heels. She doesn't have a look of disgust on her face. In fact, her smile reveals that she enjoyed our activities. It made me wonder if she was turned on.

The train arrives. Nicole and I stop what we are doing and board the last car. The train had a 5-minute layover, so I tell Nicole about our fan.

"That lady in the yellow sundress was watching us on the platform."

"What?! Really?!"

"Yea I think she was enjoying it."

"I have to admit, I was enjoying it too." Nicole says with a devious smile.

With those words, her hand moves to my leg. I instantly begin to feel my cock growing. I lean over, continuing to kiss her neck, and move my hands up her body to those lovely mounds I love so much. Her moans grow a little louder, as I kiss and suck on her neck. Her nipples harden as I tease her spot. She climbs on top of me, and we kiss deep. The alcohol is in charge at this point. Our moans grow louder, as the desire to fuck increases. I slide the straps down on her dress to reveal the sexy lace bra that barely supports her tits. I release her left one and begin sucking as I flick her nipple with my tongue, Nicole throws her head back and moans low.

The train begins to move, and neither one of us seem to notice. I use my free hand to grab her ass cheek. I grip it tight and squeeze. My hand maneuvers send her crazy-over-the-top and I know it.

"Fuck, stop playing, I need that dick." She says standing up. She then unzips my jeans, and reaches in and pulls out my now rock hard cock. She kneels down and takes it into her mouth. She spits and slurps all over it.

"Damn girl."

I glance up and realize that the lady in the yellow dress is watching us again. Knowing we have an audience somehow makes me harder. Then I see that our audience member is active. She is slowly rubbing her pussy through her dress. She smiles at me when I notice and puts a finger up to her mouth, shushing me.

Nicole stands back up, hikes up her dress, and straddles me. Sliding her panties to the side, she slowly lowers her soaking wet pussy down onto my big black cock.

"Mmmm, baby, you're so hard."

I let out a low growl, as I feel her tight peach gripping and squeezing my rod for dear life. She slowly begins riding up and down. I grab both of her tits and flick her nipples.

"Damn girl, this pussy feels so good."

I feel her juices running down my shaft and my jeans. Bouncing up and down, her tits look so lovely swaying back and forth in the dull light. I let my mind go and grab her ass. I squeeze it and shove her up and down my shaft. Nicole is so excited; she can barely stand the rhythm!

"Fuck, baby, I'm gonna cum!"

She begins to grind faster, and I feel as her pussy begins to tighten.

"Baby, I'm cumming!"

She screams out as her orgasm tears through her body with a vicious wave, followed by several small less intense ones. Her juices flow out of her, leaving a wet stain all over my jeans.

"Oooo, daddy, that dick feels so good."

She continues to grind, wanting me to fill her with warm cum. That's when we hear a second sound of intense pleasure. We both turn to witness the lady in the sun dress having her own orgasm. Obviously, she was unable to hold it in. Seeing us go at it must have been too much; she can't even manage to stay quiet. Her own screams fill the train, usually louder than all, tonight the train sounds are second fiddle to the melody of passionate fucking and devious self pleasure.

"Mmmm shit!" That orgasm must have been a great one.

Nicole smiles and looks at me. I don't know what to say. She stands up and turns around reverse cowgirl-style. Nicole looks at the lady and motions her to come closer, as she lowers herself back onto my cum covered cock.

The lady in the yellow sundress walks closer and closer. She sits in the seat opposite of us. Nicole begins to slowly rise up and down the length of my cock. Our stop was nearing however and Nicole knows it, so she quickens her ride. She is now furiously bouncing and grinding. I feel my balls beginning to tighten. I am getting ready to cum.

"Shit, babe, I'm 'bout to cum!" I just can't hold it anymore, the wetness, the tightness, the audience, the setting, all leading to this moment of explosion.

Nicole gives the sundress-woman a look and asks, "Do you want his cum?"

It seems as if the lady was hoping Nicole would ask and she quickly says, "Hell yes, please. I want his cum on my face!" Her words are a mere whisper as the feeling from her orgasm still grip and shake her body.

Hearing her say that was so sexy and that's all it took!

"Fuck here it comes!"

Nicole hops off and kneels down. The sundress-lady kneels right beside her. I stand up and as soon as Nicole touches me I explode, sending waves and waves of cum all over the sundress-lady's face. Nicole took care of the extra drops of cum as she put my head in her mouth and sucked. I almost fall, my knees buckling from the sensitivity.

"Last stop!"

We have one more stop to clean ourselves up. The sundress-lady has some wipes in her purse that she uses to wipe up my warm sperm. Nicole fixes her dress; I zip up my pants. No one spoke until the train stops. We exit the train and walk toward our car.

"I'll meet you at the car." Nicole says as she walks toward the sundress lady.

I don't know what was said but there are smiles and giggles. Both women have their phones out. They exchange hugs, and then Nicole returns. She gets in the car smiling.

"That was so fucking hot!" She says exhaling.

"Yea that was def amazing. What did you two talk about?"

"Girl stuff, don't worry about it. You will find out one day soon. In the mean time, take me home. I want, I'm sorry, I need you to do that thing you do with your tongue. Been craving it all night."

"No problem, my mouth has been watering all night anyway."

As I pull off, in the back of my mind I wonder what was said in the conversation and when I would find out.

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